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Thanks, Ciira! Glad you like it! Sorry for the short reply, but I'm quite busy at the moment. :X

Okay, here is Chapter Seven! To tell you the truth, nothing much happen in this chapter except for the plot to slow down a bit and for the readers to get to know Jenny and Bunny better. Also, this chapter will explain why Bunny don't use contractions. XD

Thanks Hanako Tabris for betaing! And also, I kind of put a real life movie reference in here. Will give cookies to anyone who can find that reference. XD

Chapter Seven
Of Flights

It had been a while since Bunny was up in the air. The last time she was up that high was when she was on Sky in the Kanto region. Bunny loved how the wind blew her hair and how everyone - Pokémon and people - looked like ants down below. Despite all that, she shuddered. Tonight, she was being wanted and thoughts of jail kept haunting her mind. One look at the moon then had her thinking about something else.

What time is it?

Bunny glanced at her watch to check the time. Ten minutes until midnight. Her eyes grew big.

Wow…time flew by fast.

Thoughts about history came again. Bunny could not believe that time could make events into history. To know that subject is not only the knowledge of when an event took place but also how, who, why, and where. Everything had to be identified.

That was when she realized something: she did not where they were going. Bunny thought that it was unusual that she never asked that question to Jenny. Before she asked, Bunny sighed.


"Call me Ella," quirked Jenny with a smile. "I really like my middle name better than my real name. The name Jenny’s just so bland."

Both Balin and Bunny blinked, startled at what Jenny wanted to be called instead.

"Well, I think Jenny is a beautiful name," Bunny stuttered. She was not sure how Jenny would react.

Jenny laughed and then shook her head in amusement. "Again, Ella."

Bunny rolled her eyes and took a deep breath. "Okay, Ella. Anyhow, do you know where we are going?"

Jenny answered, "We’re going to stay at the Pokémon Center in Canalave City for the night. Can’t use the one in Jubilife City, in case news already hit there. At least we’ll be far from Lucas and Timmy. Maybe over there we could brainstorm on my uncle’s little writing."

"Pokémon Center? We could be found over there!" Bunny objected.

"It’s fine, Bunny. Lucas and Timmy are still probably on their way to the museum right now and I assume they did not let the media know any new developments yet."

"What if I’m on the eleven o’clock news?"

Jenny scratched her chin, thinking it through. True, maybe before the two men went to the museum one of them called the media to tell them of the new developments. On the other hand, no one else was at the crime scene nor could she think of anyone that knew Bunny that would call the police, at least for the moment. Another feat was that Lucas and Timmy must check out the museum and make sure she was definitely kidnapped before calling the news.

Jenny grinned and then explained, "Don’t worry too much about it. I’m pretty sure you’re not on the news yet as it’ll take them a while for them to search the museum and then call the media."

Bunny’s mind suddenly clicked and remembered back to when they were inside the museum.

Center of Library, 2244

She then thought about what Jenny told her a few moments ago:

[i]"Sorry, to tell you the truth, I got nothing. Maybe he wanted us to go there? If it is, maybe to hide there? No, libraries close in early evenings."

Hm…looks like Jenny got one part of the puzzle. The place has to be at the library. Wait…hide there…libraries close in early evenings.

Bunny started to connect that part Jenny said and the scene of the museum. She snapped her fingers when she figured the puzzle out.

Could it be that the criminal is hiding at a library? Of course! The death, the messages, it all comes together now!

"Hey, Ella, I think I know what that message is about. He wanted us to get the criminal!" she screamed with a grin.

Jenny turned her head slightly to face Bunny, her eyes wide open.

"Really?" she asked, her heart racing from surprise revelations. She wanted to actually slap herself, feeling stupid for not thinking that.

I should’ve know, me being a police officer!

Bunny took a deep breath and grinned. What she told Ella made her blood flow faster with each word she said.

