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Originally Posted by Дон Пач View Post
Thanks for the comments. Yeah, it is coincidence that the character is like Alphonse, but it was not intended.

Anyway, I think I have a the style I am going to go for graphic-wise. It is going to be more of a Dragon Quest Monsters: Caravan Heart style, just not nearly as bright (More dull and washed out to give a feeling of misery). I have also finished composing the main theme, and after some fine tuning, I will post it.
I honestly would like to see this game produced as well. It is a gem of an idea, and certainly deserves a good workforce. Unfortunately, I have other obligations, and my best skill is eventing. (Although I know a little on how to do every other job, mostly spriting) I would recommend that you take a small group at first, and work on the core of the game, before working on the main game itself. (Kind of how you're supposed to design the battle system before the battle)

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