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    Meh, ultimate RP? I know I'm mostly echoing the others here, but the whole concept reeks. You can't achieve a universally 'ultimate' level in anything, and putting every RPer on these boards to work together would be like putting a bunch of short-tempered cats together in a very small sack, which, in case you didn't realize it already, is not a very good idea. Also, the 'everyone gets to RP' concept is...just plain wrong, really. Sure, it might seem 'fair' from a certain point of view, but the fact is, it's just not going to work, ever. In case you haven't noticed, the clueless and the unrepentant have practically been swarming the RP sections lately (Hence the separate topic for sign-up rules and the moderation of all new RPs.). Yes, those willing to learn should be taught, but not at the expense of those who actually expect a bit more from their RPing experience than flat, two-line posts. It only takes one horrible RPer to spoil it for the rest, now tell me, why should everyone else in the RP suffer because some people can't overcome their own ineptude? <.<

    Ahem, rant aside, Alana's could work, although the RP masters should be chosen carefully because tempers can sometimes run pretty wild in RPs and it wouldn't be very beneficial for the RP's development if we had two RP masters constantly picking on each other, same RP genre preference or no. Personally, the best RPing I've experienced is that which is performed among a small group of friends. My first one was the Alphimega remake, which made it to page 73 (although we had to shut that down because the thread creator had pirated the plot <.<), and I've later tried to rebuild on that concept with the Showgan RP, and gotten pretty good results too. The idea is that everyone gets a say in how the plot develops and gets to add small side-characters, encounters, plot twists etc. and larger things are discussed among the members (Which is where the fact that all RPers are on friendly terms with each other becomes important as it keeps arguments from sprialing out of hand), or, as is the case in Showgan, the RP master (That would be me in this instance xD) decides the main course of the RP and the others get to fill in their own details.

    Anyways, a co-operative effort from some of the more 'named' RPers around here could certainly prove to be interesting, I'll give it that. Although one should take care not to overdo it, too many cooks spoil the soup after all.
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