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Hey guys! Well, here's the next chapter! There's a lot of new developments here so I hope you catch them! Also, thanks Astinus/Hanako Tabris for betaing! And lastly, will do the compare/contrast thing later...actually have to go to work right now. :X

Chapter Eight
History Books


The police car parked with a loud shriek. Both Timmy and Lucas got out and dashed off towards the museum door. Before they entered the museum though, the chief’s eye caught a ruined cell phone on the ground.


The thought of harm being done to Jenny made his blood boil. He wanted to believe himself that everything was fine, but it was not. The broken cell phone said it all. Lucas clutched his fist, anger seeping inside his veins.

Justice will soon prevail.

After taking a few deep breaths and having a clearer mind, he turned around to look at Timmy, who was almost at the doors.

“Timmy, wait!”

Lucas motioned his hands at Timmy to follow him to a new direction. The two walked up slowly towards the broken cell phone. When they were very close to it, the chief picked up one of the pieces and stared at it while his arms were shaking. His heart thumped harder with each breath he took.

“Yeah, looks like Bunny damaged Jenny’s cell phone. Going to pick these pieces up just in case.”

Slowly, Lucas picked up the four broken pieces and put it inside the plastic bag. Soon he took a quick look at the pieces and then put the bag inside the pocket of his suit. While looking, Timmy bit his lip, trying not to make nervous sounds. Seeing those pieces broke his heart.

Hope nothing bad happens to her.

“Okay, let’s go inside.”

Before the two did anything, Timmy quickly reflected on his thoughts. It was very childish of him just pleading for Jenny’s safety. On the other hand, he knew praying would not help. There must be action.

Time to do this thing. Don’t worry Jenny, we’re coming to get you!

Timmy nodded and then the two went inside.


Darn it, second time I forgot to close the library door!

Mrs. Davis ran like she never ran before. She did not care if she was running with her nightgown on and a few sailors and Pokémon staring at her. All the librarian cared was hoping no one came inside the library.

Who am I kidding, not many people these days go to the library. Dang the new features of the PokéTech and the internet! That actually seems to be the only reason why people enter the library.

Her mind began thinking about Bunny, the only person she knew that came to the library to read the books inside there. Ever since Bunny graduated though, the two did not talk much. Mrs. Davis understood Bunny must have been busy with one of her many projects, so there was not much time for writing back to her. There were a few letters though that Mrs. Davis got from Bunny, explaining how fun her work was. Just only a couple months ago Bunny returned to her hometown of Canalave City and was already busy on her book on the evolutionary stones.

Poor girl, always want to succeed. Hope the stress doesn’t get to her.

Wanting to get this done as soon as possible, she ran faster.


Timmy looked around the first floor while Lucas looked around at the second floor. So far in the first floor the officer found no one. No Bunny, no Jenny. His mind went to wonder if maybe they could be up at the second floor, probably again inside the bathroom.

I just hope nothing happens to Jenny. Damn, Bunny Spruce!

When he suddenly heard a crunch sound, Timmy lifted his foot and realized he stepped on Jenny’s walkie talkie. He instantly bent down to pick the broken pieces up and then stared at it with sadness shown in his eyes. Anxiety dug deep inside his mind again, so his hands began shaking.

Oh no…please be okay, Jenny.

Back on the second floor, Lucas stopped for a second and checked to see if anyone was there. No one. One look at a statue of Suicune though made him grunt. He then glanced at another statue, this time of an elf-like Pokémon that had two tails with a star on top of each one. There was a red orb on its forehead and a huge crown on top of its head. On the bottom of the statue was an inscription.

Mesprit: Legendary Pokémon of Sinnoh
The Being of Emotion.
Teaches the nobility of sorrow, pain, and joy.

The man shook his head, found it ironic his emotion at the moment was of pain, more so of the burden this case weighted on his shoulders. His temper could flare up any second.

I’m beginning to lose my patience here. Funny how pain has some nobility.

After he laughed at that thought, he ran towards the bathroom. When he came inside, Lucas first scanned the place, but no one was there.

“Jenny? Bunny?”

No sound. Lucas concluded maybe they were hiding inside one of the bathroom stalls. He then went and kicked every door and each time his eyes went wide. As soon as he kicked the last door and there was no one, he gulped and then blinked out of anxiety.

Don’t tell me Bunny indeed ran away with Jenny!

He quickly ran out of the bathroom but then lost his footing after a few steps. It all happened so fast there was no time for reaction. His body slid through the floor and then his back hit the Mespirt statue. After pain erupted on both his back and shoulder, he moaned and then he shook his head, got up, and ran once again. Time was running out and that little trip delayed things.


