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    Originally Posted by [ray.z] View Post
    It's a Gold Remake, so he should be including Kanto (which he actually is doing). Moreover, he's actually said that he's leaving Kanto untouched and is creating Johto from the Islands, so yeah.

    Well I don't know what you mean by the Celebi event (the Ilex forest encounter by use of GS Ball?), but I believe that you are referring to the Suicine event/s in Crystal. If so, well, that is in Crystal, so I don't see how that could be the case.

    And what about the Mantine and Hitmonchan?
    Well, I dont know what was the original question you are answering, [ray.z]. Some of the answers seem to fit what I'd answer. I want to have all legendaries, if possible. That means I'd need ways to catch them. Celebi's way seem to be easy to implement, so I could do it in that way. And about Suicune, I doubt I could do it in the original Gold way, so I have another way of get it (and their friends).

    Mantine and Hitmonchan? What about'em?

    Originally Posted by TheRoad View Post
    But those are just examples of events, and objects, items, things you may receive (maybe TERU-SAMA can finally be useful!)...

    OK, so he is leaving Kanto untouched. So just implementing how many Pokemon? 256, maybe? Who knows?
    What is TERU-SAMA?. Just wondering...

    I want this to have all pokes, that's why Hoenn poke show up (but I made them extremely hard to find, just because the main deal is that this is a gold remake, finding Hoenn poke is just a little add-in)

    Originally Posted by Enrico Marini View Post
    I found a lone Wurmple (Woohoo, shame I didn't have any Pokéballs yet) going from Cherrygrove to Mr. Pokémon's house. I think it is a nice addition being able to catch all the pokémon.

    Here's hoping for Kanto. The train from Saffron City would probably be a pain to do.
    Part of it was just answered (you were lucky/unlucky). The train warping you to Kanto is not a problem. The problem would be to "show up" the train transporting you to Kanto. I know about the boat thing, but how could I edit the whole scene? Anyway, it's an event a bit farther ahead.

    Probably, I'll get some free time this weekend, so I could finally reach the Olivine City (another thing I wanted to say, I plan next beta to just show the basic Olivine City, so you wont be able to enter the lighthouse this time, sorry)

    EDIT: Oops, I forgot theotherfreakyguy's question. But Dark Lucario's right, you'd need to patch it again to a clean FR rom (and play it again, I'm always fixing and changing things)