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  • Peenoise numba wan?
    Yo, can't believe one of the best ROM hack is actually made by a fellow Filipino. Lezgo.
    Disculpe, podría hacerle mejoras a sus roms de pokémon ruby, y hacerle la respectiva traducción, soy el encargado de pokémon light platinum de wesleyfg y he logrado la expansión de pokémon, poner nuevas habilidades, y poner ciertos sistemas asm, por lo cual si usted me deja le juro que haré un buen trabajo.

    No soy un excelente rom hacker pero si me esfuerzo mucho.

    Excuse me, I could make improvements to your rome pokémon ruby, and make the respective translation, I'm in charge of pokémon light platinum of wesleyfg and I have achieved the expansion of pokémon, put new skills, and put certain systems asm, so if you Let me swear I'll do a good job.

    I'm not an excellent hacker rom but I try hard.
    Lol @ that Fennekin in your sig saying that RR sux. Is it referring to Pokemon Ruby Destiny: Rescue Rangers?
    (Just so you know: I don't think it was that bad, although it doesn't hold a candle to the main series games and the PMD games)
    Oh well, but do you need the code for the upcoming Zeraora? I got 3 today.
    Hey, I found 2 shinies nearly back to back in Thin Forest. Does Thin Forest have a higher shiny rate than the other routes? I'm playing v4.1 of Reign of Legends
    Hey dude, I really like your rom hacks and I want u to help me out making a Pokemon rom hack, If u would do so me and my team would really love it cause we are a fan of your hacks. If u wanna join then pls get discord and friend request "SaberTooth/Probolter#4951". Ty for listening man, We rly hope that u join and cy@.
    hey sorry i have a question in the new beta of ur remake where does it ends? cos i was battleing the dark lugia and it battle me again and again until i capture it and then the game reset itself. its normal?
    Oh yeah we need to add each other. I'll get my friend code after I come home from work. I highly recommend Pokken. Braixen is just too cute!
    I love this Rom Pokémon Ruby Destiny Rescue Rangers hack, it is one of the best hacking roms I have ever played, I would like to translate it into Spanish and be able to add the Pokémon to the anime screams, Obviously I am going to give credits to the whole team who works in this great hacking rom, what do you think? I hope you understand the message because I do not really understand much English.
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