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Originally Posted by Umbreon Ruler View Post
Yay, I can review this now. Hm... I'll start with the Prologue.
Originally Posted by Umbreon Ruler View Post

Let's see... I've never played the game, so I can't compare anything, but I really liked it. The Skarmory at the beginning was a very interesting way to start the chapter, expecially including its point of view about Snagem and the "pointy mustache man." Even though it was a little short, the occasional touches of humor kept me reading. The only thing I might suggest is that you could use a little more description for the people and places. Other than that though, very nice.[/COLOR]

Now, Chapter 1. The beginning with the Outskirt Stand was a little foggy, since at first you mentioned a train and I imagined them boarding it, but then they were eating and battling. The problem might just be my assuming things, so take it with a grain of salt. Hm... good plot development (although it might be moving a TINY bit too fast) and I quite liked the bits with Trudly and Folly. I hope to see more of them. Rui seems... interesting to say the least, lol. Can't wait for the next chapter.

Sorry this review is so short, but I'm on a cheap, old laptop that I found in the attic, and it's not really all that comfortable.
Thanks! Glad you liked the Skarmory introduction - occasionally I will sift to other people's (maybe even Pokemon later on) POV's in chapters. Prologue was short cause... well, it's the prologue - only a set-up scene based on the first... 40 seconds of the game (a cut scene, which ends up raising more questions then answers).

On description - in this story, I kinda go easy on it, as it's not really about the description, but me makinga game funnier and explaining the various plotholes and more. It is better that you'd have played the game, as you would 'get' more things here (jokes, what characters are based on, etc), but it isn't nesserary.

Outskirt Stand - hmm, though I had mentioned it was an inn to begin with - 'only part of the railsystem ever created was the train, which was now converted into an inn' - so there. It is odd however, esp. when you play the game.

The next chapter' plot pace is shorter - fair bit of 'filler', that's still funny however. Towards the second half there will be some things to watch for however. The plot pace in the game is also quick - that's the first 5 or so minutes, factoring in the slow battles that are dead easy.[/COLOR]

Folly and Trudly will be appearing occasionally for the next few chapters as well. They're fun to write. Rui will definately feature heavily in the story, as she always does in the game...

Anyway, thanks for the review - greatly appreciated.
Originally Posted by UltimatePIkachuFan View Post
Great fic! It goes into more detail then the game's storyline. Hope to see your next chapter soon.
And that's the whole point of the story, well, part of the point at least... thanks.
Originally Posted by DubHalo View Post
Now if only they stopped the current pokemon show and put this as the new series
I'd have quite a big job then. And produced not as regularly as well (enjoy these fast chapter-releases while you can...)

Anyway, let's get onto chapter 2! For those who've played the game - the Pre Gym features a fair bit, as well as a short scene with an important character...


Chapter 2 – The City of Water

“…It’s hard to explain,” Rui began, frowning as she recalled the incident. “I was on my way to Agate Village when our bus stopped for an hour or so in this smelly town called Pyrite. When I was walking about I saw a… peculiar Pokémon. It was short and stout and chasing another Pokémon, and then it attacked a person. Then, when I shouted out for help… I was suddenly chased, grabbed and thrown into a sack,” she explained, smoothing out her small ruffled jacket. “Hey, did those kidnappers use an odd Pokémon themselves?”

Wes looked at Rui with puzzlement as he pondered her words. She saw a peculiar Pokémon that was attacking people? Could she have seen a Shadow Pokémon? Maybe she got kidnapped because Team Snagem didn’t want her spilling the beans... but those people didn't look like Team Snagem members to me, he continued to muse grimly.

“You saw a Pokémon attacking people?” questioned the athlete. He wiped his brow and left his mouth a little too open wide, and tapped his foot on the pavement as he considered her words. “But why would they kidnap you because of that? And no, they didn’t have any odd Pokémon… just incredibly weak ones.” The man snickered at the thought of two Whismur being a threat to anyone over the age of five.

“I have no idea what they wanted to kidnap me for. Maybe they didn't want to have people knowing about that Pokémon,” Rui said. “But the important thing is that I got rescued.” Rui turned to Wes and beamed at him. “Thanks you, my gallant prince!” she exclaimed loudly, making Wes cringe. He quickly tried to hide his reaction by turning around and acting nonchalant.

“Espeon!” (The girl seems to be embarrassing Wes…) remarked Espeon.

