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Well, I did get some things explained this chapter, like how the tracking device ended up in Bunny's bag, and (somewhat) the reason for the long and drawn-out arrest plan. Another question about Jenny's plan that I have (and Bunny didn't bring up) is this: How far away would Sky be able to move the car with Psychic? I imagine it would require a lot of mental energy to move a 3,000lb. automobile, and it needs to be far enough away in order to buy Bunny and Jenny enough time to make their escape.
Opps...sorry if I made you think that. XD Actually, Sky did not use Psychic to lift the car. He used Psychic to have the towel inside the car.

Also, on your other, never thought that. ^^; On the other hand, yes Bunny does need least in her case. She's a ruin maniac. XD

Aw, you thought I did well on Jenny's POV too? Thankies. ^^ Yeah, that is what I'm going for. :)

All righty then! Huzzah, got Chapter Six posted early! ^^ I'll say this: this is at first one of my least favorite chapter but then it became one of my top favorite after changing things around a bit, writing style wise. Despite this chapter not having the best characterization in the world (I swear the characters will progress slowly...^.^; ), there are still a lot of developments here and the beginning of what I planned a few of the themes of the story to be.

Sorry in advance if the chapter is once again confusing...let me know if you want a quick summary of what happened in this chapter. Would have done an explination but I have homework to do (dang fire drill at my dorm >.>).

Hope you guys enjoy this chapter! And oh, once again thanks Hanako Tabris for betaing!

Chapter Six
Reject It, Challenge It, Forget It

Inside the car, a man with an oval-shaped face drove rapidly. His big eyes carefully watched the buildings and street names pass by. While steering the wheel with his left hand, his right hand petted a sleeping pink cat Pokémon.

"Skitt…skitt," the Pokémon said in its sleep.

"Don’t worry, Skitty, we’re almost there," whispered the man.

On the back seat, red flashes kept blinking, and it was coming from a yellow towel.


"Dang, that car’s going fast! Yep, it’s a hijack!"

While Lucas drove the police car, Timmy looked at the tracking meter with a smirk. The red dot still moved at a rapid speed.

"Timmy, do you know where she’s turning now?"

"Looks like the car was speeding to the left but now it stopped. Speed up!"

The chief’s foot stomped on the gas pedal and the police car drove faster. Timmy could feel his heart race with excitement, knowing in a few minutes that they would catch their criminal. It was not long until both men saw the brown car move sharply to the left.

"It’s that car!" yelled Timmy while pointing his fingers at it, exhilaration spreading more inside. "Turn the sirens on!"

Lucas smiled and then pushed a red button.


The sirens took the man by surprise, his eyes blinking many times. He turned his head for a second and saw flickers of blue and red lights behind him. The sound woke the Skitty up, her mouth in a frown.

"Itty?" the cat Pokémon cried in distress.

"I’m not sure what’s happening," the driver said without looking at his Pokémon. "Better pull over."

The man steered the wheel left to have the car park beside the sidewalk. As soon as that was done, the police car parked right behind.

Probably just a taillight, probably just a taillight…

While he was tapping his fingers on the steering wheel, he heard his Skitty whimpering. The man sighed and then shook his head.

Just act cool and everything will be good.

The man took deep breaths and then smiled, his nervousness instantly gone. He did not do anything wrong, so he assumed the policemen might just ask him if he saw any suspects around.

In less than a couple of seconds the two policemen came, both with wide eyes on their faces.

"Good evening, policemen," the man said in a calm voice. "What seems to be the problem?"

"Can we see your ID first?" Timmy tried to ask nicely, but a confused tone was hidden. His mouth was twitching, which the man did not notice.

The man took out his wallet and gave it to the chief. Both Lucas and Timmy looked at the wallet and then the chief opened it.

"So your name’s Norm Williams, right?" asked Lucas. He then gave the wallet back to Norm.

"Correct. Sooooooo, why am I being pulled over?"

"Well, we’re tracking down a suspect named Bunny Spruce. From the tracking meter, she’s taking your car. Where is she?" asked the chief in a commanding tone.

Norm’s jaws dropped and his right eye was half-closed. His Skitty cried a "Skit?"

"What? Officers, I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’m happily willing to open both the back door and the trunk. You’ll see for yourself that there’s no one else with me except for my Skitty."

Norm, without either of the two policemen’s permission, pushed the unlock button on the left side of his car door. After a click sound, Norm got out and opened the right side of the back door for the two officers to see for themselves. He then did the same thing with the trunk. Timmy stared at his boss, unsure of what to do.

"Well…he is nice enough to let us have a peek," Lucas replied, shrugging.

At first, Timmy was a bit skeptical of the man’s behavior, acting as if nothing ever happened and in a calm matter too.

