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    ya, Jim and Kat have solid points. Sharpay. The *Minimum Post Count* is exactly what it says Minimum if you're going to put forth MINIMUM effort, why even join. The point of an RP is to make things interesting, not splice in reaction shots and not drive a plot forward. I'm going to be brutally honest with all of you. I joined this RP because i saw that the people who got accepted here were rejected from a majority of other RP's. My goal is to show you all WHY you're being rejected and to help you improve.

    and that means. Not doing the 4 line minimum because you don't HAVE to do anymore. And yes. that is going to be making full, descriptive paragraphs that paint a picture for the readers and make it enjoyable for everyone else to respond to. This is a good RP with lots of potential and i don't want to see it go downhill because people only see fit to do the *minimum* requirements. Do you settle for the minimum in real life?

    No. you strive for the best. Why cut it short on something thats actually suppose to take thought into it. [/end lecture]

    *Behold the future wrath of an Education Major and English tutor.*

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