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Brad; It's not horrible, but there are a little things I'd like to point out.

He also enjoys swimming, and enjoys it- his body gliding effortlessly through the water, or his body torpedoing down through the water at high speeds.
That honestly has nothing to do with appearance. Perhaps move it to the 'Other' section? Also, I don't know about leather jackets. xD; I suppose you can get away with it, but you'll certainly be nagged by hall monitors and staff, because the uniforms are -supposed- to be school issued. If he's a rebellious type of guy though, (which I'm not really connecting with the personality, but who knows,) then go for it. The genes though, is awfully strange. xD; I'm not going to cramp your style, so if you really must have it, have it, but I was hoping this would be more of a normal... roleplay. xD;;

Er, to add, I thought gender would be self-explanatory, but I guess I'll have to go put the only two words I want to see in that category for you. I really didn't need to read what you put for gender. Edit it if you want even a semblence of a chance to get accepted. It's good to be creative, but it's a little overwhelming there. Thanks.


Name: Leberecht Pascal

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Grade: 11th, Junior

Appearance: The most important thing to Leberecht is to always look neat, clean, and well-dressed. His cornsilk blonde hair reaches the base of his neck, and is always neatly combed. The tips of his hair flip out ever so slightly, but his layered cut is enough for the sweeping arcs to be rather noticeable. His bangs are always brushed away from his eyes, curving around his left eye from Leberecht's off-center part. His wide eyes are deep blue in color, and his delicate features are almost always graced with a kind smile. His hair, face, and eyes are all apart of the many contributing factors that often cause Leberecht to be mistaken for a girl. Adding to the frequency of this misconception is his fair skin, tall, lanky build, and affinity for slim-fitting clothes when out of his assigned uniform. Leberecht is rarely seen in clothes that are not of a single solid color, and if there are varying colors, then he accepts this only in vertical stripes. His uniform is the standard school issued set, and he never wears his black sports jacket unbuttoned, unlike some other students, marking his need to look professional. His differentation is that he always wears a stainless steel band on his right ring finger, due to the fact that he's been accused of being unfashionable more than once. His right ear lobe is pierced, and when he is not in uniform, there is often a silver chain threading through it, weighed down and kept at bay by silver spheres. They are mostly hidden by his blonde hair. His tie is olive green in color, and is visibly skinnier than normal ties. He's terrible at knotting it though, and so he'll sometimes spend long periods of time trying to tie it, to little avail, as the knot usually still looks sloppy or somewhat crooked. Leberecht owns three pairs of shoes he can choose to wear with his uniform, all black leather with a dull shine, rather than the kind that blinds people when one steps into sunlight. They're casual enough due to their design that he wears them even when out of uniform. The only pair of sneakers he possesses are a pair of black and white puma running shoes, each with two black straps of velcro that form a 'V' on the side of his foot.

Personality: Leberecht's personality consists of two sides of a mirror. The dull side is what can easily be considered his true persona, as he prefers stepping out of the spotlight and retreating to his own thoughts. However, the reflective side is what is more often seen. This considerate and willing-to-please side of him was created as per his father's wishes for him to be an excellent talker, to make friends easily and effortlessly. Leberecht is usually what one might consider the 'ideal' friend. Secrets never escape his sealed lips, he always tries to give the best advice, and he always helps his friends achieve whatever they want, as long as it doesn't interfere with his other friends. Sometimes however, he may seem like a doormat due to the fact that he is always trying to please others. However, this is far from fact, as his true personality is self-serving and indifferent to others around him. Leberecht's insistence on following through with his father's wishes is actually apart of his own personal gain, as is almost everything else that Leberecht is willing to do. His drive for life is rather poor, due to the fact that Dietrich has been favored over him as the older child since the very beginning. However, this is hard to see, as Leberecht works hard to excel at anything he does, and even though he is not the type who can do things without putting in a fair amount of effort, he is willing to put in the effort to exceed the expectations that are set for him. While Leberecht does create friendships that are of little personal gain to himself, it is simply his ploy to create a more friendly aura around himself to attract those whom he can attribute a step forward in his life goal. He makes a point of never showing his dull side to anyone, anytime, anywhere. Thus, only those with an incredible insight can see his malicious attitude underneath his cheerful and optimistic exterior. However, the one facet of Leberecht that doesn't change with his exterior or interior is his own incredible lack of insight. His own attitude is shallow and far from heartfelt, and so he cannot see past the exterior of others, causing him to seem somewhat insensitive at times. For example, when someone is upset and even acts like it quite obviously, if they state that they are fine, Leberecht will not pursue the subject, and will treat them as though they are 'fine'.

History: Leberecht's family resides in Frankfurt, Germany, and manages a successful banking business. Being the middle of three children, Leberecht is expected to support his older brother in the future when his brother inherits the business. To make up for his brother's short-comings is Leberecht's only purpose, and due to the fact that his brother is quite the social misfit, his father has directed him to focus on social etiquette, maintaining business ties, and boosting company popularity. Though, since the very beginning, Leberecht has never planned on helping with the company at all, but continues to follow his father's wishes until he graduates. His older brother, Dietrich, is 4 years his senior, and his younger sister, Caecilia, is 3 years his junior. Leberecht's mother passed away two years after Caecilia's birth, when he was but five. At this young age, Leberecht has few memories of his real mother, though gets along considerably better with his step mother than Dietrich. Though he holds the lowest status in his family, he believes that he is the most able, thus holding even less respect for his family members than a well-dressed stranger. His younger sister holds the most respect in his eyes, while his brother holds the least. Dietrich, who was chosen as the successor simply because of order of birth rather than skill, is the type of oblivious brother who sees no wrong in his younger siblings. This of course, is Dietrich's downfall, as ever since the heir was chosen, Leberecht has dedicated his purpose in life to a spiteful plan to excel in everything that Dietrich failed in, to exceed anything that Dietrich excelled in, and to all around defeat his brother in quality. It wouldn't be a false accusation to say that Dietrich's indecisive nature and social problems can mostly be pinned to Leberecht, who wishes to be offered the position of heir, refuse the post to spite his father, and lower Dietrich's already low self-esteem.

Other: Leberecht's hobbies include reading mystery books, running - both long-distance and sprinting, and soccer. He was once apart of the drama club as per a drama-enthusiast friend's request, and recieves requests to rejoin on a frequent basis, thanks to his personality that can be molded so easily, creating a convincing character and an excellent actor. He has refused all requests to join since the first play he participated in however, which he found a boring waste of time.