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    /+Adamb241's Super Guide+\
    /-A guide to DJG's Pokémon Ruby Destiny-\
    =Game Thread=

    Working on
    Not Started

    Past Chapters:

    Chapter 1: Pre-Adventure
    Part one
    S.F. Path
    Bug Forest (Pt. 1)
    Ultima City (Pt. 1)
    Bug Forest (Pt. 2)
    Snow Point City
    Green Path
    Luster Town (pt. 1)
    Pass Path N
    Sun Ford Town

    Chapter 2: Sky Badge
    Luster Town (Pt. 2)
    Pass Path W
    Luster Town Gym

    Chapter 3: Wire Badge
    Bug Forest (Pt. 3)
    Sky Path N
    Rentelbug City (Pt. 1)
    Wind Path
    Renica Tunnel
    Rentelbud City (Pt. 2)
    Rentelbud City Gym

    Chapter 4: Iron Badge
    Bug Forest (Pt. 4)
    Rentelbud City (Future)
    Time Hole
    Sky Path S
    Polaris Town
    Blue Path
    Thin Forest
    Selaro Town
    Selaro Town Gym

    Chapter 5: Lava Badge
    Rose Path
    Pina Francia
    Francia Forest (Pt. 1)
    Pina Francia Jail
    Baby Lugia
    Time Hole
    Francia Cave
    Island Back Track
    Monatami City
    Side Path
    Ancient cave
    Destral City
    Bike Path
    Borora Town
    Heat Path (1)
    Mt. Blaze
    Heat Path (2)
    Borora Town Gym

    Chapter 6: Crystal Badge
    Dark Woods
    R.D. Base
    Snow Point City Gym

    Chapter 7: Marine Badge
    Sea Path

    Status: POSTPONED...Read Post on page three.

    Want to help?
    I need help with the following things:
    -Confirming Trainer Data
    -Boss/Gym Leader Battles-
    -Confirming Pokémon Locations
    -Apprentice Position

    P.M. me or post if you would like to help.
    I will give credit at the end.

    Have any questions of FAQ's that you think should go in the FAQ section??? PM them to me or post them here.

    *I really need help with this last chapter. I missed a few of the attacks in the boss battles, if anyone knows the ones I am missing please PM me or post the answers here.

    - Made by More4Life
    Just remember to replace the first and last arrow tags with regular tags.

    1. destinedjagold- The hack, support and speical information about the hack.
    2. More4Life- Boss/Gym Leader Conformation, Spelling and Grammar Check and Confirming Pokemon Locations
    3. livelovelearneg- Assistant Position and major help.

    Release Center:

    Every time I finish a chapter I will release a new section of the walk through.

    Version 6.0 is out! It goes up till the end of the fifth Gym battle!
    *Remember to leave a comment!

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