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Due to changes occuring in the sub-forum, the rules shall be rewritten to top those that are now outdated.

* Please be aware that the Forum rules are to be complied by at all times, there shall be no excuses to be taken by those who break them. Those who do so will immediately receive a warning. If you continue to disobey them, then higher action will be taken. This is a warning.

Always report the post/thread if it breaks any of these rules!

Pixel Art Rules

Yes, expect in every section for a set of rules needed to be followed by at all times. Failure to do so will result in a moderator taking action against you. So please do consider what you must and must not do at all times to avoid any future disputes.

You ARE allowed to:
  1. Create a Sprite Showcase thread.

    Providing that you are planning to showcase more than atleast four sprites, then you will be allowed to make a thread of your own. Otherwise, if you're only wanting to showcase an amount of sprites lower than the number bolded, then please only showcase them in the Spriters Showcase thread. Another thing, sprite-sheets count as a single sprite as well, (with sprite sheets being a collection of different frames of the same sprite), so any thread with only a single sprite-sheet shall be moved to the Spriters Showcase thread. Be careful, as if you put sprites into one image, they can be easily interpretted as a single sprite-sheet.

  2. Create a thread to showcase even just one or two pieces of your Pixel Art work. (Excluding Sprites)

    You are allowed to create a thread showcasing your pixel art work even if you've only just one or two of them. This only applies to non-sprite related pixel work. For sprite work - refer to the bullet point above.

  3. Host a Monthly Contest

    Every month we run a Pixel Art contest. Members are allowed to host a contest providing that they have the consent of any moderator of this sub-forum. Please read the thread about Monthly Contests for more information.

  4. To Consecutive post if you wish to show more of your pixel art work.

    There is in fact an image limit in posts that can only hold 20 images per post. Therefore feel free to double post just to showcase all that you may have. However, we do not allow more than 3 consecutive posts just to showcase your work, as it does not reflect very well on the thread itself.

    If you've uploaded your work from a Photobucket account then perhaps you can provide a link to your album showcasing them, or if that's not favourable, then showcasing them all at once wouldn't be wise if you've too many wanting to be shown, for every few comments you may get; keep showcasing a selection of your work each time. Otherwise making about 5 or over consecutive posts as I've said; wouldn't reflect on the thread very well.

(More shall be added if we see it fit)


You are NOT allowed to:
  1. Create a Sprite/Pixel Art Request Thread (Shop)

    Request threads have led many members into spamming and blatantly disregarding the rules of the forum and even the sub-forum. Threads promoting this concept shall be closed or edited with no excuses.


  2. Pixel Art Theft

    Big no-no! Stealing other peoples' hard work is a very frowned upon offense and those who are caught doing so will receive a warning. Have some consideration for those who made the artwork. The sub-forum is for showcasing your OWN work. Stealing helps you in no way possible.

  3. Type a simple "I like it 10/10" or "I dislike it" etc... when commenting on Pixel Art work.

    I understand that you may like what you see in their work, but be a bit more descriptive. Describe what exactly you like about the artwork and perhaps what you may dislike aswell. Saying something along the lines of "that's good", "I like it" or "that's bad" is classified as SPAM.

  4. Comment offensively while giving criticism. Which does not only mean bypassing the forum's censor!

    Don't show signs of brutality when you are giving out criticism, like sarcastic comments and even unnecessary insults. They are not at all helpful to the person you are giving criticism to and can only prove an offense to them, thus hurting their feelings and even lowering their self-esteem. Be neutral in your commenting. There is no real reason as to why you have to show any insolence to get a point across.

  5. React harshly to Someone's commenting.

    The simple thing is: If you can't take criticism, then don't even bother showcasing your work. If you only do so for the sake of others praising it only, then you'll find you won't be getting what you want. People who spend quite some time commenting on your work only want to help you improve on certain areas needing improvement. It's best that you take their comments and actually use that to help you improve. Those who retaliate against anyone's commenting shall receive a notice of their actions and will be asked to stop. Failure to do so shall result in them getting a warning.

  6. Make discussion threads other than showcasing Pixel Art work

    The sub-forum is only for showcasing pixel work. Making a thread for any other reason is prohibited and shall be closed.

  7. Make excessive topics for whatever you wish to showcase.

    If you make a majority of pixel art work, don't make one thread for each piece. Make a single thread just showcasing all the work you may have.

Remember, the forum rules apply aswell and are just as important as the rules of the sub-forum.

(More shall be added if we see it fit)


Have any questions or concerns?

Feel free to PM any of the Pixel Art moderators for any assistance or further discussion regarding rules and new ideas for the sub forum.

Current Moderators:

Amachi (Private Message)
мizuκi (Private Message)

Feel free to PM either of us if you wish to contribute to this thread as well.

Thanks for reading.

-- Signomi
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