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    Originally Posted by mr kecleon
    To make the faces you open a program like paintshop pro or photoshop and just mirror the image through the middle, how can you guys not see that?
    I do not have Photoshop pro or paintshop.I have heard people mentioning them somtimes but never seen either of them.I use my own default paint thing....And yea U r right,I select half the sprite, copy, flip it horizontally, the paste and add the two parts together.I used on 5.5/8 of the sprites there..I recoloured 2/8.The reason I said ''5.5/8'' is because is for the Rhinomuk I had to edit the mouth because when edited it looked like he had 2 mouths. I am not a good spriter and that is also my first attempt at a trainer card. And do u have to shout and moan every time I post one of the sprites that I admit I done a bad job on?