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So sorry for the long wait, guys! Both my beta and I were busy with a few things...^^;

Want to say real quick that this is a flashback chapter that I hope will explain a few things of what happened in Chapters Three and Four. Oh, and Great Butler and DarkPersian: I hope this chapter isn't confusing either. If it is, then I wrote down a small summary of what happened in this chapter just incase. I try my best though to keep things less confusing. ^^; There's a few other things I want to say (moreso on the updates of the coming chapters), but I think I made you guys read this little intro long enough.

All right peeps, here's the next chapter! (Thanks Hanako Tabris for betaing! ^^)
Chapter Five

While Bunny, her two Pokémon, and Jenny were running down the stairs, the Pokémon archeologist felt her temper boiling, her face becoming warmer and flowing with sweat. She hated that the officer did not mention anything and that everything moved too fast, too soon.

Dang it, I want some answers! This is beginning to waste my time!

When the four of them made it to the bottom floor, Bunny took a deep breath and then glared at Jenny.

"All right, what is going on? One, how did that device get inside my bag? Two, how was that last line in the photo wiped out? And last, is there anything else I should know that you are not telling me?"

That made Jenny stop running. She turned around to face Bunny with a look of annoyance and sighed.

Looks like it’s time for some explanation.

Jenny checked her watch before she nodded. "Yeah, I think I have time to answer your questions. I’ll answer your second question first, though…"


A couple of hours ago Timmy and Jenny made it to the museum. Over there, quite a lot of cars were parked and many people crowded around. Timmy parked the police car close to the Jubilife TV News van and then the two got out to see the commotion. On Jenny’s right side, she saw a stretcher with the body in a white sheet.


She froze and bit her lip. Jenny sensed both her body and mind being lighter. Her heart began to beat softer and slower.

Da-dum, da-dum, da-dum.

She could not cry; she could not dance. Jenny wanted to do both, but was torn between what to do, unsure what to feel. To her, would it be right to mourn?


Jenny’s eyes gazed at the ambulance, the sirens screeching while the car moved towards its destination. Still no tears on her cheeks. Mist flew out of Jenny’s mouth while she breathed loudly.

It’s true. Wow…can’t believe it happened to him. I’m not sure what to think, though…


Timmy’s voice made Jenny turn around to see him with Chief Lucas. She put on a fake smile and laughed slowly.

"Oh, sorry. Just…thinking."

"Well, it’s all right." No smile came from Timmy’s mouth when he said that.

"Okay, Jenny, we’re going to check inside the museum that led to Ernest’s death," said Lucas.

The female officer nodded slowly and then followed behind the two men.


A spooky feeling went inside Jenny’s heart, and it was not from the coldness of the museum. When her eyes noticed the artifacts and painting, it gave her a feeling of déj?* vu, but not in a good way.

I remember this place so well…

Jenny shook her head, not wanting to relive the past. When she turned to see Lucas and Timmy, she saw the male officer use a night light that flashed at the spot where Ernest was dead before being taken away.

"Hm…nothing. What’s more weird is that there’s no blood," said Timmy.

Lucas coughed and then said to him, "Probably from internal bleeding. Ya know, the security guard did say he heard thumps coming from upstairs. Let’s check up there, you two!"

While the men bolted upstairs, Jenny sluggishly followed. With each step, her heart became tighter. When the female officer made it to the middle of the stairs, she stopped and felt her heart beating slowly again when she touched the left side of her chest.

What’s wrong with me? Why’s my heart slowly beating again? Do I really feel sad for Ernest’s death?

For a second she thought her heart stopped beating. She just froze there until she heard Timmy’s voice.

"Jenny, over here, you Slowpoke!"

As if by magic, Jenny ran upstairs. She then went to the center of the second floor, where Lucas and Timmy were.

"Timmy has the most brilliant idea ever! Here."

Lucas gave Jenny a small Polaroid photo. She realized whom the message was for:

Check out the Lapras.
First though, get Bunny Spruce.

Bunny Spruce…

Jenny felt her hands shaking and body breaking into millions of shards. She remembered that phone call that told her to keep her safe. However, Jenny was not sure if she should do it or not.

For my uncle? I still don’t trust him yet…

If Jenny did that, there was a possibility she would be able to find some secrets Ernest had been keeping from her all these years. No grain of trust towards him yet, though. That then could block Jenny from searching for those secrets…

After she stared at the photo for what seemed like forever, Jenny felt a tap on the shoulder and turned around to see Lucas and Timmy, both smiling. She noticed Timmy holding the night light.

