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    Game name: Pokemon Global
    Made with: Java, using the Slick and LWJGL frameworks
    Pokemon Global is a fan-made MMORPG which is currently being developed. This game will bring an experience similar to that of the original Pokemon games, while adding cool new features, such as online battles and trading. We have further information at our website, .

    Our project is unique among many in that we have a policy of openness. This means that you will be kept posted on development almost constantly. Releases come quickly as well. We also support multiple OSes in accordance with Java support. Macs and Linux computers can also run Global.

    You are a new trainer in a foreign region. Your journey begins when you take your first Pokemon from the local Professor; after that, you are free to choose your destinations. People around the game world offer you quests. Many are part of a larger plot in which you face off against members of a criminal Pokemon-using syndicate. The ultimate goal of the game is to achieve Pokemon mastery; however, there are limitless quests that can be done before that is achieved. Other players can provide inexhaustible challenges.

    In the way of media, we have an older video at , as well as:

    These are OSX screenshots - the game also functions on Windows.

    • Online battling and trading
    • A Pokemon-style, massive multiplayer game world
    • Limitless quest potential
    • Player grouping
    • A fast release cycle and active development

    Leader - Professormedia
    Developers - Pivot, Ryan, ZombieBear
    Web - Professormedia, ZombieBear
    Forum Management - Miledy, Mascot1063, Roland of Gilead
    Graphics - open
    Mapping - open

    How to Help:
    We can always use some:
    • Java developers
    • Mappers
    • Graphical designers for the game interface
    • Other (contact us with whatever you think you can contribute)

    If you're interested, PM me/post a thread on Global forums or reply here.

    Web Resources and Downloads:
    We have a small web site under construction at . There is a downloadable demo in the forums; it is buggy, but functional. The demo is mainly a proof of concept for what we are developing.