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    hello i want to make a mmorpg that is completly origenle and it is set in a new world in the past (not named yet) i need a hellp making it and plz plz plz hellp me
    im not shor what it will be made on becase i dont think its posible to have a mmorpg on rm2k3 ok so if u no a program that wold be good reply this is a list of things that i cant do(sum i can but dont want to)

    battle system(one that u dont go to another screen and just fight on the map)
    mmorpg style( proper mmorpg like runescape)
    chip sets maker(medievel type ones that look good)
    char set maker(medievel typ ones that look good)
    charicter bilding system( so that you can make a charicter how you want)
    the inventory,compos,save and all stuff like that
    and the typing system

    and i think tat is all i need the rest me and my bro can do
    if u are interested plese reply oh and soz for spelling im a realy bad speller
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