“Um, Umbre.” (Heh, it seems he has a weak spot.) Umbreon silently wondered if it was due to the fact Rui was female. After all there hadn’t been many female people at Team Snagem, and the ones that were there also had to have their hair shaved as per the team’s outfit policy.

“Ah, can you escort me for now, please?” Rui continued suddenly.

Wes was surprised by this question, and the suddenness of it. “Umm, no, I’m busy and have… um, no idea about this city. I don’t know where things are…”

“Only I’m a bit worried, what with being kidnapped and all. Please, Mr…?” Rui pleaded, ignoring Wes’s protests before giving him the infamous puppy dog look.

“Oh jeez…” muttered Wes to himself. He glanced around at the two onlookers but they didn’t seem forthcoming in offering help themselves. He sighed before giving up. “Ok, I will, although I won’t be much of a guide. My name’s Wes, by the way." Not like I have much better to do now than this anyway.

“Yay! Thank you!” Rui said with a smile. “I thought you’d say that.”

“Espi…Es,” (She’s… persuasive,) Espeon said, scrutinizing the conversation as Wes groaned quietly.

“Umbreon,” (This could get interesting,) replied Umbreon.

“I know what you can do!” said the lady, destroying the uncomfortably silence that had followed to Wes’ relief. “You should see the mayor. He’ll know what to do!”

“Okay!” said Rui happily. It seemed that she already forgot about her ordeal - she was smiling more than ever before. “Only, I don’t know where it is…”

“Oh it’s…” began the athlete. But Rui had already run off into the distance, singing happily.

“Hurry up, Wes!” she called as she ran into a nearby house.

“Oh dear… she's energetic, isn’t she? Well, you better catch up to her then. I’ll go back to practicing for my race!” said the athlete as he ran off back to the fountain in the middle of the town before beginning laps around the magnificent water feature.

“You look like an attractive couple,” smiled the lady, who also seemed to have forgotten the recent kidnapping. She walked off as well, leaving Wes alone with his Pokémon. He scratched his head and muttered to himself about the whole situation. A kidnapped girl who didn’t seem affected all that much by her ordeal, odd people who had Shadow Pokémon – which the girl saw - and Whismur, and an athlete which seemed to have a liking for running around fountains. Bewildered by that and the sudden presumption that he and Rui, whom he had just met, were a couple, he stumbled off to find Rui. At least the house Rui had gone into appeared to be the right one as there was a large sign proclaiming just so outside it.

But when Wes got inside the house, he found Rui was already talking to the people inside who appeared to be merely regular citizens.

“This isn’t the mayor’s house… is it?” asked Rui. “Only I need to talk to him about a kidnapping that was occurring here.”

“No, but one day... one day, I shall be the mayor!” proclaimed a woman in reply. Rui stepped uneasily away from her before she continued. “But wait - a KIDNAPPING?!? Huh - wait - come back!” she shouted in dismay as Rui decided it was a good idea to leave.

“Sorry about that,” muttered Wes as Rui ran past him and nearly trampled on Umbreon in the process.

“Well, just make sure she votes for me!” the woman replied, throwing a pamphlet at Wes before walking off into a separate room. A teenager, seemingly oblivious to the recent occurrences within the house, turned to Wes and started commenting about the lack of anime programs around recently.

“I mean, there’s all these news reports about a person blowing up Team Snagem’s base… it’s not THAT interesting…” he said, as Wes decided to leave.

What a very odd place this is, he thought, before silently bemoaning the fact that nobody knew it had been him who had blown up the base. He then scanned the city and caught sight of Rui who had already run off a fair distance; she was approaching a large building in the centre of the town. Sighing once more to himself, he ran to catch up to her.


Rui burst into the building, with Wes panting shortly behind her. “Is this the mayor’s house?” she asked.

“No. This is the Prestigious And Highly-Esteemed Preparation Training Facility. Or Pre Gym for short,” answered a person standing by the door.

Rui and Wes looked around to observe their surroundings. There was an elevated, rectangular platform in the middle of the room which appeared to be the battle arena, albeit a small one by usual standards. By the battling arena there was a glass lift leading to a level below. On their right, there was a control room with a man clad in a clean, white uniform sitting by a large panel of buttons and switches, and to the left was another room in which a lesson on Pokémon appeared to be proceeding. Given the fact the teacher appeared close to tearing out her hair it didn’t appear to be going well. Naturally, Espeon and Umbreon trotted off to satisfy their curiosity while the man at the controls noticed Wes and Rui’s arrival and marched down to greet them.

