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ChickieQ's Trade Shop!
For all of your pokemon needs
Now: OPEN :]

My Pokemon:

Mudkip - Bashful
Charmander - Rash UT
Bulbasaur - Relaxed UT
Piplup - Mild UT
Lombre - Modest
Roselia - Mild
Breloom - Quirky
Bonsly - Docile UT
Bellsprout - Careful UT
Eevee - Docile UT
Mightyena - Relaxed
Phanpy - Naughty UT
Wailord - Quiet UT
Beldum - Modest UT
Golduck - Naughty UT
Lapras - Bashful
Loudred - Quirky
Clefable - Bashful
Ninetales - Hardy UT
Skarmory - Calm UT
Glameow - Quirky UT
Pichu - Naughty UT
Tropius - Brave UT
Illumise - Quiet UT *NEW*

Shiny Palkia - Relaxed UT
Shiny Dialga - Modest UT
Articuno - Brave
Moltres - Relaxed
Zapdos - Timid UT
Rayquaza - Bold
Latios - Timid BT
Uxie - Bold UT
Azelf - Bold BT
Mewtwo - Timid UT
Cresselia - Lonely BT
Dialga - Timid

AGETO Celebi - hardy UT
10ANNIV Suicune - Adamant
Pokemon Movie Regigigas - Naughty UT *NEW*
wishmkr jirachi - brave UT *NEW*

Just ask and I may have it. I will breed some
natures, but not IVs.

TMs, Stones, Plates, Heart Scales, ect...
Just ask :)

What I want:
EV trained pokemon
Legends I don't have.
A Good Cloner :)
Anything really, Just offer.

Thank You For Shopping!
FC : 1246-6022-1528 lll Diamond Name : Molly
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