"Just listen. It seems Ernest was able to enter the museum while it was closed and the security guard sleeping. Whoever was chasing him, he or she must know how he was able to enter it too. It is logical that Ernest locked the museum’s door for that person to not enter…but was able to enter anyhow. That was how during that time he was able to write those two messages. Not only that, an open door during closed hours would remain suspicious. Thus, I think that second message is to tell us where the criminal is hiding."

Jenny took a moment to digest all of that information in her mind. Yes, it all made sense. Her uncle was able to write those two messages because the doors were locked. The officer also noted how excited Bunny was when she told her of her assumptions that led them to trying to solve the second message, full of stimulation. She actually found it amusing to see Bunny be obsessive over something else besides history.

I should’ve known. Archeologists do know their stuff.

After she laughed softly, Jenny looked at Bunny with a huge smile.

"Hm…that does make sense here. You’re quite a detective, Buneary Girl," Jenny praised with a smile. "Don’t know why you decided to study history instead of police work!"

When Balin heard that, he laughed for quite a long time. His chest kept moving rapidly; he could not really control it. Despite the loudness of the laugh, Bunny did not pay attention. Her mind was too focused on that nickname and what the police officer said about why she studied history.

What? BUNEARY GIRL? Also, who does she think she is, asking me why I studied history?

Horror struck inside Bunny’s heart. She thought she heard it scream in distress.

"What did you call me?" Bunny asked slowly in a cold tone.

"’Buneary Girl.’ It suits you quite well. You act very cute sometimes," Jenny mused with a huge grin. "And also, sorry to say, but I’m not sure what you can do with history…besides archeology."

The horror struck even deeper in the woman’s heart. The word "cute" made her mind veil with anger. She thought she heard her body shatter into a thousand pieces.

"Do not ever call me that again, Ella," warned Bunny in an even colder tone. "Also, do not ever say that about history AGAIN."

Jenny's eyes got wide. She chuckled, finding it amusing that Bunny was angry over a name. Inspiration then bloomed; the officer wondered what would result if the little bunny got mad. Nothing could stop her from finding that out.

"How about ‘Shortstop’? ‘Shorty’? ‘Little Bunny’?"

Bunny just glared at her like a Gyarados ready to attack.


Balin chuckled and shook his head. He knew Bunny was the kind of person that did not like to be called anything else but her name. She hated being called anything cute as she wanted to be taken seriously, not as some little girl in the way of important affairs. The Tropius roared in laughter, amused too of Bunny’s seriousness over names.

"All right, Bunny," said Jenny without any resistance or complaint. She sighed, her mind getting back to what Bunny said of her uncle’s writing. "There are two problems though. One, do you know which library; and two, how about that number 2244?"

Bunny’s eyes went wide and she too went deep in thought. Despite some bitterness towards Jenny, she admitted that she could be a help sometimes. Ernest did not mention which library. Soon her mind melted and became soaked with water.

"True. Now this brings up another question: Why did your uncle not specifically say which library?"

Jenny's right hand grabbed her Tropius’s neck while her left hand was on her chin. The officer was trying to figure out how to answer that question. She sighed heavily.

Thanks, Uncle Ernest, again for not giving me more information. One blunt clue could save Bunny here…

After much frustration fumed in her mind, only two assumptions came out of her mouth.

"The only thing I can say is maybe my uncle was so nervous, he wasn’t able to write either the library’s name…or the correct address. That’s what the number 2244 is, right? That, or he just wanted us to use our minds."

For a second, Bunny thought she and Balin would fall down. She was quite confused as to what Ella meant by that. Balin was confused too, having one eye slowly moving up. Tropius chuckled though, knowing exactly what Jenny meant by that.

"Excuse me?" Bunny just said after being speechless for a few seconds.

"Maybe he wants us to figure out which library to go to. My uncle always believed we should use our minds to figure out things and not say things straight out. If we get our answers in an instant, our minds won’t be active."

The grass-flying dinosaur grinned and nodded while both Bunny and Balin had their mouths open.

"Really?" said Bunny in utter shock. "If that second assumption were the case, then his common sense seems to be faltering."

Jenny laughed loudly before she replied to Bunny’s retort.

"Well, sometimes intelligent people have the worst common sense IQ."