“Hello there!’ he said warmly, as he offered a handshake. “My name’s Justy. Interested in taking part in a Pokémon battle challenge? It’s four trainers in a row in the usual double battle format.”

“I WOULD LIKE TO BATTLE!” shouted Rui happily causing Justy to flinch at the unexpected enthusiasm. “But… I have no Pokémon,” she added, suddenly downcast. Wes raised an eyebrow at her; her mood swings were unsettling to say the least – maybe Espeon’s Confusion was still having minor effects on her.

“You have no Pokémon?” Wes inquired. “You should get some, if only for protection...”

“Yes, I guess you’re right,” sighed Rui. “It probably would have helped me out in Pyrite after all.”

“Well,” said Wes to Justy, “I guess I will take part in the challenge – unlike her I have a couple of Pokémon of my own. The mayor can wait, Rui,” he told her. His legs already were feeling sore from the running about after her.

“I guess so,” answered Rui. “I can watch after all, and see how you saved me!” she added with a grin.

“Great!” replied Justy. He grinned widely. “It’s been a good while since someone has come to try out some battles here so I’m afraid all the trainers here have been pretty bored with battling each other. When you’re ready, step up to the battle area. I look forward to watching some enthralling battles.” Justy smiled and walked back to control room. Wes realised it must have external controls for the lift as well as a viewing platform – it certainly wasn’t a bad set-up for a battling faculty given it was Orre.

“Okay, Umbreon, Espeon, get ready! ...Where are they?” Wes said suddenly, looking around.

“I’ll get them,” said Rui, as she marched off towards the room they had walked into. Wes sighed and followed her.

Meanwhile, Espeon and Umbreon were observing an interesting class in maths. Espeon was entertaining himself by levitating some pieces of chalk above Umbreon’s head while the two regarded the teacher with a look of pity.

“Now then,” the teacher began with a strong hint of exasperation in her voice. “Pokémon battles are an important part of life because unlike people they can do amazing things like breathe fire. However, if you want to be a good battler, you must be able to do a bit of simple mathematics.” Collective groans were made at the last remark but the teacher continued on. “Now, we’ve been at this for the last week, and we need to make some progress. Jimmy! Here’s an addition question. If I had two Pokémon, and then got two more Pokémon, how many would I have?”

Jimmy blinked at the teacher as he attempted to understand what she had asked, mouthing the words to himself before answering.

“Umm… you would have some Pokémon.”

“Yes… and no. Look here,” she said as she drew some circles on the blackboard to resemble Pokémon. “Now, one, two, three, four. So how many are there?”

“Let me think..." answered Jimmy. “There are three…and that one.”

“Three and that one,” repeated the teacher with a sigh. “So if I add THAT one to the other three, what will I have?” The teacher went as far to hold up four fingers in front of Jimmy’s face in a desperate attempt to have him get the answer.

“OH! Um… Some fingers.”

“Espeon…” (He’s rivalling the two idiots we saw before in stupidity...)

“Umbre!” (And winning!)

“Ah! There you are!” shouted Rui. She quickly scooped the pair up and handed them to Wes.

“ESPI!” (Put me down!) Espeon cried, surprised that Rui would simply pick him up like a lost toy.

“Hello!” greeted the teacher. “Don’t worry, those Pokémon were well behaved. And what fine evolved Pokémon they are! Jimmy! What do YOU think of these Pokémon?

“Um… well behaved, fine evolved Pokémon?” answered Jimmy, struggling to keep up with the sudden subject change.

“No, that’s what I think. What do you think? Try to have a thought of your own, Jimmy, thinking is so important. What do you think?” explained the lecturer patiently.

“I think...thinking is so important,” replied Jimmy.

The teacher sighed and turned to Wes. “Never mind Jimmy, he’s been like this for years. Hmm, do you have a P*DA?”

Wes frowned. “Yes. I am a trainer, as you can see.” He held his P*DA – Orre’s somewhat less-than-inspiring equivalent of a Pokédex - for the teacher to see. It was a small gadget that could fit in one’s pocket but it didn’t give much in the way of detailed information beyond moves known by Pokémon in the trainer’s possession, and wild speculative rumours about the species. Nobody was quite sure why the star needed to be mentioned in its name but everyone just went along with it.

The teacher frowned a bit upon seeing the P*DA set up. “You don’t have a Strategy Memo, do you?”

