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An eyelid opened.

Jeff stared upwards to the blindingly clean, white ceiling of the recovery room. He lay on an equally white bed. He looked down at his leg; there was a white bandage wrapped around an apparently stitched cut. His kneecap was also back where it should have been and there were no signs of swelling. Jeff cautiously began to bend his knee. Much to his joy, he felt virtually no pain or irritation, the worst was that his knee was a little weak. Nevertheless, the cut still ached when he extended his leg. Jeff reached over to the end table to read his medical chart.

Twelve milligrams of morphine given at eight twenty-three PM,” read the chart.

Twelve MGs?! Man, with that dosage I should be out for hours if not dead! By the feel of my cut… they aren’t doing a damn thing! And the half-life of morphine is six or so hours and it’s only…” Jeff looked at the clock on the wall across from him. “…Eight forty-two!” Jeff thought in surprise.

Jeff continued reading the folder. “The patient in the bed to the right of him is his Treecko. Condition: Stable but should not move.”

Upon reading that, Jeff turned his head sharp to the right, expecting to see Treecko. All that Jeff saw was a mess of bed sheets and three drops of blood leading away from the bed.

“Tree…Treecko?” Jeff called out.

He slung his legs over the side of the bed and ripped the IV from his vein. He grimaced from the pain in his leg but at least that distracted him from extraction of the IV line. A small drop of blood trickled from the vein where his IV was. Jeff let it flow and shakily stood out of bed.

If I know Treecko, he wasn’t discharged!” Jeff thought, clutching his leg, careful of ripping his stitches.

He began to weight bear using his left leg. He hobbled his way out of the recovery room and found himself in the eight door hallway along with a sleeping Daedalus and Corphish.

“What the? You’re not supposed to be in here!” Jeff stated, confused at their presence. The two pokemon stretched and groaned.

“<Couldn’t open the doorway out,>” Corphish shrugged, attempting to explain.

“Nevermind, I have to get out of here! Did you see Treecko come by here?” Jeff growled, limping down the hallway to the doorway out.

They both shook their heads.

“Right… asleep. You guys stay in the lobby until I get back!” Jeff stated, turning around and hobbling out the door.

“<What’s with him?>” Daedalus asked.

“<Maybe they made him watch the tape of when they popped his knee back into place in slow motion… or even worse…>” Corphish gasped. “… What if they made him watch ‘BRINGING DOWN THE HOUSE’!?>”

Daedalus sighed and led Corphish out into the lobby.

Jeff burst out of the front door of the center and turned left, into Route 102. Three pedestrians looked with surprise at the dazed patient but decided to let Jeff continue. Luckily for Jeff, Nurse Joy was not in the lobby and therefore, could not stop him. The sun setting cast an orange light on the ground. Jeff walked as fast as he could without hurting his leg. He went along the orange, dirt path into the forest. He quickly turned his head around in all directions, still dazed from unconsciousness.

“Treecko?” he murmured in hope.

The most that he saw was a purple-furred Rattata with large fangs cross his path. Jeff continued to walk. He was only about thirty meters away from the center.

Where is he? What if he’s hurt? What if I never see him again?! What if a pokemon attacks him or he tries to fight Seviper again and… NO! He’s a big pokemon! He can take care of himself! I still have to find him, though… Arceus, let him be alright! I need to find Treecko… I can’t let him leave again… not because of me!”

Jeff stopped in his tracks when he saw what was ahead of him. He walked forwards to see bandages unraveled on the ground. Jeff kneeled with his good knee and picked up the bandages.

“Tr… Treecko…” Jeff whispered, placing the bandages back on the ground. “He must be around here.”

He closed his eyes and listened carefully.

Wind blowing… leaves rustling in them… but something else.

Jeff perked up his ears and listened closer. He heard the distant yet unmistakable sound of his Treecko. Jeff ran diagonally to his right. He didn’t care about his leg anymore; he just had to get there. He ran through brush and forest.

The sounds were getting closer. Treecko sounded like he was in pain.

Jeff kept running faster. He made his way to a clearing. There was a cliff a little over twice Jeff’s size ahead of him in the grass. At the base of the cliff was a foot high rock. Jeff stopped running to catch his breath. At the top of the cliff he saw Treecko’s outline. Jeff was about to call out but then he saw the wood gecko jump off in a flip. Jeff’s relief turned to pure shock. Treecko did multiple somersaults in the air before whacking his tail against the rock. He cried out in pain with the hit but he landed with his feet on the ground. Treecko climbed back up the cliff and jumped off; this time he jumped in a backwards somersault. He slammed his tail into the rock below only to have a similar result. He grimaced and climbed back up to repeat the process.

