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    Lol. Hey I know how you feel on the homework thing. *glares at teachers*

    Hmm, I could help out if ya want. I think something where we have to be a Pokemon would be a nice change. They're not completely uncommon and they used to pop up allt he time but I don't see many any more. Maybe we could be legendaries or something. Or perhaps legendary trainers. You know, the clasic "Chosen Ones". ONly rather than going to find our legends we already have them and we have to fight our evil doubles or something. *glances around* *grabs Raikou, Ho-oh, Rukario, and restles Suicune plushie away from Naoko* MINE!


    Thought you'd see something interesting here, didn't ya? :D

    Finally Alyssa spoke again, her eyes locked on the ball in my hand. “That isn’t an ordinary Pokeball. We call it the Soul Ball. The Pokemon inside it is very special. It represents who and what you are at the very deepest level. It is essentially your soul in physical form.”

    “My soul,” I whispered, awe struck. “So that’s what you meant by my ‘soul companion’.”