“No, I don’t,” admitted Wes. Personally he thought he could rely upon his own memory and knowledge to know which Pokémon were good against others. He also felt confident about knowing that water beat fire and ice moves tended to be rather cold without the help of the add-on.

“Tell you what, if you beat the Pre Gym challenge, I will upgrade your P*DA,” said the tutor. “It’s a typical reward we give out, although I can’t say it’s very, uh, extensive.”

“Well... I guess if I ever have to lend this to a young child who doesn’t know his left hand from his right it may be useful, so might as well. I better get started then…” Wes said with a shrug before walking back to the battle arena, deciding to take his position on the left hand side. Espeon and Umbreon trotted out in front of him, prepared for battle.

“I’ll cheer for you, Wes!” shouted Rui loudly.

“OK! First challenge is… Botan! You’re up!” shouted Justy from the control room, before pressing a button and summoning the lift. Another teenager walked out and took his battle position.

“Wes, Wes, beat Botan, if you can’t do it, no-one can!” cheered Rui.

“Rui, could you please pipe down during the battle?” Wes yelled back.


All in all, the pre-gym challenge was a cinch. Even Jimmy would have beaten it, Wes reflected, despite the enthusiastic and somewhat distracting shouting from Rui.

After Botan proclaimed his love for all things green and grass types, he sent out a Sunkern and a Hoppip. However, when his Pokémon caught sight of the far larger Espeon and Umbreon who towered over the tiny creatures, the small pink Hoppip jumped back into Botan’s Poké ball while shrieking in fright with its squeaky voice. Its partner however could not dive into its own Poké ball, due to being a small, weak seed lacking legs or the ability to jump. Left without any other options, it resorted to waving its leaves as viciously as it could at Espeon. Shortly before Wes even ordered an attack, the Sunkern fainted out of pure fear.

The second battle was against a girl by the name of Liqui, who boasted that nobody liked water types as much as her. Wes suspected by this point the trainers’ names weren’t real but then again, strange names were common for citizens of the region. Her Pokémon were at least considerably better than Botan’s (consisting of a Marill and Surskit) in that it required an attack from Wes’ Pokémon. However it only needed one; Espeon’s powerful Return had struck Marill right into the small water spider which was squashed by the other’s weight, knocking both out instantly.

The third battler was a posh looking boy with the slightly less classy name of Dugo. He had a Trapinch and a Swinub, the former being quite fond of dancing about as soon as it was sent out. This seemed to help it, as while its partner had dug underground Wes’s Pokémon were unable to target it and so they focused on the Trapinch instead. They failed to land a hit on it as it successfully evaded both Espeon’s Return and Umbreon’s Bite attacks, swaying its body just out of reach. Unfortunately, instead of attacking Espeon and Umbreon from below, the Swinub ended up burrowing underneath and hitting the dancing Trapinch, knocking it upside down. In the confusion (which hadn’t been helped by Dugo shouting at his Pokémon about docking their salary for their mistake) the two Pokémon were both promptly jumped upon by the two Eeveelutions and a mere moment later they had also been defeated.

The last battle was a relatively straight-forward one. The final battler, an uppity Lady Gwin, sent out two defensive rock-typed Pokémon in Geodude and Ryhorn. The Geodude begun with a Magnitude attack which shook the room slightly and sent all nearby onto the ground. Rui gave a sudden shriek when she fell, while the teacher muttered a bit as she scrambled to recollect pieces of chalk and blackboard dusters while ignoring any fallen children. However the attack dished out severe damage to its partner in Ryhorn thanks to the type disadvantage, causing it to bellow in pain before charging straight ahead right out of the door. With the departure of the rhino, Geodude stood no chance against the combined forces of Bite and Confusion. Oddly enough, Lady Gwin after the battle huffed at Wes distastefully.

“Uh... well, my battle style must have been too sophisticated for you!” She struck her nose to the air, and walked off towards the stairway to search for her Ryhorn.

Odd comment to make after losing, thought Wes. Meanwhile, Rui ever so causally stuck out her foot, resulting in the woman giving a startled shout and acquiring a squashed nose.

“Great work!” smiled Justy, commenting upon the battles as he made his way to the arena. “You beat the Pre Gym Battle Challenge!” He tried to make it sound like a fantastic accomplishment, but both Wes and Rui felt that Justy knew how ‘challenging’ it really was. Nonetheless, the man continued on. “As an award, you win… this WHITE HERB!” Justy handed a small white herb to Wes, with the same level of fake enthusiasm, if not more.