Jeff inspected Treecko’s body; his shoulder wound bled and there were bruises all over his body, especially the tail. Seeing Treecko that way broke Jeff’s heart. Treecko jumped again and pounded his tail into the rock.

Why is Treecko doing this to himself? Is he training? Is he trying to break the rock? Is it because it’s said that Treecko’s tails can sometimes break through rock? Is this a way of self torture? Why? Why is he doing this?” Jeff thought, hiding behind a bush. One thing that he noticed about Treecko was that his twig was not in his mouth but, upon Jeff’s further inspection, it lay propped up against the target rock.

The stubborn lizard scaled the cliff before repeating the process. He hit the rock and unleashed a pained cry. Treecko climbed up and continued the heartbreaking perpetual motion, each resulted with a piercing and suffering yell as well as horrible, beaten up bruises and cuts. Jeff doubted he would last four more tries. He couldn’t help but let a whimper escape his throat.

Why? Why is he doing this to himself?! HE didn’t do anything wrong! It’s ME, it’s MY fault! I should be throwing myself on that stone, not him! Why does he feel that he’s to blame?! I wish that we could switch bodies so that I could take in all the pain that he’s receiving!” Jeff thought between controlled sobs.

Jeff could no longer watch. He ran into the clearing. “Stop! Treecko! NO! Enough! Please!” While Jeff ran, he felt his own stitches tear from his skin. He let out a cry and felt a pour of blood soak his bandage. He stumbled to the grass and landed with a painful thud. Jeff inspected the blades of grass in front of his eyes. A shadow cast over them. He looked up to see a green hand outstretched before him. The pained human looked up at Treecko’s bruised and scraped face. The pokemon’s face did not grin any smug grin, nor did it frown. His face was that of determined seriousness and apathy. Jeff looked at his face with nervousness and pity.

“Treecko… why are you doing this?”

Treecko didn’t respond. Instead he turned around and walked back to the rock. The wood gecko picked up the twig and walked back to Jeff. The human got onto his knees. Treecko slowly approached Jeff and extended his hand. He grabbed Jeff’s left hand and brought it towards him, outstretching it. Without a word, Treecko took his twig and placed it in Jeff’s empty palm. With both of his hands he closed Jeff’s hand until the hand firmly grasped the stick.

“Treecko cko tree.”

Treecko hugged the kneeling Jeff one last time before turning away. It lasted for four seconds, but to Jeff it seemed like no time had passed. Treecko walked away from him and climbed over the rock and up the cliff. Where Jeff expected him to jump again, he didn’t. The wood gecko had just disappeared over the plateau.

What had happened?

Jeff remained kneeling, still, and seemingly wasn’t breathing.

Treecko was gone.

He remained in a shocked, statue-like position. He spilled no tears, he vented no anger, and he made no sound.

The orange light disappeared and night overtook. The beats of wings were heard above Jeff. Daedalus swooned down and landed in front of Jeff.

“<CORPHISH! DOWN HERE; I FOUND HIM!>” Daedalus yelled into the forest.

Shortly after the yell, Corphish came scuttling out of the forest with Jeff’s backpack in claw.

“<We were looking everywhere for you! I managed to get your backpack near where that Seviper was,>” Corphish explained.

Jeff remained staring at his hand.

“<Jeff?>” Daedalus asked.

After a long pause, Jeff answered in an apathetic melancholy, “Treecko left.”

Jeff could see the shock in their eyes although he couldn’t comprehend the barrage of words coming from them. They continued to blabber indistinctly. The white noise didn’t affect Jeff. The searing pain in his leg was no longer bothersome.

After they finally quieted, Jeff said with as little emotion as possible, “We should get some sleep.”

The pokemon didn’t know what to say. It wasn’t like they could protest so they agreed with sorrow. Jeff lay down on his back and stared up into the stars.

I don’t think he’s coming back… why? Why did I have to hit him? Why did I have to ask to travel with Kristie? Why can’t I get over her? It wasn’t his fault that he brought it up…I was egging him on!” Again, tears began to fill Jeff’s eyes and tightness arose in his throat. “Stop crying!” he ordered himself.

