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Originally Posted by Todoroki
*laughs* Bravo, guys. Bravo. You're all officially idiots.

Now, you little nitwits, if you honestly thought that was as far as my intelligence went, you're all sadly mistaken. Oh, my aptness is far greater than what the norm would perceive. You (birdbrains) eluded by my clever, deceptive plan are retards, end of story.

And guess what? I could have banned all skeptics a while ago (this includes Fls4eva, Tomasu-san, Koroku...oh, you get the idea), but I'm getting a kick out of all this denial and fuss. God, I couldn't have picked a better day.

<3 Todoroki loves you all.

Btw, I don't really like you, Sheepnut. :D
But master... We could ahev ruled TC..