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This is an idea I have had for quite a while. I am trying to learn assembly (again), so I could possibly make this for GBA.

Let It Rain


They say that the heavens weep when someone dies, and the persons soul is laid to rest. They also say that a person's soul is washed clean of all impurities. When the rain dries, and everything is new again, a new glimmer of hope, and a new life, is born. After the rain one dark day, a baby boy was born. Not a normal boy, a boy that stopped the rain: a boy who stopped the cleansing of the souls. A boy with a rainbow soul. The souls became restless, and began to wander the earth, trying to find a door to the next realm. Some continued to look for the door, and others caused emotional havoc. When the boy became a man, he set off on a long journey to lay the souls to rest. He eventually met an alchemist, one who crossed over from the other realm. The man surrendered his life, and the alchemist forged a sacred device out of his heart. This enchanted device, the "Soul Weaver", would capture souls, and cross them over. The alchemist gave the device to a young, spry knight. After years of perilous adventures, the knight had finally caught all the souls, and layed them to rest. For his work, he had earned the name "Soul Catcher," and the device he used was placed in a scared shrine, to be protected from rogue souls. People all over the world had celebrated, for it was a time of joy. That is, until the Soul Catcher was assassinated. With a devastating blow to the head, he fell limply to the floor. For the first time in many years, it rained. It continued to rain, and rain, and rain. When it stopped raining, another boy was born. Another boy that stopped the rain, another boy with a rainbow soul. When he became of age, the boy was summoned by his village elders. He was to sacrifice himself, in order to make another Soul Weaver. He had refused, and ran far away. The boy had reached a small village, one with many knights. An old woman spotted him, and approached him. She said he looked like her son, that his soul and the boy's were the same. The old woman showed him the Sacred Weaver shrine, plucked the tool off of its pedestal, and handed it to the boy. She explained to him what he must do with the device, and he sped off. The boy came across a small hut in the middle of the forest. He knocked on the door, and a decrepid old man answered. The old man noticed the Soul Weaver in the boy's arms, and offered to help him in his quest. The old man gave the boy the power to attach souls to empty vessels and people already dead. After the encounter with the alchemist, the boy rushed off to his destiny. A destiny of heart, of spirit, and of life. Now, take the form of the child, and help this helpless world.

The Soul System
  • Stats
    Stats in this game are not done traditionally (except for 2). Colors are the determinants of a character's intelligence, agility, etc. (full chart will be posted and explained later). The stats in this game are approximate values, not exact ones, and stats are not gained from expierence points, either. Stats gained are determined by hapiness level. Your hapiness is determined from accomplishing certain tasks. If your hapiness is below 0, you will lose stats instead of gain them. Stat gain is also determined by the character's soul color. For example, a red-type soul will progress through the speed (red) stat faster much faster than a blue-type (the opposite of a red-type). Now, there are really only two traditional stats in the game: Heart and Health. These two are exact stats, and cannot be lost. You health, obviously, determines physical damage. Your heart, however, determines for emotional damage, or damage to your soul. If either of these stats reaches zero, you die and return to the last church you visited.
  • Characters
    There is really only one playable character that is set in stone and that is the main character. The other playable characters are souls that you transfered either to a dead body (a corpse), or to a vessel*. Souls that have been transferred to a vessel will have more health, but lower heart. Those transferred to a corpse will have more heart, but less health. When characters die in battle, you can take his/her corpse or vessel with you, but the soul is gone for good. Also, since you transfer a bit of your soul into the other character's when transfering the person to a corpse or vessel, he/she will have every one of your memories. Corpses can also catch diseases, while vessels can break (though neither of these ailments lead to death). *Vessels are non-human objects that contain a soul. One such exapmle would be a tree, or a fire enitity.
  • Soul Rocks
    These are items that are permanently equipped to a soul. A Soul Rock has a color (can have more than one), that determines what kind of soul would benefit most from it. Souls of the opposite color that have the rock equipped are usually burdened with negative effects, such as double damage to the character, or half speed. There are a few soul rocks, however, that change a soul's color.
  • The Souls Themselves
    Each soul has its own tale, and its own look, its own name, and its own color. This means that getting the same soul twice is extremely unlikely. Souls are usually mono-color, though some can be two or even three color (those are really rare). When a soul is two or three colors, the colors it has are not opposites, but they are colors that go well together or are neutral to each other. A soul with more than one color has more weaknesses and more strengths than a mono-colored one (once again, shart coming soon).

  • The Soul System
  • Custom Music
  • Custom Graphics
  • On GameBoy Advance (I might make it for RMXP if I never learn assembly)
  • Cameos (I will decide who)
  • Dragon Quest style battle system
  • Some minigames
  • Many sidequests
  • Secret quest after you beat the game

Yeah, the story needs a little tweaked, and names will be decided at some point, at least when I decide what kind of world this will take place in.
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