Up on the wall of the second floor, the clock struck at twelve fifteen. The floor was only packed with shelves of books and long tables. For the last few minutes, Bunny, Jenny, Sky and Balin tried to look for the person who killed Ernest, but so far no one. That put Balin, Sky, and Bunny in a bad mood, the three kept grunting and walking slowly. Jenny tried her best to cheer everyone up, though.

“Come on, you three! I bet the criminal’s in the third floor,” Jenny chimed while the three were going up the stairs that led to the third and last floor. No one smiled, however.

“Are you sure, Ella?”

Jenny smiled and then replied, “Well, if you’ve been in the force like me, you’ll know that criminals will try to cover their tracks as much as possible. Besides, maybe by now, the criminal ran away.”

Bunny muttered some nervous sounds and covered her body with her arms. What worried her was the possibility that the criminal indeed covered his or her tracks very well and could strike her soon.

In less than a few seconds, all four were on the third floor of the library. Not much difference from the first and second floors except more tables.

“Okay, let’s split up and see if the murderer’s hiding anywhere.”

Balin, Sky, and Bunny nodded and then the four were off.



Trapped inside his thoughts for quite some time, Timmy soon turned around and saw Lucas touching his shoulder and making whimpered sounds while running quickly down the stairs. Surprised the chief already looked hurt, he was about to ask if Bunny did that, but Lucas spoke first.

“No Jenny or Bunny anywhere. Any luck on the first floor?”

The male officer shook his head and then answered the question. “Nope. All I found was broken pieces of the walkie talkie. How about your shoulder? If it’s not Bunny, then what happened? ”

“Slip and fall, that’s all. Okay, give me those broken pieces.”

When Lucas was close enough, Timmy gave the pieces to him. The chief was quiet for a while, inspecting the broken walkie talkie slowly and carefully. Anger ignited inside his veins once again. Timmy thought he saw the chief’s face slowly becoming red.

You’ll be paying for this, missy!

Not wanting his rage to overtake his mind again, Lucas took a deep breath and then had his mind focused on the broken walkie talkie.

“Looks like Bunny broke this the same way she broke the cell phone. Keep this for evidence, also.”

Lucas put the broken walkie talkie inside the plastic bag and put it in his pockets of his suit also. He then faced Timmy with a frown. When the officer saw that look, he sighed, saddened that no progress was made and instead things got worse.

We aren’t going to progress anywhere with this rate…

“Well, looks like there’s no other explanation than that Bunny kidnapped Jenny.”

Timmy felt his heart stop. Never before in his police career had he heard of an officer being kidnapped by a criminal. He hated to think what would happen to one of their own.

“Please say it isn’t true, Lucas,” Timmy said in a whisper. That was all he could say while that horrible realization was still fresh and new to him.

Lucas sighed and then said, “So sorry.” That sigh made the pain worse so he gave out a quick moan. Timmy was about to say something, but Lucas hushed him. “Also, again don’t worry. This pain will wear off soon. Okay, going to call the police station and a few media resources to let them know the situation. Stay right here. Maybe Bunny will come back.”

Lucas took off, not noticing that Timmy did not pay attention. Instead, the officer had one thought rewind over and over in his mind. Somehow he was again determined to find Jenny and make sure Bunny was properly punished.

If Bunny did anything to Jenny, I’m going to make sure payback will be made.

Yes, I see it!

Mrs. Davis’ eyes went wide when she saw the building. The woman squealed in joy while running. Her eyes were then closed, the waves splashed onto her face.

Almost there, almost there…

When Mrs. Davis opened them, the library was in front of her. While breathing very hard, her hand pushed the door handle and it opened slowly.

I guess my instincts are right. Better check out the whole place first or else someone might be trapped inside there.


Jenny looked through the History section and found no one hiding. There were times she thought maybe, just maybe, the criminal was behind her. Each time she turned around, no one.

However, there was one book that intrigued her. It was a skinny book and on its side was the title Carved in Silence: History of the Plates. Even though she was not into history, that title made her want to know more of those plates.

Hm…didn’t know something you eat your food from can be of any historic significance. Maybe a couple of them are painted or something. My uncle would love reading this, though.

She gasped and then thought her throat was on fire. Her heart now was having second thoughts about this little plan of hers. Jenny felt guilty of taking advantage of trying to find her uncle’s secrets after he was gone.

Am I really sinking low, trying to find out what he’s hiding from me right after he died? I could just try to save Bunny until I think of a way to convince Lucas and Timmy of Bunny’s innocence. This wouldn't have happened though if Ernest told me what’s going on in the first place!

The officer shook her head, not wanting to think about her uncle for now. There was a murderer on the loose. Out of curiosity, Jenny took the book out and was about to turn the page until she heard a scream.