Both of Bunny’s eyes went big and she breathed heavily. When Balin saw and heard that, he closed his eyes and covered his ears. Jenny, on the other hand, just smiled.

"What? I don’t mean all intelligent people. I’m pretty sure you have some common sense. Plus, I’m only kidding."

While the Tropius was laughing, Bunny just gave a huff-sound.

"Yeah, right," she muttered. The woman then began thinking about what Jenny said before she commented on intelligent people and common sense.

"…That’s what the number 2244 is, right? That, or he just wanted us to use our minds."

Bunny wanted to slap herself. She should have known earlier that 2244 was the street number of her favorite place in Canalave. She snapped her fingers and then gave out the biggest grin she ever did.

"Ella, 2244 is the street number of the Canalave Library. Ernest probably wanted us to go there."

Jenny grinned and then laughed out loud. Not only was she happy to have Bunny around, but she was also actually glad her uncle chose her.

I guess there’s one thing my uncle did right.

Jenny’s grin just got bigger when her eyes suddenly saw it. At first Bunny and Balin wondered why the officer smiled and then one look down told the whole story.

Below them was the Canalave Library. A few feet across the three-story wooden building, a fountain full of water splashed loudly. The polished green roof was covered in sleeping Pidgey and Starly. On the bottom of the roof, Bunny and her Pokémon could see the numbers 2244 on the right side of the building. Balin yelped happily, as if he won the Pokémon League Championship.

"We found the library!" Bunny cheered.

When Jenny took a glance at the library, she nodded and then leaned closer to her Pokémon’s ear.

"Okay, Tropius, dive down close to where that fountain is!"

The flying Pokémon roared and then dived down fast as a bullet. While Jenny screamed for joy, Balin and Bunny screamed in fright. Again, Bunny did not notice how tight she was holding her Ninetales. The fox Pokémon began making coughing noises. True, even though she had been in the air many times with Sky, the balloon Pokémon never went down that fast.

"Nine nine nine nine!" Balin screamed.

We are going to die! We are going to die! We are going to die!

Faster and faster the Tropius went down. The thought of them about to crash had Bunny close her eyes for impact.

We are going to die! We are going to die! We are going to die!


Bunny opened her eyes and saw Jenny, the Tropius, and Balin - the Pokémon still in her arms - laughing.

"Oh my gosh! You said ‘We are going to die!’ like a million times!"

Bunny’s cheeks had blushed a rosy red. She thought she said it in her mind, although she felt it screamed louder than usual.

Before Jenny spoke, she chuckled. "It’s all right, scaredy Delcatty. Come on, let’s see how we can enter the library."


Despite the fast speed of the police car, Timmy was still able to think about his bitterness inside his mind.

I can’t believe it. Bunny Spruce ran away from her crime. Not only here, but all other criminals are able to run away.

He hated it, hated it more than anything in the world. Thinking about how parents, grandparents, and friends still had not heard who killed their loved ones made his blood boil. Thinking about how every unsolved crime had a criminal taking a bath or eating at a five-star restaurant made his eyes flow with tears. In fact, he felt a single tear on his cheek, as Ernest’s death was one of those cases with the criminals getting away with it.

More tears flowed when Timmy started to think about Jenny. He feared for her safety. Who knows what was going on while Lucas and him were still trying to get to the museum. The only thing to do right now was to get there as soon as possible.

The sooner, the better.

His eyes then looked out the window. He could not wait until they made it to the museum.

If Bunny has any heart and sense left in her, she wouldn’t hurt Jenny.

Lucas glanced at Timmy for a second and felt his heart skip a beat. He knew what Timmy was thinking.

He really cares for Jenny.

Lucas knew his officers well. He knew their likes and dislikes, could tell which officers got along with whom and if there was something wrong with him or her. At this moment, he knew Jenny being in great danger was taking a toll on him. The only problem was he was not sure how to make this situation better.

"Don’t worry, Timmy. We’ll get Bunny," Lucas assured with a sad smile.

