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    That's right, just to show how each rom hacker works their games in their own way. I give gameplay top priority so that's why I won't care (too much) about graphics. I'll use custom tiles till I get a bit ahead in the game, and try spriting a bit (when needed).

    I remembered I said (before my thread dissapeared) that this will be a FR hack. I cant and I wont start it on Emerald (even though it has so many advantages), cause it would mean losing a lot of work. I also said perhaps in the future I could create Crystal on Emerald. And, I also said that there's people recreating Gold (or their families) on Emerald, so give your support to them as well!

    For my hero overworld... Do you think it should be changed? (perhaps a little poll for later?). Well, since I only think about scripting and more scripting, I won't ask for anything graphics related. I just want Thursday to come, so I can get back to work, I only have Route 37 left.

    Well, since I got a bit of time, here they are, a few new screenshots:

    As you can see, I reached Azalea with my screenshots, I have a few left, but not so many.