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    Originally Posted by orange View Post
    It's the year 2058. The world is now a futuristic utopia. Skyscrapers, flying cars, and clean drinking water at all times. That lifestyle is only for the rich though. This story begins in the slum city of Nite. A crummy place full of criminals, gangsters, bounty hunters, and most importantly...DASH hunters.

    DASH hunters are humans who hunt after DASH's....A DASH is a Dangerous Alienated Super Human. You see, in the future when people die their bodies are automatically offered up to science. Scientist began experimenting on some bodies around 2043. The bodies where injected with a cell sample, revitalizing the body with newfound powers. It didn't go as planned though. Most of the humans reborn were now mindless, and began taking on monstrous appearances. These new monster humans began attacking people, and earned the name DASH. A small number of the experiments kept their minds, and developed less monstrous appearances, such as small fangs, claws, or wings. These people are called the ageless. The after death experiments keeps them from againg, retaining the body they died in forever, with their slightly monstrous appearance, and in some, unnatural powers like flight, ESP, or teleportation...

    After years of DASH's attacking humans, a man named Frank Takanaka started the DASH hunters in 2046. A hard organization to join, DASH hunters hunt after rouge DASH's. To become a DASH hunter you must be highly skilled, and have to pass many physical and mental test. Once you become a DASH hunter, you and a handful of other DASH hunters are sent to a city to patrol for DASH's. DASH hunters dress as they please, and use whatever means they want to hunt DASH's.

    Where you come in:
    You are one of the few DASH hunters heading towards Nite. Nite has had a few DASH sighting lately, so the organization is sending a few DASH hunters to check it out. What will you find in the slum city of Nite?

    1.4 lines per post.
    2. No chat speak.
    3. Stay active.

    Sign up sheet:
    Race: (human or ageless...yes ageless' can become DASH hunters)
    Description: (your characters clothes, hair, eyes, ect.)
    Years of experience: (as a DASH hunter...remember, they've only been around for 13 years.)
    History: (Your characters background)
    RP sample: (A small one will do)
    Just a note: orange is the creator of this RP.

    orange (He created it)
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