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  • more or less, the more things change, the more they stay the same, y'know?

    what's up? is life (real, actual life!) going strong?
    I'm still feeling just fine! Just like always. Some things never change.

    After fiddling for a while, I find 1800 DPI with moderate acceleration to be perfect for most purposes. Guess I'm one of these people that can't give up mouse acceleration. Without it, things just feel wrong, and my track pad is also affected. >.<

    As I've tested... 800 DPI is very slow and is best suited for precision work. 1800 DPI is general purpose, works for almost everything. 2400 DPI if I want something slightly faster. 3200, 5000, and 6400... I'd rather not use them. (By the way, 800 DPI was my last mouse's fixed DPI.)

    Running things in Bluetooth mode does mean that I get stuck with 125 Hz, but I don't care about it a bit because I'm so used to it. And I still get extra buttons and adjustments. Good thing I can always plug it in, and it's microUSB-to-USB. The included 0.9m cable works very well with a laptop.

    And not having a cable is very nice on a laptop. Same thing for having all three USB ports usable.

    What do you think of Canon printers, by the way? After over 500 sheets of A4 paper, and about 30 4R-size photos, I'm very satisfied with what I have. It's been just over nine months... I've never had a paper jam. I can shake my fists on a HP, though.
    bahaha, found this site after googling myself, and was looking around for old times sake. mate, if i was still in sydney i'd definitely come see your show! i've moved interstate, if i ever come down i'll definitely shoot you a message to see if you've got a gig on. mate, i'm in 3rd year uni, studying IT. it's pretty sweet. i used to work in a call center for a bit, that was nice. jah man, it's been pretty schweet.
    anyway, my buddy and i play pokemon black a lot, and i always kick his ass in battles. probably from all those days in the strategy forums here.

    my latest obsession is fighting games, i'm really stuck into tekken tag 2 at the moment. there happens to be a good arcade near me (which is pretty rare) so I always go there and rip it up. good times.
    Mousing around the desktop using the Razer Orochi... who knew that smaller can be more comfortable? I think it's all in the shape. The shorter cable also helps a lot in reducing clutter - the Microsoft mice was designed for desktops, and hence have a cable length too long for laptop use.

    Now to figure out how to "fix" the laptop's Bluetooth to recognize the Razer Orochi 2013 properly. (I also got a new mouse mat to go along with it.)


    I need to get used to high DPI settings without any acceleration in CS:GO fast. At least it's tied to applications, so on the desktop, I can still use it comfortably with the exact same precision and acceleration.

    For some reason acceleration settings in Razer Synapse 2.0 also affects the laptop's trackpad. ;)

    Since I can't find HTPC cases here, I guess I'll have to settle for a laptop.

    But, hey, full-size laptops are awesome for the bang for your buck. Core i7s + a dedicated card = OMG
    Funny thing.

    Seems like I'm going to go for a recent Core i5 that's not ULV, then.

    This is gonna get interesting - a laptop can be easily carried as carry-on luggage, while a mini desktop or HTPC might be stretching it. Individual components, though, should be a sure-fire as long as there's not too much of them.

    *wonders about salvaging the 500 GB WD in his dead desktop*
    Time to head out and looks for deals in person again.

    I still think that WEI can be a bit handy when you can't access the usual methods of testing... or when you're using a showroom computer.

    When it comes to OpenGL performance, has AMD always had the advantage over NVIDIA, and especially over Intel?
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