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    As far as I’m concerned, yes, such an idea can work.

    When it comes to me, I have a very “shounen” way of looking at things. Of course the story has a primary protagonist but the situations, adventures and people they meet will be the driving factor in how they grow and change. And while there are some shounens (Like Jojo‘s Bizarre Adventure) where the main focuses and cast change along with the story line, most shounens follow the same hero for the whole series run and the readers/viewers never get enough.

    While the perfect example would be works like Dragon Ball and One Piece, (the latter especially since the adventures of Monkey D. Luffy and the expanding Straw Hat crew is seemingly never-ending) I would prefer to look at the sports mangas where the character starts off young and just with a passion of the game but as the story goes on, they age and become even more talented in their trade. The best example here would be Hikaru no Go.

    To keep it short, Hikaru was just an eleven-year-old slacker who only cared about goofing off until he ended up getting posses by Sai. As things progressed, Hikaru found himself immersed in the game, wanting to become good himself to catch up to his rival Akira Touya, eventually Sai leaves Hikaru and while this depressed him at first, Hikaru (with some motivation from those around him), by himself and continues to plow forward in the Go world. The manga end with Hikaru being about fourteen or fifteen. I haven’t read the manga in years so I forgot his exact age when the series actually ends.

    So yes, a story with one character being the central character being the protagonist for each series can work. There will be complainers here or there, but if you really have things up your sleeve... Well writing fics has always been about the passion of just doing it right? (Well, that's what keeps me going.)
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