Too calm. However, I guess one way to find out is to look.

Deciding he could not wait any longer, he stared at the back seat. There was nothing except for a yellow towel with red flashes.

Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep.

Timmy gritted his teeth and then grabbed the towel. His blood boiled each time the little device flashed.

Must be Bunny.

He took out the tiny tracking device chip and stomped on it. Lucas, Norm, and the cat Pokémon just stared with their mouths wide open.


The four entered in another room filled with many artifacts used in medieval warfare. There were axes and swords inside clean glasses while bows, arrows, and shields were pinned on the walls. Rusted helmets and armors were out so anyone could touch them with their very own hands. The lighting of the full moon made everything in the room shine brightly. Both Sky and Balin cried in excitement, loving all the artifacts inside. Bunny grinned too when she saw the weapons, but then she shook her head. She must focus on the situation she was in or else she might be in that room all night and then be arrested.

While the two Pokémon looked around at the weapons, Bunny and Jenny eventually stopped and stared at a painting of two Lapras with their necks touching each other. The setting sun glistened on their dark blue shells. Both of the huge Pokémon had tears in their eyes and scratches on their shells. On the bottom of the portrait, there was cursive handwriting with the name of the painter: Ingit Vivus.

Amazement and confusion collided together in Bunny’s mind. She was just blown away of how beautiful the painting was, wishing that she had that kind of talent. On the other hand, there were two questions in her mind.

Why is that painting in the Medieval Wars room and how does Officer Jenny know where to go? Dang it, I should know this!

Bunny reacted by having her right hand punch the wall. When the pain erupted, she cried and then rubbed her bruised hand. Jenny chuckled and after that, she shook her head.

Known her for only a few minutes and already I think she’s nuts.

"You won’t believe this, but my uncle took me to this museum a few times," the female officer chimed with a chuckle. "When he showed me this painting, I fell instantly in love with it. He told me how Ingit Vivus was a region fighter and one day during his journey he saw two Lapras together, like in the painting you’re seeing right now. After the Region Fights were over, he spent the rest of his life painting, and this is one of them." Jenny chuckled again and then asked, "I bet you know what the Region Fights are, right?"

Bunny nodded and then grinned while her hand flew up towards the ceiling.

"Of course! It was the war between Hoenn and Sinnoh! The two regions went against each other because of their different perspectives of history." Bunny’s mind then got struck by those four words:

Different perspectives of history.

It was hard for her to believe that even though there were different records of history in front of the very eyes of mankind, there could be differences. It was not just differences of when events happened, but the thoughts and criticisms of it. One historian believed that event saved lives while another thought it was the worst mistake in the world. That was how the Region Fights got started, that was how Hoenn and Sinnoh went to war, that was how histories clashed and fought against each other.

Jenny’s laugh suddenly interrupted Bunny’s thoughts. She clutched her chest, feeling her heartbeat race faster and faster.

She scares me sometimes.

"I bet you know a lot more about history than me. Glad you didn’t give me a three-lecture on that war as you’d be arrested!"

Great, she probably noticed the excitement in my voice, Bunny thought solemnly with a grunt.

Jenny shook her head in amusement and then turned on the nightlight. The light soon showed another piece of writing.

Center of the Library, 2244


Reject it.

Timmy wanted to reject what he saw. Confusion fogged inside his mind. While Lucas tried to explain to Norm the situation at hand, Timmy was in the police car, taking rapid breaths.

How can that be? Is Bunny a smart criminal or what?

It was just unbelievable to him. He thought they had her. The red dots, the tracking meter, the writing on the floor…

Realization unexpectedly lanced deep inside his mind.

There’s something weird going on.

His mind went back to the times when Jenny denied that Bunny Spruce committed that crime. She said how that message was meant to help her, not capture her. In addition, she was quiet when the two of them were with Bunny.

He loved her though. He did not believe Jenny would do something so low as helping a criminal. His heart would be shattered if that were the case.

No, so not like Jenny, the girl that liked to catch criminals. It can’t be.

Timmy shook his head, not wanting to think about that. Part of him though knew that there was some faulty logic going on, but he could not put a finger on it. He then decided to stick his head out of the window to see how Lucas was doing with Norm. From the looks of it, it was not going so well.

Lucas’s eyes became big and his mouth quivered when he saw Norm’s face shaded red. The man’s loud complaints had his mind running in fright. He tried to explain the situation, though it was not working.

"Seriously, why did you think someone hijacked my car? Also, who the hell is Bunny Spruce?"

"Look, Norm, we’re so sorry! We thought Bunny hijacked your car!"

That made things worse. Norm’s face became even redder.


Only some words slurred into the chief’s mind. Lucas now was not sure how to calm that man down as he was afraid he might make it worse. Deciding to keep quiet, he just let Norm vent his anger a little longer.

