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    Faewyn had been uncharacteristically silent during the assembly. It wasn't out of mourning over Reid's condition, though; she had gotten accustomed to that after the first week or so. That was something Faewyn had always had a knack for, getting accustomed: even Rod's death had reached a certain point of calm now. The first had been horrible, even though the girl performed her investigation with an unnervingly calm and unbothered air, even though she hadn't as much as twitched as she came face-to-face with Rod's mangled body, it had been absolutely horrible and she could barely count the number of nights she had woken up, drenched in cold sweat after being visited by that sight. On the outside, Faewyn had been just as chipper, upbeat and, curious as before, though, and in retrospect some of her actions seemed a bit insensitive towards her friends' feelings. The requested delay in burying Rod so she could get an additional investigation in had probably been the worst; she wasn't sure if Alicel had ever really forgiven her for that one, but to Faewyn it had been something that had to be done, a necessary process for her to get over the matter. She had studied Rod's corpse, every last cut, wound, and abrasion photographed, sketched, investigated and analyzed. The scientists were still rolling their thumbs, but Faewyn wanted to know.

    Well, the cause of death had been easy enough: considering that the boy's skin had been torn off and every vein and artery in his body had been severed in multiple places, it would have been more disturbing if he had survived. The inconsistent cut pattern nailed it down as Wionus, but the sheer scope of the damage implied Wionus in excessive amounts; certainly way more than Reid could ever produce. Unfortunately, the wounds had yielded no sign of mahstion-based weaponry, or any weaponry for that matter. Then there was Reid's leg wound...

    Faewyn's glance traveled to the comatose boy without really seeing him. The wound wasn't nearly as grotesque as Rod's, but it was - if possible - even more puzzling. Whatever had struck him had passed straight through the bone and shattered it without leaving a trace. The shape of the wound suggested a stabbing weapon or projectile of some kind and the resistance to healing confirmed the presence of Mahstion, but therein lay the quandry: what kind of weapon could cause a wound like that? Thanks to Shiraume's quick intervention, Faewyn didn't have nearly as much information on this wound as she had on Rod's, but the fact remained that the weapon had passed through a human leg without being deflected or broken. There was no way a dagger, even an empowered dagger, could shatter a bone like that. There was no sign of carbonization or acid burn so it couldn't have been Fionus or Wation, Eation would have been fully capable of crushing the bone but it couldn't conceivably have pierced the flesh like that. This left Winous, but that was hardly an adequate answer to the question. Ever since she was recruited, Faewyn had spent every available second of her weapons training at the archery range to test her hypothesis, bit not even the sturdiest crossbow bolts could withstand the amount of mahstion necessary to punch straight through a bone and keep going, the wood unfailingly giving in under the sheer pressure and bursting into a cascade of splinters. It hadn't taken long before people started maintaining a ten-meter safety radius when they saw Faewyn with her crossbow (Jokingly labeled the 'piecemaker' by her peers) and soon after she was gently handed the suggestion to practice something a bit less volatile. No, bow and arrow weren't the answer; either the projectile had to be more durable or it had to obtain a lot more velocity from the weapon itself. There was something Faewyn was missing, she knew it, it was written all over the faces of those scientists who kept giving her long, understanding looks as she badgered them about the finer points of ballistics and any kind of weapon that could give a projectile more momentum than a crossbow. There was something to find out, and she would find it, no matter how many sleepless nights that meant. Well, at least her endeavors had been far from fruitless: Faewyn was now quite the shot with a crossbow and had grown adept at controlling the amount of mahstion she released into her techniques; her spells weren't misfiring and fluctuating nearly as much as before, although of course...she cast a brief glance at the small mark between thumb and index finger on her right hand, she hadn't gone through the trial by fire yet; many of her mother's techniques had been put to practice, but not that one.

    Faewyn suddenly snapped out of her reveries, blinking slightly and rubbing her eyes - which now bore a distinctly dark lining that had nothing to do with makeup - as she stifled a yawn, wondering how much she had spaced out on. Apparently, the commander had just announced a mission of some sort, declaring that they could have...Aertan and whoever else they could recruit. Aertan? Faewyn tilted her head quizzically at the thought that a prisoner from Carn would be let out of custody like that, but didn't want to get on her commander's bad side by demanding a recount of the mission and revealing that she had been spacing out in mid-briefing again; she'd just ask the others after the briefing. It wasn't like Faewyn minded Aertan, after all. Oh, she wasn't quite ready to talk about it yet, but she had felt a certain understanding for the priest ever since she heard about his quest to save princess Juliet. Despite their differences, they were the same in this; both wanted to rescue someone important to them, and although she still couldn't quite shake the feeling of dislike over the bargain that the hunter had offered her earlier, Faewyn could sympathize with the motives behind it. Aertan...deep down, he was probably a good person. Faewyn blinked again, mentally reprimanding herself; that was the second space-out during this briefing. Fortunately, the topic wasn't hard to catch this time, seeing as how commander Milo was demonstratively pointing it out as she declared that there might have been a connection between the dots and Rod's mysterious death. Faewyn really had to restrain herself so as to not interrupt the commander at this point; she hadn't told anyone about the throbbing in her dot back in that jail cell, and as far as she knew it was still her secret, but maybe...maybe if she told them it would uncover something important about the whole mystery? The girl made a mental note of Milo's warning, although it hardly seemed necessary: after all, she didn't have anything against the people with dots she had met thus far - most of them being her friends - so it wasn't like she was going to get into a fight with them anyway.

    It was then that Milo got to the really big news: Reid and Adela were getting engaged. Faewyn's eyes widened as the news reached her mind, a smile spreading across her face. Wedding were fun, and an engagement was - to her mind - what you got as a placeholder while you arranged the wedding. Ohh...this was going to be awesome! She didn't realize Rosaline's blatantly obvious crush on Reid...not at all...

    "Really?!" she chirped, but before her youthful exuberance got any further out of hand, Rosaline had voiced her protest before storming demonstratively out of the room, soon followed by Alicel, while Adela burst into a fit of complaints over her new fiancé.

    Faewyn had half a mind to join her friends, but just then something even more exciting happened: Reid stirred, mumbling something incoherent. For a moment, Faewyn simply stared, unable to fully believe the sight in front of her eyes, but then...well, then her joy burst out in all its glory.

    "Reid, congratulations!" the girl exclaimed, lunging at her bed-ridden friend and hugging him with all her might - at this point, Reid was probably counting his blessings over the fact that his injury was only in the leg - "What happened?! Does your leg still hurt?! I told uncle Kain to take a look at it but he said it was best to just let it be, even though I knew it would probably hurt, but they wouldn't let me treat it anymore! It was so scary when you just blacked out and Rod died and we were all so worried about you, and now you're back and-!" she had to take a brief pause to get some air into her lungs, but it certainly didn't leave him enough time to recover from the barrage of statements, let alone formulate a reply, and soon Faewyn charged onward again, tears streamed from her eyes, creating a peculiar contrast with her sunny smile that no number of in-between sobs could get rid of, "And now-and now you're a hero, you're engaged, and you're going to get married!" she trilled in finish, finally relinquishing the unfortunate boy from her grasp and wiping the tears away on the back of her hand, before turning a hopeful glance to the boy, "Can I be bridesmaid?" she inquired innocently, her glance traveling to Adela in turn, "I've always wanted to be bridesmaid. I had no idea you liked Adela, but I'm happy for you."

    Her friend was back, there was going to be a wedding and fun for all, and Faewyn was happily back on cloud nine, blissfully unaware that anything in the world could possibly be wrong right now.
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