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OOC: Post from school, GO!

"Velin~!" Kira shouted affectionatley as all three of her eyes caught a glimpse of who the twins considered their leader. After Azyla had removed them from the room, he had gone off somewhere, leaving the two twins to wander the halls unsupervised once again. Out of boredom, they had wandered into the darkness of the strategy room and hidden themselves so that they could scare any Carn soldiers who dared enter the room. Alas, Velin came in before any soldiers, and with their vision enhanced by their third eyes, Kira automatically recogized the leader and leapt on to his back, most likely disrupting whatever he was doing. "Hiya Velin! Whatcha doing?! Can we help? We're bored! Hey! Stop it Kyra!" The girl barked a her calm companion, who was pulling her sister from Velin's back with a sigh.

Kyra curtsied before Velin, forcing her hyperactive other to do the same. "I apologize sir. As you know, we have have been cooped up for weeks now without work, and Azyla isn't the best man to act as an entertainer. We were curious as to if you had any possible work for us." She shot a glare at Kira as she spoke in her calmest voice, albeit still one full of childlike cuteness, who was about to speak up but refrained after her sister's glance. Kyra's third eye blinked as it looked Velin over. Her eye had the uncanny ability to analyze anything, breaking it down into data that she could easily remember. Kyra, if anyone, was aware of every apostle's strengths and weaknesses, and Velin did not fly under that radar. She knew ticking number 1 off would result in some painful consequences.

Cress, in the meantime, was learning this first hand. After the attack, he had collapsed to his knees, his white and black bangs impairing his vision. He held his left arm out and stable with his right arm, applying pressure so that the blood wouldn't spew out so quickly. His breaths grew longer and deeper, which mixed themselves with his screams of pain and tears. When he was used to the pain to the point where it became tolerable, he stood up, dropping his arms to his side. He didn't say anything, but rather turned his back to Villa and walked away without acknowledging her. Velin may have beaten him that time, but Cress was positive he wouldn't do it again. Perhaps it was time to try and bring his own ambitions into fruition.


"Um... so. Who the hell are you again?" Reid asked rudely, the question directed at Reece. "I know your name now, but just WHO are you? I don't want to bring along random people that could be burdens." Humorously, this was coming from a fifteen year old boy who still had little grasp on reality after all that had occurred lately. "I guess we're heading to Gregar now. Even if we did find Rosaline like this, there is no way we would be able to defeat that thing that took her away in the condition we have now. Sure, we have our faels, but we still know so little about them." Reid proceeded to look at his feet glumly. "But dammit, it's my fault she was taken in the first place. If I hadn't lost it and gotten myself knocked unconscious..." This was barely audiable to anyone but himself and Mistral, who gave him a playful mental 'snap out of it!' kick.

OOC: Sorry the Reid parts are so short. Not much to do with him right now. XD

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