Not wanting to see the scene any more, Timmy sighed heavily and then slowly eased his head back inside the police car. Seeing Norm angry suddenly made him smile. He knew what to do now.

I’m going to get to the bottom of this.


Challenge it.

While Bunny and Jenny stared at the writing, the archeologist began thinking about the situation. She wanted to challenge those two policemen and prove that it was not her that killed Ernest Norrison. However, Jenny told her before that the both of them would not believe her. Bunny then began trying to figure out what that writing meant. Her other challenge was to crack the code. For some reason, she expected the answer to rush through, but it did not.

Center of Library, 2244. Now, what does THAT mean?

Bunny’s mind did not click. The number 2244 and the phrase "Center of Library" was a dead end for her. Bunny stared at Jenny, hoping she knew what that meant.

Well…she already knew instantly what it meant on the Lapras part.

Unfortunately, Jenny shook her head.

"I got nothing. Maybe he wanted us to go there? If it is, to hide there? No, libraries are closed in early evenings.


At that very moment, a crashing sound was heard, and that made Jenny and Bunny ran automatically.


While Jenny and Bunny stared at the Vivus painting, Balin and Sky looked around at the weapons.

Balin looked at an armor filled with dust and scratches. The fox Pokémon stared at it in disgust and then snorted. His nose wrinkled when some dust landed on it and he sneezed.

Sky was staring at a few axes and arrows until he glared at his own reflection on a shiny shield. After the Drifblim saw that, he moved his eyes in an appreciated sort of manner. He then inhaled some air to make himself bigger and then laughed.

Sky’s laughter had Balin instantly ram towards the armor out of flight and then fall on his back. The armor shook violently and was making noises. Balin saw that with eyes wide open and then got up to run away. The armor was falling down until…


The two women came and saw the armor on the floor. Bunny turned and then glared at Balin and Sky like an angry Persian. The two Pokemon laughed nervously, both feeling their souls slash into a hundred pieces when she stared at them like that.

"All right, who did this?"

Both of Sky’s eyes shifted towards Balin. The fire type just yelped.

"You are in so much trouble, Balin! And I told you to behave!"

"Tales, nine nine nine nine!" whined Balin, trying to defend himself.

Even though Bunny did not exactly get what Balin said, she had an idea of what he whined about.

"So I guess the armor crashing was an accident?"

Both Pokémon nodded.

Not really feeling like arguing anymore, Bunny simply replied, "Okay, I will take your guys’ word for it. However, be careful next time."

As Sky and Balin nodded, Timmy’s voice was suddenly heard from Jenny’s walkie-talkie. All four jumped up, as if a ghost Pokémon scared all of them at once.

"Jenny, are you there?"

Bunny felt as if she could not breathe. Thoughts of being in jail crept into her mind once again, but she bit her lip hard to not cry out in distress. She saw Jenny at first worried herself but then smile and wink at her, as if inspiration struck her.

I did not plan this, but I’ve been trained to act fast.

"Yes, I’m here! Did you guys catch Bunny yet?"

"Actually, no. You see, she’s not in that car. Now, are you sure it’s her and not mistaken for someone else?"

"What?" Jenny said in a fake-surprised tone. "Of course! Why would you say that?"

"On the back seat there’s a towel with the tracking device stuck to it. Do you have any explanations on that?"

"Really?" the female officer said with a fake gasp.

Sky and Balin chuckled, which made Bunny’s nervousness worse. The woman could not stop her shoulders from shaking. Jenny, on the other hand, just smiled.

"Guys, hush!" Bunny commanded them in a whisper, which made her two Pokémon stop chuckling slowly. When Jenny saw that, she shook her head.

Bunny should just calm down. I’ll make sure she won’t go to jail.

"Probably she has a Psychic Pokémon that has Teleport."

"Hm…you’re onto something there."

Before she said anything, Jenny held her thump up and winked. That made Sky, Balin, and - surprisingly - Bunny smile. It had made her calm down at least.

I have to admit, she is getting good at this.

"Yeah, that’s the only explanation… Oh no!"


"She’s actually here right now, along with her Kada… Hey, give that back!"

"Jenny…are you all right?"

When Jenny grinned, all three chuckled softly.

"Bunny, give that back!" Jenny said in a softer tone. "Don’t you…"

At that moment, the officer dropped the walkie-talkie, and then stomped on it. Hundreds of pieces flew out of the device. The three gasped with horror and eyes large with astonishment.

"I cannot believe you did that!"

Jenny did not say anything in admiration of what she did. Instead, it was something more serious.

"They’ll come real soon! We must hurry!"

