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Daedalus rocketed around trees, flying as fast as he could. He flew through the forest and began to circle around the area where he had met up with Treecko and Corphish. He landed on the earth and examined the terrain.

“<Hmm, tracks are leading from that direction… it’s probably around there. How am I supposed to find a single twig in the whole bloody forest?>”

The Taillow began to walk and he closely scanned the ground.

“<Most of all of the twigs have been washed away in the storm!>” He continued to follow the water flooded footprints and drag marks. Up ahead, he saw a twig jutting straight out of the ground. It had the same straight main stem with a second, smaller branch coming out of the middle, diagonally. Daedalus went to inspect it closer. There was dried, brown blood encrusted on the part where Treecko’s mouth would go.

“<Taurus’ eye!>” Daedalus grinned, picking the twig up in a claw before flying towards his flock’s roost.

“<I really don’t see what’s so big about this twig…>” thought Daedalus while he swerved around branches.

Daedalus hastily flew towards the tree where he last saw his flock. He landed on a thick branch and looked around the tree. It was barren. Daedalus let out a sigh and he hung his head.

“<I’m gonna miss this place.>”

Just then a dark blue and white wing came from behind him and covered his face.

“<Guess who?>” a playful trill asked.

Daedalus playfully thrust his head backwards colliding heads with the familiar voice. His head was released from feathery blindfold.

Without turning around, Daedalus grinned and replied. “<Hello, Struthios. Your guard is down as usual.>”

The Taillow flew in front of him and smiled, rubbing his own face. “<Or YOUR guard is always UP as usual.>”

They grinned and slapped wings together in a high-five like fashion.

“<It’s good to see you Struthios, where are the others?>”

“<I sent them out on border patrol. We recently had a Spearow infiltrate out lines.>”

“<Good thinking! See? I knew you’d be a good leader!>” Daedalus insisted, patting his buddy’s shoulder. “<I… I’m sorry about earlier. I was too abrupt and I was a bit too emotional, forgive me; it wasn’t very leader-like and I didn’t want to leave you guys like that.>”

“<It’s ok, Daedalus. We all felt the same way... I speak for all of us when I say we’re really sorry we turned tail when you got hit by that lizard’s attack. It wasn’t very comrade-like of us,>” replied Daedalus’ close friend.

“<No! It’s ok. You guys have saved me from life or death situations, you don’t have to be sorry for me getting captured by a human!>”

Struthios sadly looked at the branch below. “<How bad is it REALLY?>” he said with a grimace, expecting the worst.

“<It’s actually much better than I thought. The human is nice, although he seems as depressed as a Staraptor on rainy day. The pokemon are friendly… I guess.>”

“<Really?! Don’t you remember what happened over at Route 101?! All of the pokemon, including Spearows, came either here or Route 103! The over-population caused us to watch our territories all day and all night!>”

“<Yeah, I know. But Jeff, the human, isn’t like those ones. He cares about us, believe it or not!>”

“<It’s going to be hard without you. We’re all going to miss you. You were our best leader,>” Struthios began to snivel.

“<Now you’re their best leader.>” Daedalus lightly gave an encouraging punch with his wing. “<Struthios, you’ve always been one of my best soldiers. I know you’ll do great and I promise you I will be back soon!>”

“<Thanks, Daedalus. Come back very soon. I’ll tell the others you were here.>”

Daedalus nodded and they exchanged an informal wing shake and a grin.

“<One more thing Daedalus… what’s with the twig in your claw?>”

Daedalus replied with a smirk, “<If I see any Spearows, I’ll beat them with it for you.>”

Struthios gave him a laugh and waved him off. “<Don’t forget what you said, Daedalus!>”

Daedalus nodded and took flight.

“<I won’t.>”


Many minutes later, I heard Jeff cry out, “We’re out!” I saw the seemingly infinite ocean of tree canopy end and I could finally see the blue sky. It’s not that I don’t like tree canopies, but I wanted to get out of that forest… for now.

We sat near the edge of the forest, waiting for Dae. I spotted a small, wooden house and dock. It stood over the water on four sturdy stilts. It must have been that Briney-guy’s house. From behind us, we heard a loud, continuous trill, from that of a Taillow. Jeff raised his elbow for Daedalus to land on. He flapped his wings to force himself to a slow before perching on Jeff’s arm; his claws dug softly into Jeff’s arm, who seemed to be unaffected by the action. The twig in beak, Daedalus passed the twig to me. Although it helped… I still didn’t feel whole.

“<Thanks. We’re even now.>”

“<No problem, Treeck,>” he replied.

“<It’s about time, Featherhead!>” Corphish stated, with an impatient irritation.

“<I’m glad to see you, too, Corppy. Now, let’s get going! So where are we going and why?>”

Corphish paused about the answer and replied, “<If I told you… I’d have to kill you!>” He didn’t want to be the one to break the news that we were going to the gym.

The two others rode on Jeff, down a tarmac pathway, which led to the beach. I still walked beside them, wary and uncomfortable. Since it was the break of dawn the beach was basically deserted, with the exception of the occasional jogger and pokemon who strolled in the sand. His feet sunk into the sand with each stride when he walked towards the dock. I watched the blue-green waves splash up against the stilts of the dock, creating a calming ocean mist. He walked, with heavy steps, up the wooden steps to the dock. Jeff walked up to the door and knocked.

“Hello? Is this Mr. Briney’s house?” Jeff said in an uncertain, deep voice.

“Why yes it is.” An older man in a yellow fisherman’s cap and overcoat carefully opened the door, inspecting the visitors. “I suppose you are here to be ferried across to Dewford or the beach at Slateport?”

“Yeah, I am. I’ve got money if you need it,” Jeff suggested, fiddling with the twig in the corner of his mouth.

“Oh no, that’s ok. I transport people and pokemon just for the sheer pleasure of sailing across the deep blue sea,” The man said merrily.

“I’d really feel a lot better if I paid you,” Jeff insisted.

“Really, it’s ok,” Mr. Briney said as a white bird, with blue stripes on its wings, landed on his shoulder. “Peeko and I do this not-for-profit,” he smiled, scratching the beady-eyed Wingull behind its ears.

The stubborn idiot.

“<Let it go, Jeff.>” I looked to him. “<And if you can’t do that, then slip it in the cabin of the boat as we leave.>” I knew that he hated receiving charity; I did too. Unfortunately all that he heard was “Treecko cko, tree.” That could have meant anything in his ears. I bit my lip in frustration.

Mr. Briney locked the door to his house and walked along the wooden log deck. At the end of the dock was a medium sized, white schooner; it had a long, blue stripe going along the side of it. I noticed Jeff quickly slide a few bills into Mr. Briney’s mailbox. Typical Jeff. I grinned to myself and waited for him to get on the boat.

Once we were on the wobbly boat, the other two climbed off of Jeff; I wandered to the aft of the ship, Corphish leaned against Jeff, who leaned against the metal guard rail surrounding the ship, and Daedalus took a perch on the front rail of the bow, as if making sure the direction of the boat was safe.

We sat in silence; the boat took off for Dewford City.

I rubbed the red mark on my face from when Jeff had hit me. The action replayed over and over in my mind: his hand striking me up the left side of face and the events following. I winced when I felt the mark. Or was it even there? No matter, the scar ran deeper than the few skin cells that the smack caused to ache. A chill went down my spine and I looked back at Jeff. I couldn’t help but wonder if our friendship was meant to last.

Because of you nothing would be the same.

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