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    All the time. I'll save him some humiliation by not saying his name, but here's how it happened during my Pokemon RP.

    Basically, as the main enemy character, I led an army of Pokemon to wage war against humans. We were heading to Saffron City for the final battle, when he decided to 'buy them some time'.

    He decided to use a gigantic freezer to freeze my army, giving himself time to go around and recruit all the legendary Pokemon he could.

    It was a little stupid, but we let it continue.

    Then he magically got his own army just to counter mine. No explainable reasons, he just got it.

    So we had enough, and disreguarded those posts, and threatened him that if he do something that stupid again, we'd ban him.

    To this day, he still posts stupid and pointless things, but to a much smaller degree.
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