"You’re going to need this," the male officer said when he handed her the night light.

Jenny turned on the device and aimed the purple flash at the middle of the floor. She stopped when she saw the message. The words were the same as the one in the photo, except the last line, "First though, get Bunny Spruce", was completely wiped out. Rage was the only feeling inside her now.

"Wait…so I guess Timmy wiped off the last part?" she asked calmly.

Lucas grinned and Timmy nodded.

"Yep," said Timmy with a grin and chin raised up high. The last line’s concealed so that the criminal, Bunny Spruce, won’t know about it. If we told her right away she might run. Now that the last line’s gone, I thought you and me could make her come here and then eventually arrest her."

Her instincts were true. Bunny Spruce was now in danger. In her heart, Jenny knew Bunny did not do it. Why would Ernest ask her to help a criminal? Nonetheless, why did he ask her to help a woman she never heard or saw before? She then shook her head, deciding to worry about those questions later. The focus now as to not have an innocent woman arrested. Regaining her composure, Jenny had to let her feelings be known.

"Are you sure it’s Bunny? What if this message is for someone else, for this "E" person? Maybe he wants that person to get Bunny to safety? Also, what if all of a sudden she has a gun with her and shoots us? Or better yet, a Pokémon that could have the potential of killing us?"

"Then why would that message be here before he died?" Timmy asked in an instant. "Clearly he knew he was going to die as he wrote that person’s name down. Second, I doubt she has a gun with her, seeing as there were neither gunshots on him or blood on the floor. Third, we we were already risking our lives from the minute we started attending the police academy."

Jenny gritted her teeth. She already knew Timmy and Lucas already had their hearts set out on getting Bunny. On the other hand, she knew she still had a chance in victory.

"Okay, you’re right about the risk thing, anything can happen. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t prevent it. Also, maybe he knew he was going to die and wanted "E" to get Bunny for another reason besides turning her in to the police! Also, explain the ‘Get the Lapras’ line!"

Jenny saw Timmy’s mouth twitch. She grinned, thought she got him where she wanted. The female officer thought wrong, however. Timmy began chuckling and then smiled slyly.

"True…but still, I would write my future murderer’s name if I knew I was going to get killed. Besides, I think "E" stands for Ernest. And on the Lapras part, probably she’ll go Lapras hunting. Jubilife City is next to the lake route, Route 218. And on the risk thing, true but sometimes accidents happen. You just gotta go with the system."

When Jenny saw Lucas nodding, she sighed loudly. She felt as if the two men were being careless, not taking precautions to prevent future accidents.

"Well, why don’t you just go and arrest Bunny wherever she lives? It seems this plan is going to backfire."

Jenny’s eyes shot wide open and her heart was pierced. She did not want Bunny to go to jail, her being innocent and all. She just felt their plan was complex and had a few holes that could not be fixed without proper planning. Still, why should she care if she had not decided to save Bunny yet?

Lucas shook his head and then smirked.

"Let me put it this way. If we do it aggressively, then she’ll act too. If we’re passive and arrest her at the perfect time, then we got her. Criminals love it when the police don’t realize they just passed them. Well, we’ll prove Bunny wrong. Also, Timmy and I are sure that this plan will work."

Jenny clutched her right fist and she began breathing heavily. She wanted to punch both of them, but then her hand relaxed. Two accidental deaths would spell trouble. Still, Jenny thought it was wrong that they would sugar coat this case and that it would rot Bunny.

After a long silence, the chief checked his watch and gasped.

"Well, guys, sorry but I’ve got to go. Got a couple of other businesses to take care of. You two, try to find Bunny Spruce. When you do, let me know."

Lucas walked down the stairs. When footsteps were not heard anymore, Jenny stared at Timmy with a deadly glare.

"You are so narrow-minded," she criticized quietly.

"Hey, my theory’s more logical than yours," he responded with a chuckle. "Come on, let’s go back to the police station."

Timmy quickly walked down the stairs while Jenny snorted and then followed slowly. Rage clouded inside her heart towards Timmy. The two usually got along really well, but this time they were in different agreements. She knew Timmy stood by his decision, usually never changing them unless it was necessary. There was no way she could change his mind now.