Why? Why should I stop!? I’m the reason he left! I’m the reason why he’ll never be happy!” Jeff rubbed his eyelids and held back the feelings with great struggle. “No, do not be weak! You can’t let the others see you like this! …Oh Arceus, I wish Treeck was here!”

Suddenly, Jeff felt a tugging on his shoe. He quickly wiped all emotion from his vacant face and raised his head to find Corphish at his feet with Daedalus behind him. They both looked deeply upset.

“Corphish cor cor,” said the Corphish, sadly.

“You two can’t sleep?” Jeff asked with emptiness.

They shook their heads in agreement.

“Want me to sing or something?”

They looked at one another and nodded. Jeff remembered a song that he sang or listened to whenever he was down. It was a song by the band Oasis. He didn’t think it would help him at all, but his pokemon deserved to sleep. The pokemon rested their heads on both of Jeff’s sides, trying to get comfortable.

Jeff began to sing the lullaby to his two grieved pokemon.

“Hold up.
Hold on.
Don’t be scared.
You'll never change what's been and gone.”

Despite his blankness, Jeff managed to get every key right. His deep voice could not mimic the lead singer’s exactly but it was close enough. He knew the song like the back of his hand.

“May your smile.
Shine on.
Don't be scared.
Your destiny may keep you warm.”

Jeff almost whispered each word. He was singing it with a soothing voice, prolonging each verse. He didn’t know how much of the song he could actually handle, though. The duo’s spirits began to calm. Fortunately, the soothing song apparently worked also for pokemon.

“'Cause all of the stars
are fading away.
Just try not to worry
you’ll see them some day.
Take what you need
and be on your way
and stop crying your heart out.”

Jeff’s voice began to shake but he tried to keep it bottled up inside. Depression was poisonous and it infected those around. Why should more of his friends have to suffer for his own faults?

“Get up.
Come on.
Why're you scared?
You'll never change what's been and gone.”

Their creased eyes began to close as they nestled against Jeff’s warm t-shirt. The feeling of helping them sleep created a warm feeling in Jeff’s frigid heart but the two feelings clashed.

“'Cause all of the stars
are fading away.
Just try not to worry
you’ll see them some day.
Take what you need
and be on your way
and stop crying your heart out.”

Jeff paused. He looked at the two pokemon and noticed that they were sound asleep. Although his audience was at rest, he continued to sing… just for himself. It was worth a try. He was unaware that he was being watched.

“'Cause all of the stars
are fading away.
Just try not to worry
you’ll see them some day.
Take what you need
and be on your way
and stop crying your heart out.”

A pair of yellow eyes watched from behind a tree. They gleamed in the moonlight except when, with each blink, they disappeared completely. Jeff still did not spot his watcher. He was as content as he could possibly be to sing to himself in an attempt to help him through this tough time.

“We're all of us stars
we’re fading away.
Just try not to worry
you’ll see us some day.
Just take what you need
and be on your way
and stop crying your heart out.
Stop crying your heart out.
Stop crying your heart out.”

Jeff’s voice began to crack and trail off. He scratched his eye and lay on his back. He quickly shut his eyes in an attempt to escape.

The hiding figure took a long, hard, quivering sigh. The pair of yellow eyes turned around and began to walk back into the forest. The green body moved away from the clearing. The dark green tail bobbed side to side with each step.

“<Take good care of yourself and the others Jeff. I might be back. I don’t blame you for holding it against me… I hold it against me, too.>”

He made no noise as he calmly crept away. The figure’s reddish-pink underbelly stood out in the green surroundings. He stopped and turned around. His cool, collected, yellow eyes looked back at his best friend a final time. He shut his shimmering eyes and turned his head forward, disappearing into the darkness of the forest.

In his mind, Treecko said, “<Goodbye, Jeff… although you don’t know it… this time… I really am sorry.>”

Jeff, before shutting his eyes completely, looked up at the tree tops and the starry night sky; the full moon cast a blue light on the clearing. Jeff examined the two close to identical twigs in his hands before shutting his eyes.

"<Jeff, you will always be my brother.>"

He whispered, “Treecko…

He’s really gone.”



I don't think this was as gripping as the last chapter.
I also didn't expect it to be take up 2 posts again. xD It was only one in the original cut.

The lullaby was "Stop Crying Your Heart Out" by Oasis.

Jeff may make a catch next chapter!

I revamped Chapters 1 and 2
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