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    Yes, I know, Los Endos isn't really Spanish, but it sounds cool anyway. XD And yes, this is unfinished, I have to come back to it later.


    Funniest RPer: Jimz(1), ACC-M (3)

    Most Creative RPer: Alter Ego (2), Random_Fan (1)

    Laziest RPer: chomp (1), JBCPeace (1), Drapion_Dawg (2), JBCBlank (1) Everyone who signed up for Pokemon: Neo Genesis (1)

    Most "Creatively Challenged" (AKA n00biest): ACC-M (2), Porygon-Z (1), Pokenaruto (3), Drapion_Dawg (1)

    Best R.P. Plot: ACC-M and Porygon-Z present "The Land of Legends" (2), Pokemon: Neo Genesis (2), Y.Z. (3), Star in the Sky (2), Pokemon: Another World (1) (I'm assuming that's what Raichuchika voted for here)

    Most Creative Plot-Writer: Porygon-Z (2), ACC-M (3), Archsage (2), Random_Fan (1), Alter Ego (1)

    Scariest RP Master: ACC-M (2), Alter Ego (1), Mika-Chan (1), Archsage (1)

    Most Devoted RPer: Chigiri (2), Orange (1), ~Hazel~(1)

    Wordiest RPer: ACC-M (3), Random_Fan (1)

    Most Helpful RPer: Mika (1), Archsage (1)

    Most Annoying RPer: chomp(1), JBCPeace (1), ACC-M (1) (And for the record, I voted JBCPeace and not you, Raichu you little ingrate. >.<) Raichuchika (2), Rocketmembermichael (1)

    Favorite RP Character (Male): Victor Antechronos-ACC-M (1), Julius Ecruteak-Porygon-Z (1) Cathal Sèitheach Arascain = Stray – Kogenta (1), Achan Smith-ACC-M (1)

    Favorite RP Character: (Female) Silence-Alter Ego (2), Tacey Edgeworth-Alter Ego (1), Kyoko- Mika-Chan (1)

    Funniest RP Character (Male): John-Random_Fan (1) Most of every character created by ACC-M (1), Asylum-Kogenta (1)

    Funniest RP Character (Female): Li Meiling (Plum)-Phanima (1), Juanita Sanchez-Porygon-Z (1) (ZOMG, so many ties...)

    Most Realistic RPer: Kogenta (1) (With a surprising lack of competition. XD)

    Most Diverse RPer: Chigiri (1), Alter Ego (1) (What's scary is that I voted for Chigiri as a joke. *sweatdrops*)

    Most Creative RP Promotional Banner Designer: Zaiku (4) (All hail Zaiku, uncontested lord of the promo banners! All of us bow before thee!)

    The "Most Likelies"

    Most Likely to Outsell J.K. Rowling's Books Someday: Archsage (1), ~Hazel~ (1), Alter Ego (1), Porygon-Z (1)

    Most Likely to Pick a Career where Little to No Writing is Required: Mewthree (1) (ROFLMAO)

    Most Likely to Revolutionize the Face of Roleplaying: Archsage (1), Alter Ego (1), Random_Fan (1)

    Most Likely to Start Their Own Forum: Alter Ego (1), ACC-M (1)

    Most Likely to Burn Out Their Caps Lock Button: ACC-M (1), Rena (1)

    Most Likely to Have Their Gender Confused: Alter Ego (1), JBCBlank (4), ACC-M (1), Drapion_Dawg (1), Zaiku (1), Phanima (1)

    Most Likely to Drop a Pop-Culture Reference: Zero. XD

    Most Likely to Spend the Rest of Their Natural Life in Front of a Computer Screen: ACC-M (1), Porygon-Z (2)

    Cutting to the chase here, I'll just announce that RPer of the Month goes to:

    ACC-M, with a whopping five votes. Runners up include Hazel (1), Random_Fan (1), Alter Ego (2), and Porygon-Z (2)

    x x x x