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Adela listened to her mother's long einded speech with a blank and bored expression, sitting quietly only because she didn't want to get reproached by the person she'd been chasing after for all these years. The strange device she'd found at the scene of the crime still sat in her bag, wrapped in her bandanna. Nobody had questioned Adela as to where her bandanna had gone yet, as she'd gotten rid of the cyan ribbons on her legs and the wrist warmers as well. She hadn't even confided in her mother and idol that she'd found it. She wanted to ask Reid what it was first. Adela hated the scientists. They never told her anything because they thought it was too gruesome. And thus, Adela wanted the answers first. Whether it would hasten or slow down Reid’s recovery, Adela didn’t care; she wanted to know why this was happening.

Her mother explained half of it to her, and Adela squeezed her eyes shut when her mother poked her forehead, and Adela was tempted to bring out the device. Her mother had actually noticed something. Adela knew her mother was observant, but Adela had never really noticed that she’d ever pointed out anything odd with Adela herself, even when Adela began to wear the strange yet lithe outfit that was now blood-free.

Alicel listened intently to everything Commander Milo said, sometimes drifting off and wondering how such a beautiful and strong woman could’ve produced such a brat who was like a very cute demon. The father must’ve been a weird one. Alicel shook her head. What was she thinking?? This was serious! She focused herself on the dot on her forehead, and strained her memory for whether or not Rod had one too. Fiddling with her one remaining bracelet, she’d never really paid much attention, and though she simply couldn’t get the memory of the corpse of a friend out of her mind, she shoved it aside for the billionth time. Her mind was having a hard time focusing on anything, but when Commander Milo mentioned that Adela would be engaged to Reid, Alicel’s lower lip began to quiver with mirth.

When Adela’s mother mentioned that she’d be engaged to Reid, Adela’s lower lip began to quiver as well though with shock rather then mirth. That was all that was registered on the young girl’s face; shock shock shock.

Alicel, suppressing a great burst of laughter, excused herself with the excuse of going to comfort Rosaline, who had stormed out of the room after declaring that it was unfair to Reid to decide this for him. Of course, it was unfair, but the idea would’ve made Alicel shriek with laughter if it weren’t for the fact that Rosaline really liked Reid.

Adela, however, stared at her mother with big watery eyes and choked out in as cutesy and ‘pity-me’ a voice she could, “WHAT? B-B-But Mooom! I-I, I HATE HIIIIM!!!” Of course, this was all just a pretty façade to keep from actually having to marry him. It was a gruesome thought, and Adela couldn’t even force the image to come to her mind. She wasn’t even fourteen yet for cripes sake! Inside, Adela was shouting the most foul curse words in her mind, cursing Reid, cursing Commander Milo, cursing Tealia for being depressed and needing such an outrageous idea to cheer them up.

I WON’T WON’T WON’T!!!” Adela shrieked like a toddler, her shrill voice practically making the whole room shiver, “NO NO NO!! I DON’T LIKE HIM! I HATE HIM, HATE HATE HATE!!! HE’S WEAK, AND HE’S STUPID, AND HE’S UGLY AND AND AND…” She continued to yell her opinion of Reid through a steady stream of fake tears that were quite convincing, repeating the words of emphasis three times each, before ending her speech with another blood curdling shriek, reducing her cries into small resigned sobs to lengthen the effect of self-pity while on the inside she was smiling smugly at her exceptional performance that would surely call the whole thing off.