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((I PMd Brad, and he said I could stick this in here because the RP needed more members. If you don't like the history, tell me, and I shall change it.))

Team Nova Agent:

Name: Danna

Gender: Female

Description: Danna is a deceptively slight and seemingly frail seventeen-year-old girl, agile and athletic because of it. Her dirty blonde hair reached just past her shoulders and seemed to be steadily turning more orange with each passing month. Paired with sharp, olive eyes that were once so open and trusting, Danna didn’t really seem all that threatening – all bark and no bight. Her usual outfit entailed a plain, loose-fitting and sunshine-yellow T-shirt, a pair of olive breeches that bring out her eyes, and a pair of dirty, brown, though very pliant, boots to complete the outfit. Under these loose clothes, however, were all sorts of concealed weapons, from guns hanging from straps on her thighs to the daggers hidden snugly in the small of her back, tied there by a single band of cloth. Most of her weapons were usually tipped with some kind of paralysis or tranquiliser, and she usually avoided shooting in any vital spots of the target.

Danna also has several, less obvious weapons in her arsenal, however. The ring on her right index finger, for example, is activated by pressure, and shot tiny, almost invisible darts, tipped with a poison that paralysed most of the voluntary muscles in the human, and several Pokémon’s, body - this adds quite the edge to her punches. She also wore a single hooped earring in her left ‘lobe, a distinct white, if quite long, fang hanging from the silver ring. This incisor contained the antidote to most poisons found in the world. It was a useful acquisition indeed.

Personality: Danna’s biggest friction with the rest of the group was that she believed in capturing rather than killing. However, this was not out of mercy, as she liked having the opposition believe, but because she believed that you could always render someone dead, later, if you have to, but you couldn't bring a dead person back to life. Once optimistic and sympathetic, Danna is now a sarcastic, rather dry and cold individual. She reigns in her emotions and controls them with a casual ease, and took a special delight in tormenting the minds, hearts and souls of her captives. All this adds up to her seeming rather aloof and light-footed, somehow.

History: Once a part of one of the small Anti-Nova organisations, Danna used to wince at the mere mention of cruelty towards Pokémon. However, when she encountered Brad and recognised him as the Team Nova leader, Danna could not keep her temper in check and actually got in his face and fervently shouted at him and the use he was putting the new Legendaries to. For some reason unknown to her even now, he asked Danna to have a look around and see if they couldn’t change her mind. At first, she only agreed because then she would be in the perfect position to spy on the group, but slowly her loyalties changed and she started feeding false information back to the growing organisation, whilst updating the Team on their movements and plans.

Her mother had died due to the frequent exposure of leftover toxin in the area surrounding her childhood home. Danna’s father had gone slightly mad with grief and refused to set eyes on her ever again, so Danna was free to do anything she liked without the baggage of “loved ones” to impede her progress.


Species: Kerberush
Types: Fire/Ghost
Evolves From: Arcanine
Gender: Male

Personality: Kerberush, although he disagrees with his owner on several accounts – mainly her preferences in capturing rather than killing, and her odd fancy with mental torture rather than physical pain – is a loyal ally to Danna, and answers only to her, and to Brad on her orders. The savage canine would readily turn on any allies that have become liabilities or just irritating, without any thought of the consequences. More often than not, Danna’s reluctant cry of “heel” comes too late, and the victim is no more than a pile of bloody strips.

Description: The result of an experiment gone wrong, Kerberush is named after the mythical, three-headed dog Cerberus who guarded the gates of the underworld. Kerberush has three, savage carnivorous heads, their permanently bloodstained muzzles filled with wickedly sharp teeth that had absolutely nothing ghostly about them, usually dripping with crimson saliva. Their wild, dark manes flared into a black flame when angered or especially bloodthirsty, and their usually red-tinted, charcoal eyes dilated and lightened with it. With fur the colour of congealed blood, occasionally flickering purple, and the unchanging black stripes that matched the long claws at its padded feet, Kerberush was rightly named.

Species: Sludgix
Types: Ground/Poison
Evolves From: Onyx
Gender: Male

Personality: As Danna’s first Pokémon, Sludgix shares Danna’s frame of mind, and most of her opinions. He preferred capturing rather than killing, and recruiting rather than eliminating. However, he himself employed the method of slow, physical pain rather than to mentally agonise the victim. Sludgix, unlike Kerberush, reflected on the consequences of his actions, and waited until he was absolutely sure that the prey was of no use to him anymore before disposing of them.

Description: As an Onyx, he was exposed to the same toxins that killed Danna’s mother, but instead of resisting, he adapted to them, so when he evolved, his evolution was abnormal. Sludgix was more snake-like than the other evolutions, but also smaller, since his growth was stunted. With smoother, if more slimy, skin, Sludgix spouts long, deadly fangs that grew back whenever broken in a few hours. The furthermost fangs on his upper jaw held antidotes, and is where Danna acquired her ear-piece. The sleeker body’s lumps are a dark purple, joined together by a thick rope-like middle that is rarely glimpsed past the poisonous sludge oozing thickly from it, to create the illusion of having a tar-like, sinuous body. Sludgix’s eyes were dead black with a moroon ring in the centre of each hollow. Thrusting out between them was a rapier the colour of its body underneath the ooze, wickedly sharp and curved forwards, tipped with the same paralysis Danna often used.

Species: Irelectic
Types: Electric/Steel
Evolves from: Manectric
Gender: Male

Personality: Stubborn and unpredictable, Irelectic does as he wishes, ignoring everyone’s orders, including Danna. At times, he can be a total snob and gleefully infuriates all around him, enjoying their irritation and also scolding them for being so uptight. However, when he does work with Danna, they are a formidable duo, his speed and strength a valuable asset to her team.

Description: Irelectic has a very similar form to Manectric though slightly larger, and more sleekly built. The yellow head-piece grew bladed and arched backwards and had turned into a metal substance, along with the smooth, pointed area above the front paws and their steel claws. Irelectic’s hind limbs, however, were still the soft yellow colour they were, although the wing-like shape is elongated and the two are bridged by a current of electricity that can be switched off at a moment’s notice. The blue colour of his body has lightened, and attained a metallic sheen to it.

Species: Glaceon
Type: Ice
Evolves From: Eevee
Gender: Female

Personality: Glaceon was handed to Danna as a sort of extended project so that she could be broken and trained for the side of Team Nova. She is sympathetic and intelligent, although the will of survival bred strongly in her. She knows that it would be foolhardy to put her heart on the line to help the new Legendary Pokémon and wind up a target of Team Nova herself. Glaceon refuses point-blank to kill or even physically harm more than absolutely needed, although she often traps the opponent with a well-placed Ice Beam for Danna, knowing that otherwise she would be discarded as useless. Still refusing to bend to Danna’s will with a grim determination, she has recently earned some of Danna’s grudging respect, along with Danna’s refusal to get rid of her or hand her to some other member to break.

Description: Exceptionally normal, the only unique visible traits of Glaceon’s is the fact that the colour of her fur is slightly lighter and blended together more readily than the others of her kind, and the three jagged and almost invisible scars on her right side that was all that remained of her first encounter with Kerberush.

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