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    It was six thirty at night. The sun was setting. It had been a long day. So much ditching, so little time. The group had started a campfire and were lying in their sleeping bags.

    I cant believe we made it to Odale Town this quickly, George said.

    With all the running we did, Im surprised were not in Petalburg already, Kylarreplied.

    I guess youre right, George said, yawning. Then everything went black. Then a blaze of light appeared to reveal Georges Torchic, which was bigger than the average Torchic.

    Use Ember! George commanded.

    Torchic yawned and fell asleep.

    Huh?! George said, confused.

    Torchic, could you please use your Ember attack to re-light our fire? Zara asked nicely.

    Torchic turned toward the fire wood and shot out flames. AND THEN THERE WAS LIGHT.

    George looked confused, as usual. How did you get it to do that?

    I simply asked it to light our fire, I didnt force it.

    Thank you Torchic, George said, Zara giving him an approving look.

    Im tired, goodnight, Kylarsaid falling asleep. George rolled his eyes and blew out to fire.

    When George woke up the next morning, Zara was preparing breakfast. Kylarwas jogging along with his Poochyena. George yawned. Six thirty is still to early, George thought.

    He walked up to Zara, stretching his legs.

    Good morning, Zara said cheerfully.

    Hey, what are you cooking? George asked.

    Bacon, Eggs, and Sausage.

    YUM! George reached for his Pokall, and released Torchic. Are you hungry?

    Torchic! Torchic replied.

    George and Torchic sat down right next to the fire where the food was cooking. George started to drool.

    George! You have to train Torchic young to eat Pokon food, and the Pokon food dish is over there, next to our sleeping bags, Zara stated.

    Whatever, George whined, and walked his Torchic to the Pokon bowl dish, where Zaras Mudkip was chowing down.

    Kylarhad finished running and went to sit down on a stump next to the fire. Poochyena was panting, and getting dog breath all over the food.

    Kylar Please move your pooch somewhere that I am not cooking, Zara said like a mother.

    Okay, okay. Kylartold Poochyena to go to the Pokon food dish. Poochyenas ears twitched. Then it started growling.

    Kylar I think youre dog is psycho, George said, staring at the dog.

    Then out of the bushes jumped a wild...Taillow! It was chubby and angry looking.

    AH! Kylarsaid.

    Those things are very territorial and are fast fliers, Zara commented. You better watch out.

    I can handle that overgrown Tweety Bird Plushie! George cried. Torchic, do you want to battle?


    Torchic, use Ember!

    Torchic released orange flames that hit the Taillow. Taillow fell over like a fat baby.

    AHAHAHAHA! George cried laughing.

    The Taillow got back up and charged at Torchic. Torchic went flying in the air. George stopped laughing and tried to stand where he thought Torchic was going to fall. Torchic spread its wings and parachuted to the ground.

    Youre not laughing now, are you? Zara said. Its called karma.

    George rolled his eyes. Torchic, use peck attack!

    Torchic charged at the wild Taillow, knocking it over again. Taillow got up and huffed. Then it started hitting Torchic with its wings.

    What attack can I use...? George asked himself. Torchic, go crazy on the bird!

    Torchic looked confused. George made a crazy face at Torchic. Torchic understood and, again, charged at Taillow. It pecked Taillow sharply, and kicked it. Taillow flew up in the air. While it was in the air, Torchic released blue flames in the air, and it looked as if Zara was cooking chicken for breakfast. Speaking of Zara, she was watching the battle so intently, she forgot to watch the food cook. She smelt something and shrieked.

    Oh my gosh! Zara exclaimed. My meal! Mudkip, I need you!
    Mudkip ran to Zara. Could you use water gun to cool down the food?

    Mudkip sprayed the food lightly and un-lit the fire. Zara turned back around to finish watching the battle. Whatd I miss? Zara asked.

    You missed Torchic go psycho, and George capture Taillow, Kylarreplied.

    Aww, poo, Zara complained.

    After everybody ate breakfast, they set out for Petalburg City.

    It smells so nice, Zara said, sniffing flowers.

    Yeah, Kylarsaid.

    I must be sick, I dont smell anything, George said dully. And my feet hurt.


    Ahh! George screamed, jumping into Zaras arms. She dropped him.

    Its Imation! Zara exclaimed, pointing at th body lying on the ground in front of them.

    Imation de LexMark stood up, his dummy in hand.

    Greetings children, I am the great Imation de LexMark, here to torture you some more, Imation said. His dummy nodded.

    Eww, whats up with that doll? Zara asked.

    Its a ventriloquist dummy, not a doll, Imation corrected. Imation started talking through his teeth. Hi, Im buddy, Imations ventriloquist dummy.

    No, silly, thats you talking! George said, laughing. You thought you could fool us. George fell down laughing.

    George, its not that funny, Kylarsaid, staring at George strangely.

    Ugh, Im insulted, Buddy said.

    Me, too, Imation said.

    Imation, were not in the mood! Zara cried.

    George, after he got serious, sent out his Torchic and Taillow.

    Torchic use Flamethrower! George ordered.

    Torchic threw...flames at Imation. He got burned and fell down. Buddys head fell off and rolled into a bush.

    Taillow, headbutt! George commanded.

    Taillow charged at Imation, knocking him somewhere in the free world.

    Great job, George said, hugging his Pokon. Then he returned them.

    Were here! Kylarexclaimed, pointing into the horizon.

    Wow, look at the buildings and stuff, George said.

    Look at the lake, Zara said, gazing at the blue water.

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