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Aii right. I know someone else is making a walkthrough but his progress is slow since he dosen't have much time to work on it. So i have decided to make my own walkthrough.

Help needed

I need someone to tell me what skitty's ability is. I know the ability i just don't know what it's called.

I need someone to see what pokemon your rival uses if you are playing as the female character

I need someone to take some screen shots for me.

And i need suguestions for things to include in the walkthrough.

Planning to add
A list of items that Zigzagoon picks up with it's ability
A weakness chart (For duel and single types)
Full pokemart list that lists the pokemarts by town
Full pokemon list (Of the pokemon that you can catch. Will be in alphabetical order since i don't feel like putting them down by region, and number. (And since i beleive it will be easier to read)
Also intend to have maps for caves and other area's that are hard to get through. Will have best path shown as well

Current progress

Walkthrough 11.111%
Extra's Unown

I will have the walkthrough up on a site for people to view so i won't post the walkthrough here. In the end i beleive it will be to large for one post.
I will work on getting the site up right now and i intend to have it up within the next half hour.

Here is the site. (I had it done a while back but i didn't post it.)