Before she knew it, she saw trees and people crowded around Lucas. Jenny’s hand was grabbed and the two went inside the police car. The female officer heard scants of his speech while Timmy tried to start the car.

"Is it a murder case?"

"Yes, we believe it to be a murder case…"

"Any suspects involved?"

"So far, Bunny Spruce’s the only suspect, but right now it’s under investigation…"

"Any more information on the whereabouts of Ernest’s death?"

"More info will come as this case develops…"

The car finally ignited with life. As Timmy drove quickly, Jenny saw the figure of Lucas getting smaller and smaller.


Back in the police station, Timmy was reading the articles online while Jenny looked at Bunny Spruce’s records on her computer. Her eyes quickly read the information.

Name: Bunny Spruce
Birthday: December 6, 1980
Birthplace: Eterna City, Sinnoh
Height: 5’2"
Weight: 115 lbs
Schools: Jubilife City Training School
University of Cannalave City, double major in Pokémon History and Archeology

Archeologist? I thought those guys are called Ruin Maniacs.

Despite her chuckling at that thought, Jenny sighed. It was both weird and fascinating to her that in just seconds she knew a few things about Bunny Spruce. Because of that, she smiled.

Maybe this could be important later on.

After staring at the computer screen for a while, she heard Timmy calling her.

"Hey, I think I know where we can be able to find her. Check out the article titled ‘Fair Highlights: Pokémon Battle Tournament.’"

Jenny blinked but Timmy soon let his partner see his computer. When Jenny had her eyes on the article, she skimmed it through until she read a particular paragraph.

Another one of the potential battlers is the archeologist Bunny Spruce, even though she lost in the first round against Carlos Knotty. Her Ninetales went against his Linoone and both Pokémon put on a magnificent show. The battle ended with Ninetales’s Fire Blast and Linoone’s Hyper Beam colliding and causing an explosion, but the Normal type was left standing.

"Yeah, first time battling in a tournament," Bunny said when I interviewed her at her hotel room in the Jubilife Trinity Suite. "Still, it is quite fun. A very nice relaxing thing to do after hours of travel and research, since I am an archeologist, you know."

"Will you battle again?" I asked.

She chuckled and said, "Maybe."

Hope that Bunny will battle at the tournament again next year.

The officer took a deep breath and then said, "Okay, why’s this important?"

"This means we got ourselves a location."

Timmy said that last part in a sly tone, which made Jenny bit her lip and blink her eyes. She had a bad feeling about this.

I do wish I’ve the guts to argue with him again, but I don’t. It would just be a repeat. I hope though Timmy will realize what he’s doing is wrong.

Despite that thought, she smiled. Jenny also believed that thing would change. Soon she would play fire with fire.

"Sure, Timmy. Okay, get the police car ready. I’ll be down there in a minute."

The male officer nodded and then shook Jenny’s hand.

"That’s more like it! See you in a minute!"

After Timmy got up and left the police station, Jenny grinned and then chuckled. She had already decided on what to do.


The Jubilife Trinity Suite was a fifteen-story building. Because of how the building was structured of glass, it shined brightly from the full moon. Windows were noticeable to see, luckily. When Jenny gazed at the hotel, she gasped in amazement.

"What a nice hotel. I would like to actually stay in there one day."

"Yeah, quite a fancy hotel. Come one, let’s get out of the car."

The two officers got out of the car and went inside. Jenny gasped even louder. Colorful paintings hung on the peach-painted walls. On the marbled tables, fake flowers were in black vases. At the information desk, a woman in a short-sleeved dress was on the phone. Jenny followed behind her partner as the two went towards the woman.

"Yes, Mr. Watson, your room is reserved on the twenty-first of September. Okay, bye."

When the woman hung up the phone, she saw Timmy and Jenny in front of her. The lady’s eyes went wide, her body began shaking, and her head streaked with sweat.

"Hello, officers! What seems to be the problem?" she squeaked out.

"We’re here to meet up with Bunny Spruce for question on the whereabouts on the death of Ernest Norrison. Is it all right if you can tell us her room number?" asked Timmy.

The woman nodded twice and then began typing. Jenny could tell by the look on the receptionist’s face that she did not want to do this, but she did it anyhow. It took a few seconds to find the room number of Bunny Spruce.

"Bunny Spruce’s room number is seventy-three. Use the elevator straight across."