For what felt like the hundredth time to Bunny, Jenny grabbed her arm again and the two ran off, Balin and Sky dashing behind. While they ran, Bunny’s mind still wondered about Ernest’s writing on the Vivus painting.

"What about your uncle’s writing? We hadn’t figured it out yet!"

"Worry about that later! We need to get out of here NOW!"


Forget it.

Lucas just wanted to forget what happened with Norm. When the dusty car drove away, Lucas sighed. It took a while for him to explain to the man why he was followed in the first place. The end result was that of Norm almost having a heart attack. He kicked the sidewalk, hating himself and embarrassed for doing a huge mistake. Now Lucas had no clue as to where to find Bunny Spruce.

I do hope Norm’ll forget this in a few days. What a night so far.

The chief then went inside the driver’s seat of the police car and saw Timmy with his hands veiling his head.

"Anything the matter, Timmy?"

"Looks like Bunny managed to escape before we can get hold of her. I contacted Jenny and she said Bunny’s at the museum already. Not only that, sounded like her walkie-talkie got destroyed."

"Really?" Lucas asked with a raised eyebrow. He felt his head storm with nervous thoughts.

If the walkie-talkie got destroyed…I do hope nothing happened to her. However, there’s one other way I can contact her.

"Yeah, I think we should go right now and check it out. However, probably Jenny already arrested her!"

Despite what Timmy said would be considered a happy thought, Lucas bit his lips. Part of him wanted to find out what was really going on.

"Well, let me call her cell phone."

Lucas took out his razor cell phone from his suit and dialed the numbers.


When Jenny, Bunny, and her two Pokémon went outside, they all took deep breaths. It was a little while before Jenny spoke.

"Bunny, do you have a flying Pokémon, besides Drifblim, that’s big enough to carry two people?"

Bunny shook her head and said, "No."

"It’s all right. I got one we can use."

The officer took out a tiny ball from her belt, pushed a button to enlarge it, and then threw it up in the air. In a couple of seconds, the Pokémon came out and roared loudly. The light faded to reveal a dinosaur-like Pokémon shaking its long neck, the bananas on its chin swishing gently. The Pokémon then spread its wings, which were made of large leafs. Bunny and her Pokémon gasped and all of them could not seem to take their eyes off the Tropius.

"Return your Pokémon and then hop on," Jenny commanded as soon as she was on her Pokémon.

Bunny nodded and then returned her Drifblim. After that, she picked up her Ninetales and then hopped up on the Tropius.

"Why did you not return your Ninetales?" asked Jenny with a chuckle.

"Long story."

Jenny shrugged and then said to her Pokémon, "All right, Tropius, let’s…"

She stopped when she heard her cell phone ring. When Bunny heard that, her excitement faded. Anxiety attacked her again, her heart beating faster and faster. She did not notice that she was holding Balin tighter.

"Nine…nine!" the Pokémon pleased while trying to gasp for breath.

When Bunny heard him, her eyes went wide and she quickly opened her arms more. She then asked Jenny, "Are you going to answer it?"

Jenny answered with just a smile. What the officer did next Bunny did not expect. She took out her cell phone and instead of answering it she took out the chip inside it and put it in her shirt pocket. After that, she threw the cell phone on the museum building. When it fell down, it was broken in half.

"Remind me to get myself a new cell phone," Jenny said to Bunny with a huge grin.

Bunny and Balin did not say a word. Instead, they both laughed.

"Okay, Tropius, now let’s go!"

The grass Pokémon roared and then flew up in the air. In just seconds, the four were off, flying in the night sky.


"Damn it! Probably Bunny smashed her cell phone too!" Lucas roared. His fists then hit the middle of the car door.

"See what I mean! I think we need to get there as soon as possible."

Lucas nodded and said, "You’re right. Come on, let’s go."

As soon as Lucas turned on the engine, the police car drove off. While steering the wheel, the chief frowned , suddenly thinking about what would happen if he did not catch Bunny. His eyes flickered and his hand curled up tightly into a ball.

He did not know that while Bunny was up in the sky riding a Tropius, she too frowned. On the other hand, she worried if she would be caught. Her shoulders became less tense and her breaths harder. Despite Jenny doing well helping her, there was still a chance of failure.

Both of their thoughts were saying the same thing.

Would this situation in the end be worth nothing or everything?


Well, pretty much the events here are almost the same as in the "Da Vinci Code" except for one thing:

-Originally I had Ingit like Da Vinci and have him also be an inventor and a member of a religious group back in the first version of this fic. I even have the original main characters in the original version find out one of Ingit's belongings. XD This time though I just have him as a painter, nothing more.

There's more but I can't think of any at the moment.

Again, sorry if this confuses anyone. Will do an explanation probably on the weekend. Well, I'm hoping the next chapter shall be sometime in St. Patrick's Day. ^^
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