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    What is the Global Trade Station?
    The Global Trade Station (GTS for Short) is the building in Jubilife City that becomes available for entrance after you beat the first gym in Oreburgh City.

    How Does the GTS Work?
    It allows you to connect online to search for pokemon other people have put inside the GTS in search of other pokemon, and allows you to place ONE (1) pokemon in the GTS at a time in search of another pokemon you have seen in the game. If you see a trade you like, simply click on it and after confirming you want to take the trade, it will how you your PC boxes, and will allow you to search through them as well as your party pokemon in search of the pokemon that the person is searching for. This will appear with a group of people popping up on teleporter pads after a search has been conducted. You may click on one of the trainer icons to see what the person is seeking in exchange for the pokemon you searched for, or you may see where they are located around the world.
    Person A Puts a Chimchar inside of the GTS in search of a Piplup. Person B comes along and has a Piplup, while he is looking for a Chimchar, by inputing the species, gender, and level of the Chimchar they are searching for, they come across Person A's Chimchar. Person B will click the trade, and be prompted to their boxes and party. After selecting the Piplup, if it matches the criteria that Person A was looking for in the Piplup (Level, Gender, Species), then it will be highlighted. After selecting Piplup, It will be sent into a pokeball, and go into the light at the end of the tunnel, and a shiny new pokeball will pop out for Player B. Out will pop Player A's Chimchar, which then becomes Player B's pokemon. When Player A next logs into the GTS, they will be greeted with a new pokeball flying down out of the light and onto their screen, and be greeted with the Piplup you sent them.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Are there any requirements to the GTS?
    First off, to access the GTS, you must first have the gym badge from Oreburgh City, otherwise a guy will stop you from entering. Secondly, in order to search or request a pokemon in the GTS, you must have at least SEEN the pokemon, and it is registered in your pokedex.

    Why is someone offering a Level 100 ____ for a simple pokemon like Bidoof?
    There are many reasons it may be.
    A.) This person may be from say Japan, and just wants an English/German/etc. named pokemon.
    B.) The pokemon may be hacked, and they just want to add more trainer numbers to their game, or want to get rid of it.

    Why is someone requesting a Level 100 _____ for a simple pokemon like Bidoof?
    Again, The same applies in this scenario, many reasons.
    A.) Language again can make an impact, some Japanese/English players are very desperate to get another languaged pokemon.
    B.) The person may have seen the pokemon in a temporary trade with a friend, or traded away the pokemon to another person for a different pokemon, or can simply just want another one of them.
    C.) Check what the pokemon is holding, it may be a Bidoof that is holding something like a Master Ball, which most people would trade a level 100 for.

    Why can't I search for ____?
    In order to search for ANY pokemon in the GTS, you must have seen them before and they must be registered as seen in your Pokedex.

    Does Wi-Fi Trading/Battling Allow You to Search for Them?
    Yes and No. Battling Online will NOT add pokemon to your pokedex as seen. Trading however, can. If someone temporarily trades you a pokemon, for instance, you help someone evolve their Electabuzz into an Electivite, you would obtain the pokedex data for both Electabuzz and Electivire and gain the ability to search for either.

    What is Pal Park?
    Pal Park is an area located on Route 221, which is south of Sandgem Town. It becomes available after you obtain the national dex from Professor Oak. In order to obtain the National Dex, you must have SEEN all 150 pokemon that are in the Sinnoh Dex. (151 if you have seen Manaphy). This is actually quite possible to do as long as you battle every trainer in the game. The 2 most missed pokemon in the sinnoh pokedex are Wormadam and Drifloon. A Wormadam is held by a Beauty on Route 214. Drifloon, is however harder to find, unless you like to fight. In the 5th gym, with ghosts, you will have the option to skip the starting trainers, however, one of them holds the ONLY Drifloon you will see in the game, except the ONE wild one that appears during friday mornings and days at the WindWorks. Keep in mind, about 20 or more pokemon will not appear in the game until you reach Victory Road, and about 5 will not appear until you defeat the Elite 4 and the Champion. When you have seen 150/151 pokemon in the Sinnoh Dex, head back to Professor Rowan's lab in Sandgem Town. You will be greeted by Professor Oak, who, after a little time, will upgrade your pokemon to national mode, and you will be given the Pokemon Radar, which allows you to encounter National Pokemon in most grassy areas. He will also invite you to the Pal Park.