"Thank you," Timmy said. He nodded and then went to the elevator, Jenny following behind.

When the two went inside, Timmy pushed the button that had the number seven on it and then the elevator began rising slowly. The male officer began humming while Jenny was lost in her thoughts. While thinking, warmth began caressing her body.

That article Timmy showed me led me into saving Bunny and to also find out those secrets Ernest has been keeping all these years. Oh, how I love being a policewoman sometimes.

Her mind was being trespassed when she heard Timmy talking.

"Okay, here’s what we’re going to do. After we get Bunny to the museum, I’ll go outside and wait for the chief while you stay with Bunny. As soon as he comes, I’ll let you know and then the two of us will come and just arrest her. Got that?"

Jenny instantly nodded. "Got that."

When Timmy was humming again, Jenny frowned. She closed her eyes while her feet were shaking.

I’m not sure how I’ll be able to save her. That, and wondering how she would react.


"Here it is. Seventy-three."

Jenny’s eyes looked at the plaque with the writing "73" on it. Her heart pounded harder and harder, like what Timmy was doing to the door. Her eyes flew open when she saw Bunny Spruce in a robe with a Ninetales next to her.

"Um…can I help you?"

"Are you Bunny Spruce?" asked the male officer.

Bunny just nodded.

"Well, this is Officer Jenny here and I’m Officer Timmy. We got a few questions on the death of Ernest Norrison and also we would like you to come with us to the crime scene."

In an instant, Jenny felt pain inside her. Here was a woman, unknown to her that she committed a crime she did not do.

After Bunny shook her head and her eyes widened with horror, she asked, "What?"

"There are some things at the crime scene that maybe you can help us with. It won’t take long."

Jenny could tell by Bunny’s confused facial expression that she did not want to do it and thought it was weird.

I don’t want to do this too, Bunny.

"Okay, I will tag along. Let me change first."

As soon as Bunny and her Ninetales went inside the bathroom, the two officers entered the room. In an instant, Timmy took Bunny’s bag and opened it.

"What are you doing?" Jenny hissed in rage when she saw that.

"Just in case," he said simply. The male officer took out a small chip from his shirt uniform pocket and stuck it inside the bag.

After he closed the bag, Jenny’s rage engulfed her. She wanted to say that what he did was even worse, but knew it would not work. The male officer usually stood by every decision he made. Instead, she had this one thought in her mind.

I will try to protect Bunny Spruce, no matter what.


During the drive, Timmy was having a casual conversation with Bunny. Jenny was not paying attention. Instead, she was planning out how she could save the woman. Her mind then thought back to what Timmy told her earlier.

Timmy said he’ll be waiting for Lucas outside. Also, he has the tracking device in her bag. If I could make them both think Bunny ran away, they would be busy trying to catch her. But how?

Jenny bit her lip in frustration. There must be a way to save Bunny without being caught.

If I don’t think of something quick, she’ll be in jail and I won’t be able to depict Ernest’s message.

Her eyes then saw a few cars pass by and a couple of people on the streets running towards a bar. She grinned.

She’ll be hijacking a car.


Bunny and her two Pokémon were speechless; they could not believe the events that hadunfolded. The female Pokémon archeologist now knew why Jenny was quiet. Despite these revelations, there was one more question she wanted to ask.

"Woo, so all of this came together. One thing confuses me though. How do you know that that message is for you?"

The lady officer knew she would be asked that question. It stabbed her deep inside. Eventually, she mustered all of her strength inside her to answer it before the stab got any deeper.

"Well…the "E" stands for my middle name, Ella. Also, Ernest Norrison’s my uncle."

It was as if time stood still. Bunny and her Pokémon let the idea of Ernest Norrison as Jenny’s uncle sink into their brains. At least it was a huge relief for Bunny to have some of her questions answered. At the same time, more questions were created.

"Wait, you are Ernest’s niece?"

Jenny just nodded.

"Okay, answer me this. How do you know Ernest wants you to help me, save me, whatever?"

"He called and told me," Jenny answered mournfully, her head bowed down.

Bunny just nodded and then said, "All right. But how come you did not mention any one of your uncle’s calls?"

Neither Bunny nor her Pokémon were prepared of what was going to happen next. Jenny laughed loudly, which scared the wits out of the three. Balin’s and Sky’s eyes went wide while Bunny covered her ears.