Timmy did not pay attention. He was still thinking up of a possible victory for them when they caught Bunny.


"Sky, still do not see any shadowed figures inside?" screamed Bunny.

"Drift!" the Drifblim said when he shook his head. After he sighed, he glanced at Bunny and screamed at her, "Blm blm blm!"

"I know, I am sorry to keep getting you out of your Pokéball. I might have to use you more in situations like this, though."

"Driffff!" the balloon Pokémon groaned. He then puffed in some air and made himself bigger.

"I am sorry, really!" Bunny said while waving her hands and closing her eyes. "As soon as I am not a wanted runaway anymore, then you and Balin can have a long rest."

Sky shook his head, letting out some air to turn back to his normal size, and then resumed checking the windows on the right side of the building one more time. Despite not getting any rest, he did not want anything to happen to Bunny either. Two times he had already checked all of the windows on that particular side, but he knew there could be a chance he forgot to glance at something.

While Bunny was back checking the windows, Jenny glared at her for a while. There was something about her that held the police officer’s interest. She thought it was probably because she never met a girl like Bunny. She was used to meeting girls that were into pop culture and boys while Bunny was more interested in history and problem-solving. What stood out most about Bunny though for her was the way she talked.

She seems to talk more formally than other people I know her age.

Being the officer she was born to be, Jenny smirked. Time to find out why.

"Hey, Bunny!"

"Yes," Bunny answered as soon as she turned around.

"I wonder, why don’t you use contractions whenever you talk?"

"Excuse me?" Bunny asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Well, I keep hearing you say ‘do not’ instead of ‘don’t’. A little too formal, don’t you think?"

Bunny bit her lips and felt her right hand clench tightly. At first she wanted to scream and tell her to not ask about that again. Knowing the officer though, she would probably keep nagging about that as long as the two were together. She sighed and then shook her head, hating that she had to explain the reason behind her formal speech.

"If you must know, it is probably from my grandparents, when they baby-sat me whenever my father went to work. My grandfather was a history teacher and my grandmother did theater, but she liked history too. There would be times I would help her out with her lines and I had a lot of fun doing that. Another reason might be how I tend to think I am more mature than other people my age."

After Bunny went back to checking the windows, Jenny nodded and then chuckled. She thought Bunny’s reasoning was good, knowing from the many police cases she went through that sometimes children do get influenced by their relatives. Another thought struck inside her mind that made her grin.

Theater, huh? Maybe if this situation drags on, I’ll have some fun with her.

On the left side of the building, Balin rummaged through a few bushes and dug into a couple of spots. Nothing. After the Ninetales dug the third hole, he lay down on the ground.

"Nine…" cried Balin and then he shook his head.

While digging and rummaging, Balin thought he could find a hidden key or something else that could open the library. When he found nothing, he thought that this was a waste of time and could have used that time to sleep or eat a little snack. Eventually, a thought came to him. This one was maybe a little farfetched, but it was worth a shot. Wanting to try, the white fox got up and rushed to the front side of the building.

It was not long until the Ninetales came and saw the glassy doors with his own eyes. He frowned, not sure if he should open it. After debating with himself for a while, the Pokémon lifted his right front paw to push the door. Balin smiled when the door opened.


In less than a few seconds, Jenny, Sky, and Bunny came and saw the opening, all three with eyes wide open.

"So it was open all this time?" asked Bunny shakily.

"Tales!" Balin said with a nod.

"Either that criminal’s stupid or he tired to run away as fast as he could," said Jenny. She then chuckled and grinned.

Bunny rolled her eyes. "Come on, there is no time to waste!"

Not wanting to waste time, all four raced into the library with hope of ending this mess floating in their minds.

[SPOILER=more comparisons]Pretty much I'm going to say is this is one of the big differences than from Da Vinci code. Okay, the book also has the two main characters talking to each other and getting to know each other too, but the big difference here is I'm letting Jenny and Bunny know each other right now. XD[/SPOILER]

Nothing else to say but I hope you guys enjoy this and Chapter Eight shall come during my spring break at least. Right now have to study.

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