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    Hey everyone, I'm Marxj and this my Pokemon Fan-Game: "Flying Spectrum". I am making it in RPG Maker XP using "poccil's Pokemon Essentials" starter.

    You are an aspiring Pokemon Trainer who has yet to receive his/her first Pokemon.

    You decide one afternoon to take a stroll through Route #1 where there is a path just big enough for a walk but small enough and safe enough that you won't be running into any wild Pokemon as long as you steer clear of the tall-grass.

    While walking along the route, you find 3 Pokeballs lying on the ground, its obvious enough to you that they aren't empty but you don't bother to see which Pokemon they are.

    You head on your way back home to see if you can't get help tracking down the owner of the Pokeballs (and Pokemon inside) when one of your two best friends is waiting for you. You just begin to chat when the two of you are attacked by Grunts of an organization called: "Black Earth". Your friend then asked you (Because he doesn't have a Pokemon of his own) to give him one of the three Pokemon you've found for protection. You comply and afterwards randomly select one of the two remaining Pokemon for yourself (You will receive whichever of the two is WEAKEST against the one you handed to him).

    Returning home afterwards, to your injuries from the attack, your father helps you out then realize that the Pokeballs that you have found actually belong to your Grandmother who is the retired Pokemon Professor of the Muhto region, who had been attacked by Black Earth Grunts and accidentally dropped the Pokeballs.

    She lets you and your friend each keep the Pokemon you battled with and thus your journey begins to become a Pokemon Master by completing the Muhto Gym Challenge... but hold on! ...One of the three Pokeballs is missing!? It would appear that it was stolen and the Pokemon was to be used by the new heir of Black Earth... unbeknownst to you... happens to be your OTHER friend, whom is on a quest to complete the 'spectrum' and bring the world to chaos. Only you can prevent it!

    But whats the spectrum???? The alignment of the 5 Legendary Bird Pokemon: Moltres, Articuno, Zapdos, Lugia and Ho-Oh which when their powers are merged create an unstoppable force.

    The following screen are mostly all from the first half of Route 1... for I am not too far into the game at the moment as far as mapping because I am now working on the scripting for the beginning of the game/route 1

    Just outside your home

    Walking along Route #1

    Best to stay out of tall grass when you don't have a Pokemon yet.

    Your friend Mike who appears after you retrieve the 3 Pokeballs

    The first two of many Grunts of Team Black Earth appear!

    Mike's got a good point... I mean how did they appear so soon out of no-where?

    Your best-friend also doesn't have a Pokemon... but needs one to defend with.

    The famous Johto Starters are also the starters for trainers travelling in Muhto

    But which starter will you hand to your soon to be Rival?

    Peyton's very weak Seviper...

    ...against the hero's Totodile!


    1. Travel in the brand new immense region of Muhto.
    2. The Pokemon you select is your RIVAL'S POKEMON not your's YOURS will be the one WEAKEST AGAINST HIS.
    3. Fight against all new trainers and Gym leaders to make yourway to the top of the MUHTO POKEMON LEAGUE by defeating the MUHTO REGION'S GREATEST POKEMON TRAINERS... THE MUHTO LEAGUE'S ELITE FOUR and prepare for the INTERNATIONAL POKEMON LEAGUE and fight against the WORLD'S GREATEST, RED, HIRO, MAY and DAWN! for the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP CROWN!
    Anyway, feedback would be greatly appreciated and all VALID - (IE: NO SPAMMING THIS THREAD) comments will be greatly appeciated... I currently do not need a team of people as I find I get a great satisfaction being able to work on all of my projects of all kinds on my own... so sorry for those who would like to help.

    I will add more maps and screenshots as they become avaliable, and a demo when the appropriate time comes that there is significant enough gameplay to make one worthwhile .

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