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    ooo a wish list... ya lets see....

    I'd like a high school RP, but i like having a twist in there, sometimes drama/slice of life gets too boring, i feel you can add a slice fantasy into it and it can have all the elements of both... (I'd restart Lancaster if i found more dedicated RPers who are interested *wink wink*)

    I'd LOVE an One Piece RP. If someone made one, that would be 3 RPers you have interested instead of 2 . If you wanted, i could help make a plot for it as well... I'm actually quite interested in that.

    As for Naruto RP's... i'm kinda hoping we could maybe see Cipher's start a new chapter to allow new members, since they seem to be teetering out.

    Another thing i'd like to see is to get DASH Hunters revived by Orange(Citrus Boy). That was such a great RP and was stopped due to a few inactive RPers that ruined the flow... wouldn't you agree, Xeno?

    And a successful GUNDAM rp.... i think i'm the only RPer that loves Gundam haha

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