“Ah… thanks…” said Wes as he scrutinised the small white leave, wondering if Justy had been joking by offering this as a price. Justy’s wide beam suggested it wasn’t, and so he stuffed the small object to the depths of his bag, figuring that he would probably forget about its existence by tomorrow.

“I would like you to battle me, Wes. But only when you get a full party of six Pokémon,” Justy continued in a similar fashion.

“If you insist I suppose,” Wes said, thinking that wasn’t too likely he would get himself any more Pokémon any time soon – he was quite content with his current small party. On his way out, he got the upgrade for his P*DA from the teacher, who seemed to be using this as an excuse to stay away from her students. Wes didn’t blame her. She even gave Rui a P*DA, even though she wasn’t a Pokémon trainer, or have any Pokémon in the first place.


The moment they walked out of the Pre Gym, Rui started to rush off again into the depths of the white stone city towards a long alley, eagerly eying the numerous water features crowding the street. Wes however grabbed her jacket before she could progress.

“Stop running off!” he said sternly. “If you want some help from me, you’ll have to stop rushing off into every house. From now on, just follow behind me. OK?”

“Yes…” said Rui somewhat reluctantly.

“Good,” said Wes, confident that he got the hyperactive Rui under control for now. He started walking towards a house to the left. He had talked to someone upon leaving the Pre Gym, so he now hopefully knew the location of the mayor’s house. Rui started walking directly behind him.

“Rui…” he said at length.

“Yes?” replied Rui innocently.

“Can you please stop walking directly behind me?”

“But you said to follow behind you,” answered Rui mischievously.

As Wes went to say something impolite to Rui, he suddenly bumped into a man who had walked out of the mayor’s house.


“Oww! Sorry…” apologised Wes, before stopping short as he gazed at the man. Rui let out a gasp and Umbreon looked up uncertainly.

The man was a tall, skinny person, who didn’t have much of a dress sense – his cold eyes didn’t do much to distract from his long, white hair and unattractive purple clothing, save for a red, skirt-like piece of garment which gave him the appearance of an ugly, poisonous flower. The man smiled oddly at Wes, causing him to shiver on impulse.

“You are a travelling trainer?” he asked. He smirked at Wes and Rui’s looks of bewilderment. “I like your expression. Fufufu, I have a feeling we will meet again somewhere.” The man then abruptly turned around and walked off.

“Well…” said a bemused Wes as he scratched his head. Normally people would say ‘that’s all right’ or more likely say something rude at being walked into rather than say... well, that, before leaving suddenly. “That was… odd.”

“And… scary,” added Rui.

“Umbreon, Eon?” (People in this town are strange, aren’t they?)

“Espeon Espi.” (Change ‘town’ to ‘region’ and I’ll agree with you on that one.)

“Well, I hope you don’t have to meet him again,” Rui said uncertainly before giving a small shrug. “Let’s go in,” she added, not one for waiting around.

As they entered, they saw the complete opposite to the man they just encountered. The person seated before them was a fat, short rounded figure, with a brown suit that somehow managed to contain his entire mass within. This, along with possibly having to talk with his previous visitor, didn’t seem to detract the mayor to welcoming them with a wide smile.

“You must be travellers! Welcome!” greeted the man. He waddled up to Wes and Rui. “I am Es Cade, the mayor of this town. Is anything the problem?”

Why do they keep assuming we’re travellers anyway? Wes thought to himself. Rui took the opportunity to step forward, banging her hands on the table as she began her recount.

“I saw… IT!” she answered.

The mayor looked blankly at Rui.

“Oh… sorry. Well, I saw a peculiar Pokémon, no, that’s not quite right,” Rui said quickly, somewhat grasping for words.

“Well, what was peculiar about it?” asked the mayor.

“Well," began Rui hastily, "I was walking around Pyrite Town when I saw two people having a Pokémon battle, and one of them had this Pokémon and it was giving out a black aura, and it was very odd, and then the man told it to use a strange move that sounded something like ‘shadow rush’, and I didn't think that was a real move, and then the Pokémon attacked the other Pokémon, and it looked very evil and I said ‘why does it have a black aura’, but nobody could see the black aura, and the Pokémon attacked someone, and they ran away screaming, oh and I like cake, and it looked like a fighting machine, not a Pokémon and then the man asked me what I saw and I ran away but then I was kidnapped by the man and this other man, and they put me in a bag took me here, and then I was rescued by Wes who had very strong Pokémon, and I’m really scared, and yeah.”

