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    Originally Posted by Naoko-chan we going to finish this war, and get adopted anytime soon? (thank you yukito for stopping this pointless war) You know Randall, I have to agree with everyone, and yourself. You're not the best roleplayer, and you have flamed a lot of people. I know your trying to not flame, but crticize in a nicer way, but I don't think that's working out for you. I know, you have clearly stated that 'You make mistakes' but the way you stated it was absolutely unnessecary. You put it in all caps, which states to us your yelling it out for us to hear. Most of us have great hearing thank you. GodofPH, small spam, but WORTH IT. I totally agree with you! Randall, I say you shut up and accept that your not the best, and instead of putting things in caps, you should put things in little letters, and flame us on the outside world, or, make your own boards and flame people there. You can set up a 'flame the n00bish RPers' forum. But here is not the place to do it. Now, I'm sure Randall and everyone else have accepted the fact that they make mistakes, and I'm sure nobody with talk like Yukito said. even little mistakes set some people off, and it doesn't help that they set you off as well Randall. SO! I hope we can END THIS POINTLESS FLAMING AND NOT FLAMING war, and make this topic, back on topic. :D Happy adopting, and adoteeing. (is that a word???) I don't want to hear another word about this from any of you, but I'm not a mod, so think of it as granting a tired and cranky little girls morning wish. LOL

    So, since this war has eaten up everybody's attention, I'll post my sign up...thing again.
    Name you want to be called:Mii, Naoko, Naoko-chan, Aquarius, BlackWaltzNo.3, etc etc. (I really don't care.)
    Likes:playstation console, ALL Final Fantasy Games, Pokemon shippings, water and ice pokemon, Pokemon Special manga, Fruits Basket, Sister Princess, Computer, Typing, Grammar, etc.etc. the list goes on and on.
    Dislikes:sensitive people who can't A.Take a joke B.Take Criticism C.Take anything that makes them look bad.
    What type of Adopter I wantomeone who isn't expecting an adoptee, filled with a million questions. Someone that I can go to every now and then when I need a question answered RIGHT.
    Length of time I've been Rping:dah dah dah.....since I was 8 overall, but amount of time I'm been RPing here, is about 1 month. (when I joined)
    You try typing at 1 am and see if you get any typos, XD
    I'm not trying to start something but rather end it. He has been talked to numerous times about his behaviour, and he still does it. Anyways, if anyone else has issues they can be taken up via PM.