As soon as Jenny stopped laughing, she calmed herself down and then answered, "Ha, I wished! You don’t know Officer Timmy nor Chief Lucas. I love and respect them both, but they can be close-minded sometimes. They’ll think my uncle called to capture you."

"Hm…point taken," said Bunny, understanding the situation. The Ninetales and Drifblm nodded also. "However, why did he choose me?"

The officer frowned. She wished she knew the answer but her uncle did not say anything except that everything would make sense soon. However, because her uncle died, there was no way to get a straight answer.

Yeah, why?

Jenny shook her head and then answered, "That I don’t know."

Bunny grunted, she knew so far that this was not going away. If only they could find a reason why Ernest wrote her name instead of someone else’s. Surely, it could be something of a great importance? She then snorted.

What a great way to frame someone.

"However, we can find out together!" Jenny exclaimed all of a sudden and then winked.

Both Balin and Sky cheered and grinned. Bunny, on the other hand, had her eyes wide in confusion.

"Excuse me?"

"I have a hunch that whatever my uncle wants us to do can be used as evidence that you’re innocent. Also, as I’m a policewoman, I’m wondering what those ‘secrets’ are!"

Jenny’s heart began pumping harder. The officer side of her could not wait to find what her uncle hid from her.

I’ll probably laugh my butt off at whatever secrets Uncle Ernest left with his grave.

Bunny looked down at the floor while twitching her fingers. It was weird to her that, despite accused of murder, Jenny would think about finding out her uncle’s secrets. However, she somehow was involved in that message. She sighed, knowing she had no choice.

At least maybe I can be able to find out why Ernest wrote my name. Do not care too much about those secrets at this moment…

"All right, now what?"

"Okay, before we go and escape, we need to take care of that Lapras business, and I know where to look! Follow me."

As Jenny ran off, Bunny gasped. She was so obsessed as to why she was going to jail and why her name was written on the floor, she forgot all about the second line. At the same time, Bunny started to trust Jenny slightly more, though still found her somewhat fishy. Not wanting to be left behind, she and her Pokémon dashed to follow her.

While Bunny was running, there was one other thing in her mind.

Wait, Jenny explained how those two officers’ plan to arrest me is complex and confused, which I agree. However, her plan has a couple of holes too…

"Jenny, there is something I do not get. What happens if your plan backfires, for instance, me not having a Pokémon that knows Psychic? Also, would you not get fired for this?"

For sure Bunny thought Jenny would stop and stare at her angrily again like before. However, while running Jenny turned around and smiled at her.

"Well, I got other attacks I would use if that were to be the case. I just thought Psychic would be easier to use, that’s all. If you’re wondering what happens if this plan failed, I’m not worried too much, knowing they’ll be busy chasing you in that car. Also, that’s fine with me if I get fired. I got connections with my other relatives," she said that last sentence with a wink.

While Sky and Balin chuckled, Bunny just sighed and shook her head. She thought Jenny too was careless in not at least thinking of a couple of more good ones. Still, she believed the situation she was in just kept getting more complex and confusing. Bunny wanted to run, but she was afraid Lucas and Timmy might be able to catch her. For now she would have to stick with Jenny.

Just hope things would not get worse.

This chapter is one of the big things The Da Vinci Code didn't put...XD While in the book the main female protagonist(forgot her name...hey, it's been a while since I read it! =O) explain of the police's plans, in this chapter I decided to "show" it. XD

Now, sorry in advance if this chapter didn't satisfy at least most of your concerns of what happened in Chapter Four. Again I'll give a quick summary of what happen to make things clear (though I really tried my best to make things more sense in this chapter ^^;):

Pretty much what happened is Jenny told Bunny what happened:

-When Jenny saw her uncle dead, she was not sure how to react nor not sure if she should save Bunny (remember that call back in first chapter?)
-After Jenny found out the officers are planning a complex way to arrest Bunny, she went an argument with them that ended with her knowing they won't agree
-Eventually after reading that article Timmy gave her, she decided to save Bunny and find out what his uncle wanted
-After Bunny found out about how the tracking device was from Timmy putting it in her bag and Jenny planning the escape in advance, she was concern that Jenny's plan too has flaws (and worried of what would have happened if the plan did failed) that the officer did not notice.

Well, hope you guys enjoy this chapter! Expect Chapter Six to come something in late February/early March as I'll be busy wtih real life things for a while. ^^;
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