The mayor blinked at Rui. “I think you need to explain that again, slowly, and more clearly… much more clearly…”


“Well, then. So basically, you saw a scary Pokémon with a black aura? And it attacked people, and some shady characters kidnapped you because you could see it. If that is true, it would be scary. But I do admit I find it hard to believe at face value…" The mayor said a good ten minutes later. Wes smirked silently to himself - the mayor didn’t seem so disbelieving of the idea of Shadow Pokémon to himself, but then again it was a known problem within the region, or at least worse parts than Phenac. There was no doubt that that was what Rui had seen after all given her descriptions.

“But it’s true! MISTER MAYOR! It’s the truth!!” protested Rui rather loudly.

“No, no, I didn’t say I DON’T believe you,” said the mayor hastily, holding his hands up to stop Rui’s outburst. “I’m just saying that it is quite the story… anyway. I will investigate this…”

“Thank you!” gushed Rui.

“Don’t thank me! It’s my job and I cannot allow this,” the man assured the teenager in a soothing voice as he offered her a glass of water. “Give me time to investigate and I will get back to you with information on how we are going later via those P*DAs of yours! By the way, you are Pokémon trainers, no?"

Wes nodded. “Well, I am anyway.”

“Well then, while you’re here, why not go to our Colosseum, and take up a challenge? It’s state of the art, and the pride of our town. We also have our highly esteemed Pre Gym!”

“Well, all right. I already beat the Pre Gym challenge but I’m always up for more battles,” Wes answered with a grin as his Pokémon nodded in agreement. “Thanks for your time – we might as well check it out now.”

“Sure thing,” the mayor continued, standing as they left to leave. Wes turned and left the building with Rui following him happily behind him, pausing only for a moment to turn back. Wes swore that that he had seen something in the mayor’s face - a look of contempt? Anger? Hate?

But the mayor simply beamed back at him happily with a wave.

Nah, I probably was just imagining it, thought Wes. Too darn jumpy after the whole Team Snagem business I suppose...


Please reply on your thoughts! And I hope you enjoyed it! From here-on in, the chapter do start to get longer as well...
Oh, and in the next chapter, everyone's favourite afro-wielding music-loving Ludicolo-fanatic guy will make an appearance as well.

Chapter 3 may come on Sunday (my Sunday - live in Australia so for some Saturday...) as well, depending on time and availablility of internet.

And here is the spoiler on characters and such in the game:
Rui - in the game, after revealing that she can she Shadow Pokémon, then requests you to take her to the Mayor’s house (never mind you just saved her, and that you don’t know the place, but at least she asks nicely), and follows directly behind you all the time. If you played the game, you’d know just how annoying it gets - especially as she does so for the ENTIRE GAME! Yes, in the game, you’re stuck with her through thick or thin. Even if when you snag loads of Pokémon, and she never gets one. Anyway, her and various issues concerning her shall be addressed in due chapters.

People in house - random people in a house in Phenac City. Your average dim-witted NPC - note that the guy that comments on the T.V. broadcast moans about the such for the entire game. Never mind that it’s all about you saving the world, and that he misses out on his likely boring show because of it.

PRE-GYM - short for ‘Preparation Training Faculty’, as a NPC tells you. Looks good - has a mini-multi-environment underground for the NPC’s to train in (desert, forest, grassland, lake and sea rolled into one…) and a small lesson with teacher and students by the side.

The trainers in it however suck - all four have the same names and Pokémon as in the game and it’s pretty much serving as more tutorial battles. Exp is exp though.

Jimmy - what do you get when you mix a bland NPC that is one of the students at the Pre-gym, and a comical scene from the great show ‘Blackadder II’ - episode II? You get Jimmy. Otherwise he and his fellow students (and the teacher) aren’t anything remarkable.

‘Random-guy-by-mayor’s-house’ - also known as ‘Nascour’ in the game. Doesn’t look very… human, has strange and unsettling dress sense, and what he says in the game (same as what he says in this chapter) is… odd. Hints that he knows who you are then - escapee from Team Snagem - but, that doesn’t fit in the storyline. For this fic, he doesn’t, and more on that will show up later.

Mayor - short happy obese mayor called Es Cade. He comes from the land of fairies and elves and will do anything to help you...Ok, the last sentence I made up. He does have happy theme music, and acts more or less as he did in this chapter. Note that Wes is still on edge.