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    Chapter 7 (Final)
    All I know is I love you.

    Another barnyard party was held the night after the Rockets arrest. Skye and Brock went together as an item.
    Misty, Ash, and Tracey were leaving that night for the next Pokmon gym in the Orange League. Ash approached Skye with a pokeball in his hand. He placed it into her hand, and smiled.
    Its Charizard, he told her. I was never able to control him, but after last night, I think he belongs with you.
    Are you sure? Skye asked.

    Ash nodded.

    No, Ash, Skye told him. Charizard is just confused right now, and I think you are too. Both of you need to come to terms with each other and yourselves. Im really flattered, but Charizard belongs with you.

    Slowly, the two looked over at their Pikachu, talking quietly to each other. Agile looked at Pikachu with really sad eyes, and kissed him on the cheek. Pikachu blushed and looked away.
    Agile will be heartbroken when you leave, she said softly. Come with us! Ash exclaimed. Brock was talking about coming back on the road with us, so I dont see why you cant!
    Skye took a moment to consider it, and then nodded. Ash went to tell his friends, and Skye headed up to the D.J.
    Excuse me, everyone, she said into the mike. I would like to dedicate this song to my friends, and especially to Brock Stone.
    With that, the song began, with Skye singing the lyrics. All I know is I love you, she sang, locking her gaze with Brocks. And you mean the world to me.