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Originally Posted by Ultimate Latios
Looks Pretty Good But There Could Be Islands In The Sea...
well i was gonna save this for later but, there are, the Bisqual Islands. your brother is kidnapped with a bunch of pokemon and ends up there. later in the game you have to rescue him.

ps i need some help, if anyone wants to be be a part of this pm me

pps new screenie

Mineton Town

ppps i have decided a side story, Team Shadow, is devoted to capturing pokemon and "leashing" them which switches the pokemon leashed with its counterpart in the Shadow world (you can go there when you unlock Johto, after you save brother) their top scientists have discovered a way to release all the Shadow pokemon by tainting the Ancient Flower, which will release Xythardow the King of Shadow pokemon, which will taint all other pokemon. Thats all so far....