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    Author's Note: Because I've been so busy lately, I unfortunately do not have a chapter ready. Instead, I've opted to try inserting an intermission that I've been playing with for the past several days. Intermissions for A Midsummer Knight's Dream are basically chapters that take place between acts. They're usually side stories, either to explain things that wouldn't be touched in the normal flow of the story (such as, for example, the missions that Viola goes on between arcs, a day at Imogen's restaurant, et cetera). This intermission, meanwhile, just sort of came out of nowhere.

    And for that, I apologize for both the rape of the poem itself and the poetry format.

    Intermission One: Christmas

    'Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the city
    Not a creature was stirring, not even a skitty.
    Well, actually, more accurately, this was more like a lie
    For one little Knight knew that trouble was nigh.

    "The Trio is nestled, all snug in their beds
    While visions of sugarplums dance in their heads,"
    Viola repeated as she lay awake in the dark
    While her sense of inner reason responded with snark:

    No, they're dreaming of you painting walls with a splatter.
    Then, somewhere below she heard such a clatter.
    Away to the window she lunged like a flash,
    Tore open the shutters and threw up the sash.

    The streetlights below continued to blaze
    Allowing Viola to spy in a daze.
    How could her brain explain it to her—
    The sleigh far below pulled by eight skinny stantler?

    Then, there was the driver, decked in red and white,
    For the life of her, Viola couldn't explain such a sight.
    Haunter, below, naturally had no clue
    So, as he watched the intruder, he knew what to do.

    The stantler and sleigh flew straight to the sky
    Through no logical means that Viola could spy
    Instead, she fled to the door to awaken Sebastian
    With the hope he could interpret the driver's intention

    While Haunter slid to the den through the wall
    His hands, both cupped to prepare a dark ball.
    Between them, an orb which he would soon fling
    While he listened to footsteps across the ceiling.

    Viola and Haunter heard on the roof
    The pawing and prancing of each stantler hoof.
    Curious, thought Viola as she entered the room
    To stand by her haunter, all prepared for doom.

    Down the chimney, which wasn't there before,
    Came a wave of soot across the wooden floor,
    And following after was an old man with a pack
    Of toys and presents slung on his large back.

    Before Viola could act, Haunter's ball he threw out
    While a pokémon's threat from his mouth he did shout.
    When the old man saw where the ball would go,
    His eyes twinkled like starlight on fresh-fallen snow.

    The ball veered off course and into the soot,
    With the old man unharmed, save for a sootier foot.
    Surprised, Haunter stared at the old man's white beard.
    This may be a godly opponent, the ghost-type feared.

    But Viola examined this rosy-cheeked face
    Framed with hair whiter than fine, high-class lace.
    And that smile – joyful, ancient, and impossibly wide,
    Seeing it made her feel oddly warm inside.

    He was chubby and plump, like some jolly old elf,
    And when Viola saw him, she laughed in spite of herself.
    And a wink of the elder's eye and a twist of his head
    Soon let her pokémon know he had nothing to dread.

    He spoke not a word but went straight to his work
    Placing gifts beside the hearth before he turned with a jerk.
    With a smile, he placed a finger to the side of his nose,
    And giving a nod, up the chimney he rose.

    Frantically dashing to the bedroom window,
    Viola and Haunter gazed out to the snow.
    Though they heard him speak, he was out of sight,
    Crying, "Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!"
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