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    Emerald: Making Walda Smile
    After much research the correct way to make Walda, the little girl in Rustboro, who is in the bed, upset, has been uncovered. In case you are unsure of the location of Walda the sad girl in Rustboro, she is in the house right above the Pokemon Center on the second floor. She is surrounded by dolls.

    Follow this link to start:

    Follow the instructions on the page given in the link. It will automatically give you a 15 letter saying. Do not worry the saying will probably not be understandable. However, it will trigger a new background for your Pokemon storage PC. Make sure you try all kinds of different combinations to find the one that suits you.

    Many thanks to the many people who have posted this link.

    Emerald: New Safari Zone Areas
    In the Emerald Safari Zone everything is the same as Ruby and Saphire until you beat the Elite Four. When you beat the Elite Four two new areas of the Safari Zone will open. When you enter the Safari Zone go from the entrance and make a U-shaped turn upward, you will go through a small entrance (nothing fancy). To know for sure you are there walk through the grass and see if you find any Pokemon uncommon to the other areas to the Safari Zone such as Ledyba or Mareep.

    Listed below are the Pokemon in these new areas of the Safari Zone. In the more Northern Area (Ones in Italics mean rare):


    Shuckle (Rock Smash)

    In the more Southern Area:
    Goldeen (Fishing [Old, Good, and Super])
    Magikarp (Fishing [Old, Good])
    Marill (Surf)
    Octillery (Fishing [Super])
    Quagsire (Surf)
    Remoraid (Fishing [Good, Super])
    Wooper (Surf)

    Pokemon R/S/E Evo Guide

    PokeBall Guide

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