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    Thanks guys for all the feedback so far...

    Originally Posted by Mrchewy View Post
    The Pokémon sprites are OK, but the trainer sprites really, REALLY need some work. The pasted on heads look kind of silly, and the little editing you did makes the trainers look like they'll fall over at any moment.

    Also, do you actually plan on editing the starter kit at all? Because you really are just using the same battle systems, tilesets, sprites, etc. To be quite frank, the default graphics for the starter kit aren't great (i.e using an Emerald interface with FRLG tiles is just weird).

    So yeah, personally I think this game really needs work: it shows promise, yes, but it has many amateur flaws that need to be fixed.
    As far any original sprites... for example the trainer sprites... I have taken note that there are the odd problem with them but for the most part I quite like the trainers that I have done I probably won't do too much to change them... don't get me wrong though, the reason I'm opting not to do so is (and as most of the stuff) I'm new to the whole sprite editing thing so thoguh their not quite 100% to par, I'm pretty satisfied.

    I'm more or less thinking of just using the starter kit as is... I really like the tilesets personally and I'm much worse at tileset revamping then the whole sprite creating/editing and as for the battle system, I dont know much about how to edit the programming language so I'm trying to keep the amount of editing to the scripting I do to the simpler things like adding trainers for example... without the sufficiant knowledge I might do more harm then good to the battle system...

    I do hope that people will look at more then just the slight mix between the graphics and my custom sprites and look at the project as a whole as I complete more of it .

    Originally Posted by feltpens
    Does Black Earth yet have a REASON for wanting to throw the world into chaos? Is this going to be kept a secret? I do so love surprises!
    I'm sort of working backwards with the whole Black Earth plot... at the moment they are more intent on brining upon a 'new-age' 'new-world' kind of deal... however, I want to change this a bit but I'm not quite sure how yet (as that part of my idea has been done many times on many games and anime)

    Originally Posted by Henry987
    So Whats its going to be in the end, will some legendary Pokémon attack a city?
    Like from ruby when Kyogre and groudon attacked eachother
    I won't tell yet of all 'incidents' but I will share ONE of these major calamities...


    Each birds NEW attribute will have a negative effect on its natural habitat in which it guards and calls home and this negative effect will in time destroy any neighboring cities and or routes... so you as the HERO must to battle with them one by one and defeat them (you wont get to capture them till after you've beaten the GYM/POKEMON LEAGUE quest.)
    and during these battles as you succeed, they run out of the strength they need to sustain their new forms and revert back to their original forms then rest up and all is well!

    The above quote refers to ARTICUNO the bird of ICE turning into a RED ARTICUNO who now controls MOLTRES'S FIRE... but its natrual instinct is to return to its home on the ICEBURG'S near Opal Town... but unless its changed back from FIRE to ICE... its newly aquired powers will soon melt the burgs and cause a great flood that will ultimately destroy the neighboring town and routes!

    Originally Posted by XSeerian
    Why not just keep it hidden till the game releases? Wouldn't that make it a bit more suspensful?
    I'm still debating weather or not to mention where it is or not yet and I do like the idea of 'keeping it hidden till the game releases' but I think I will at least give a *HINT* (a bit of yet another riddle I just came up with... as silly, maybe even 'dumb' as it may be lol) that may or may not give it away:

    "The world is ever turning and as time continues its constant flow, the cities below don't sleep... the growth of a community is everchanging."

    Originally Posted by Wichu
    Interesting Pokémon... But I have one thing to say: CHANGE THE NAMES! Try thinking of more creative and longer names, and remember the length limit is 10 chars.

    Oh yes, and the light on the Grunt's face is coming from a different direction. Fix it.
    The names may be a little cheesy and unoriginal but, (not the sprites) but the fakemon themselves, I created back when I was around 12-13 and for some reason I've always liked to keep to the names I gave them... but as stated I might not even get a chance to use them.

    As for the Grunt's face... I never actually noticed before that the shading was the wrong side (I'm not very good at figuring out on drawings and sprites where the shading should be)

    Aside from all this, I was wondering, hypothetically (only if I were able to actually make the sprite 'backs' for my fakemon)... I was thinking of originally having the starters be:

    Slye, Snake and Kanga (Dark, Psychic, Fighting)... (DARK beats PSYCHIC -> PSYCHIC beats FIGHTING -> FIGHTING beats DARK) I just thoguht it'd be a nice change from always having GRASS->WATER->FIRE

    As for all other feedback, thanks everyone else for all the positive things said, I hope you'll enjoy my updates in the future .

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