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Yes, that...has happened to me XD

It was a Pokemon RP, where we get shipwrecked on a deserted island. It started out with a lot of people, but then it went down to...just about 3 active people including myself. Two girls (me, and lets call her Sam), one guy (lets call him Dan). Maybe I didn't see this, but supposedly Sam was crushing on Dan. She was flirting a little, and then had to sign off so said she fell asleep. Dan and I are still on so we talk and stuff. I really didn't do anything flirty I don't think but Dan seemed to be starting to like me x.x

Later, Sam gets back on and reads it. It really did look like I was flirting with Dan XD I get a rather angry and hurt PM while her RP character goes off and cries. I'm confused, Dan's acting confused, and it was a mess x.x But luckily we sorted things out....I think x.x

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