    I have the National Dex, What Now?
    Ok, now that you have the National Dex, you may access Pal Park. It is accessed through the same town you are in, Sandgem Town. First off, head south to that beach that you probably saw when you first started, but never knew where it went. Follow that route on top of a pokemon that knows Surf, and you will reach land shortly after. After walking on the land (and battling trainers, like when you had to Surf), you will arrive at a building. Enter, and Professor Oak will welcome you to Pal Park before promptly leaving to go to Eterna City. Welcome to Pal Park! As you can tell by talking to the people inside, everyone is a big fan of you and can't wait to see a "Catching Show" from you.

    I'm in Pal Park, What Now?
    After arriving in Pal Park and talking to Professor Oak, walk up to the counter and talk to the employee there. He immediately recognizes you as the League Champion, and asks you to participate in a "Catching Show" in which you transfer pokemon from FireRed/LeafGreen/Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald by inserting them in the GBA slot and selecting Migrate from ____ at the D/P opening menu. (This can only be done if you save AFTER you talk to the employee.) There is also a girl in Pal Park in the Southeast part of the building that will give you the final two Poketch applications, the Kitchen Timer and Color Changer, if you show her a Snorlax and Kecleon, respectively, and in order.

    I've Selected the 6 Pokemon to Migrate, but how do I?
    Ok, first off, after saving, restart the game, there will be a new option on your opening menu, which states Migrate from ____ (Whatever GBA game is inserted in your DS). Click it, press yes if you wish to migrate, it will explain that you can NEVER bring the pokemon back to your GBA game, press Yes again if you are ok with it. After that, you will be brought to your GBA boxes, simply select the 6 pokemon you wish to migrate and it will bring up a confirmation screen. Press yes and yes again to save both the GBA and the DS games.

    I've Migrated, Now What?
    When you log back into Diamond or Pearl, talk to the employee, he will ask you if you want to do a Catching Show, say yes and he will present you with 6 Park Balls. These Park Balls have a 100% catch rate of pokemon inside of Pal Park, so there is absolutely no chance of you losing pokemon you transfer over. When you get inside, Pal Park is split into 5 areas. The Area In The South, The plains, is where pokemon that wouldn't fit into the other areas would come here, such as Rayquaza. The Northwestern corner of the area is the forest area, the most
    common pokemon you will find here after transferring are things from the forest in the GBA games, such as Caterpie, Pikachu, Shroomish. In the Northeastern part of the park is the lake, in which requires a pokemon that knows surf in order to encounter wild pokemon on. Pokemon such as Marills that wouldn't be in the sea, but would be in water will be located at. The Middle Part, Otherwise known as the mountain region, is there pokemon like Geodude, Aaron, and Groudon would call their home. The final area of Pal Park is in the Southeastern part of the park. This is the sea, and it too requires you to have a pokemon with surf in your party. Pokemon such as Kyogre would be located here. After catching all 6 pokemon, you will leave the park and you will get a berry as a reward if you catch them all within a certain amount of time.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why Can't I Transfer My _____?
    Check their movesets. Pokemon that contain an HM from EITHER Game, (Flash is an HM in the GBA games, but not in D/P) will be unable to migrate, the normal problems people have are with Fly and Surf.

    What if I Don't Catch All 6 Pokemon?
    If you do not catch all 6 pokemon for some reason, such as you do not have enough time or power on your DS, and it gets turned off, simply return to Pal Park and retry to catch them. Any pokemon you catch, even if you retire are returned to Pal Park until you manage to catch all 6 in one run.

    Are There Any Restraints on How Many You Can Migrate?
    Yes. You can ONLY Migrate 6 Pokemon every 24 hours. Not day, in other words, if you transfer at 10 P.M., you will not be able to transfer again in 2 hours, when the day changes. The game will require you to wait until 10 P.M. the next day.

    What if we Change the DS Clock?
    DO NOT DO THIS!!! Changing the DS' Internal Clock will Automatically force you to wait ANOTHER 24 hours, as D/P was somehow implemented to fight against Time Skips.

    What Will Transfer with my Pokemon?
    Any Item that is attached to your pokemon will be still held by your pokemon when you find them in your PC box. All IV and EV values are the same, as well as movesets. The OT Will stay as the GBA trainer, and you WILL get boosted experience for them, however, you will be unable to nickname these new pokemon

    Will I Lose My Pokemon If I Don't Catch Them All?
    No. You will just have to restart as if you never caught one in Pal Park. However, they are quite easy to find and catch in Pal Park, though some pokemon (like Legendaries) are rarer to find then others.

    I made this guide in an attempt to lower the questions asked about these two places. All of these answers were taken from personal experience, and all of these questions are questions I have seen around this site and serebii. Any other questions that you see asked a lot and I will answer and add to guide if you don't answer it =D Hopefully mods don't close this, as there were no guides that covered it yet ;