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I'll be an easy adoptee,(not too many questions) but seeing as the RPG help thread sure isn't helping me, maybe an RPer with their own style can help.

Name you want to be called:Mii, Naoko, Naoko-chan, Aquarius, BlackWaltzNo.3, etc etc. (I really don't care.)
Likes:playstation console, ALL Final Fantasy Games, Pokemon shippings, water and ice pokemon, Pokemon Special manga, Fruits Basket, Sister Princess, Computer, Typing, Grammar, etc.etc. the list goes on and on.
Dislikes:sensitive people who can't A.Take a joke B.Take Criticism C.Take anything that makes them look bad.
What type of Adopter I wantomeone who isn't expecting an adoptee, filled with a million questions. Someone that I can go to every now and then when I need a question answered RIGHT.
Length of time I've been Rping:dah dah dah.....since I was 8 overall, but amount of time I'm been RPing here, is about 1 month. (when I joined)