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This is Masquerade™ Inc.'s first big production, Pokemon Sage. (I introduced this game as Pokémon Opal under the name roadkill856, but due to recent circumstances, I have changed the name.) Here's the info:

Hack Name
Pokemon Sage

Hack Of
Pokemon Ruby

New Story
New Pokemon (mostly new pre-evolutions)
New Trainers
New Cities
New Gyms
New Hero
Just about everything is new!

Welcome to the region of Raioh. Raioh is a region filled with many unevolved forms of Pokemon we already know. As a young hero, the son or daughter of a once legendary Pokemon trainer, who moves to Olde Bark Town, you are given a simple task by Professor Spruce. Upon returning to his lab, you recieve word that you have been invited to a prestigious Pokemon tournament. Unfortunately, you are not nearly the trainer that your father once was, and you don't have much time to raise your Pokemon before the Regal Tournament begins. Take the Pokemon Gym challenge, battle with Team Nova, and claim your place among the Pokemon legends!

I need help with sprites, so if you can offer me anything at all, I can offer you a place in the credits, and a role as either a gym leader, elite four, or regal tournament trainer.

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