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Originally Posted by Disintegration

I know there are some people that may not understand some terms used here in the Art Gallery. So I'm creating this thread just to help clear things up. Feel free to use this as a reference.

1. CG
- “CG” simply stands for “computer graphics.” It’s commonly mistaken as “computer generated.” Computer graphics are artworks created with the help of a computer, or more specifically, and art program, such as Adobe Photoshop, GIMP, and Paint Shop Pro.

2. WIP
- This basically stands for “Work in Progress.” Self-explanatory, no? Other ways to write this are “WiP” or “wip.”

3. Anatomy
- Anatomy has a few meanings. In science (biology), anatomy is the study of the structure of living things, including the human body. I’m sure some of you have heard someone say “I need to practice anatomy.” What that person may mean is that they need to practice drawing and getting familiar with the human body. Y’know, like arms, legs and such.

4. Request
- A request is where someone ask another to do something for them art-wise, such as “Can someone draw blah-blah for me?” or “Would anyone bother to color this?” If you would like to ask for a request, you can in the Official Art Request thread.

5. Commission
- This is kind of like a request, except money is involved. A commission is a kind of art where it gets paid for.

6. Trade
- Where two people “trade” each other, kind of like a request. One persons side of the trade requests the other person to draw something for them and the other person vice-versa.

7. Collaboration
- “Collaboration” or “collab” is where two artists work on an art project together.

8. Watermark
- A watermark simply is a graphic or text image that's transparent and placed on an image, usually used to prevent art thieves getting away with something. It is highly recommended to watermark your works, so you’ll have proof that you drew whatever in case your work is stolen or used by someone else. Watermarks may not be pretty, but better safe than sorry.

9. Signature
- A signature is simply where you sign you artwork when you are finished with it. It also shows who it was completed by.
That’s all the ones I can think of right now. If you are unsure of one just ask it here and I’ll get to it soon as possible. Hope this helps.
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