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And, we start.

Mikuru-chan: Finish your history as soon as possible, then you can post.
And, I can't remember if anyone else needed to finish their sign-up's, but don't post until those are finished.

Deathspector: Again, just a reminder, but the Pirate Crew name is up to you. We'll need that for all of us to fully complete our sign-up's. xDD *Pirate Crew: N/A* xD

JBC: I've changed my mind. See the actual thread for my final decision, if you'd still like to join.

Update's are posted on the first post.

LSU's are accepted, but they cannot be apart of a Pirate Crew until they run into the Pirate Crew. The LSU's will be treated as NPC's played by one person, and will somehow interact with a Pirate Crew of your choosing, until they are offered a position, or can think of a new one to join an already full Pirate Crew. Complicated, ne?

Lets pretend that this RP is a boat. NPC's are the people that make the ship float. So, don't hesitate to make NPC's, but I don't want a billion of them. Just a universal one that everyone can control at each town, so that we have a reason to stay for a day or two or whatever. We can discuss NPC's that have a lot of depth to them here.