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Originally Posted by Neo Android View Post
Well today i managed to catch them all on my pkmn pearl and was just wondering which did u find the hardest to catch, i think many of you are gonna say mesprit cause it runs, but i was lucky that as soon as i went into grass after it started running it was the first pokemon encounter i had, i used my masterball to catch that one. Azelf was the second easiest i just used two attacks and it was down in the red zone and through 10 dusk balls, and it was caught. Now Uxie did my head in i had to use 20 dusk balls 5 timer balls and i ultra balls till it was finally caught!

So which order did u catch them in and which was the hardest for you?

- NA
I went azelf, uxie, then mesprit. they werent that hard, other than uxie. I used false swipe, ANDparalyzed him. I went through 8 Quick balls, 42 Ultra balls. And caught him FINALLY with a...pokeball...:'(
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