Instantly she hurried off while still holding the book.


While Jenny was at the History section, Bunny was at the Children section. She saw many thin books with titles like Pokémon Training Ethics for Children and Pokémon Fairy Tales. There was one red book that intrigued her, however. She took the book out from the book shelve and read the title in her mind.

Sinnoh Folk Stories. Hm…I think I read it before.

She opened the book and turned the first page. On that page there was a picture of a lot of water Pokémon under the sea. When she turned to the second page, there were the bones of what looked like a Wailord and on the bottom there was writing.

Pick clean the bones of Pokémon caught in the sea or stream.
Thank them for the meals they provide and pick their bones clean.
When the bones are as clean as can be, set them free in the water from which they came.
The Pokémon will return, fully fleshed, and it begins anew.

Bunny gave out a reminisced sigh. She remembered as a very young girl how that book actually got her more interested in the species of Pokémon: how they battled, cared, and cried. That eventually led her to wanting to know more about Pokémon history, how the Pokémon acted a thousand years ago and how they acted today.


Balin’s scream made Bunny jump up and drop the book. Her heart raced with antipication.

Oh my gosh, Balin might have found the murderer!

After picking up the book and putting it back in the book shelf, she scurried off.

Too bad Balin did not find the murderer. Instead, he was stuck under one of the tables. He thought he saw a shadowy figure under it, so he went under to check. One thing led to another, Balin became stuck, thanks to his nine thick tails.

Sky slowly came and then shook his head. Again, he believed only Balin would be in situations like this, though he knew the white fox meant well and not just doing that to be a clown.

When Bunny came and saw that, she sighed angrily, her hands on her hips and her foot tapping.

“Balin, how did you end up like this?”

No words came from the Nintetales. Instead, he growled softly.

“Fine, I will get you out. Sorry, but I have to pull you out by holding a few of your tails.”

Balin growled again, this time with a hint of anger and disbelief. He would not like it, but he knew it was his fault he was in this mess.

Bunny tightly grabbed four of Balin’s tails and pulled as hard as she could. She let out a few grunts whenever the pull was getting hard. Eventually, Balin was pulled out with both him and Bunny crashing on the floor.

A huge mistake.


Mrs. Davis just finished looking through the second floor. Like on the first floor, no one on the computers, no one reading. Again, she wished someone were in here reading. A part of her though made her afraid of someone dangerous hiding in the library.

Why am I hoping for someone to read past midnight when a possible criminal is hiding in the library!

…Wait, criminal?

She froze and then shuddered. Her mind thought back to the news of a few murderers that got away. Something told her one of them was using this place for hiding, at least for tonight.

I do hope no criminal is in there. Dang it, been watching too much news lately.


That was when she heard a loud crash sound from the third floor. Mrs. Davis just stood there for a while, not sure if she should go inside or not. Her eyes kept blinking and her body was swaying left and right.

Should I go or not? I’m afraid maybe that person has a gun. Assuming this person’s a criminal, it’s better that he gets caught…even though it’s my fault in the first place to forget to lock the doors. I should find out first and then try to call. Besides, how often do criminals use libraries as hideouts?

Wanting to get through this, Mrs. Davis ran up the stairs.


When Jenny had stopped running, she saw both Bunny and Balin on the floor and Sky chuckling. She gasped and then raised her right eyebrow.

“What happened?”

Bunny did not answer until both her and Balin got up.

“Balin was stuck under one of the tables, so I pulled him out.”

When Jenny stared at Balin, he just laughed nervously. Luckily though, she just giggled and then petted his head in a caring matter.

“At least you’re okay,” Jenny whispered to Balin. The Pokémon did not listen though, enjoying the petting a little too much.

Bunny did not do anything except stare at the book Jenny had in her hand. A warm feeling went inside her when she saw the title.

Carved in Silence: History of the Plates. Plates? Have I heard of it before?

There were times when one word or sentence made someone scream with excitement but then his or her mind went blank, could not recall anything. That was what was happing to Bunny right now. The word “plates” had her mind click but at the same time blank.

I heard about those things before at my university.

Not wanting to get a heart attack because of one word, she decided she must have a look of that book.

“Ella, where did you get that book?” asked Bunny when she finally could speak.

“Huh?” Jenny replied. She took a quick glance of the book and then slapped her head. “Oh, that book! Got it at the history…”

Bunny instantly snatched the book before Jenny could finish her sentence. Eagerness for information was showing in her huge shinning eyes.

“You could’ve asked,” whispered Jenny bitterly. Laugher could be heard from both Sky and Balin.

Bunny was about to open the first page until she heard a scream, though not a mad one. It was more of a frightened one.

“Hello? Anyone there? I heard a crash and then laughter!”

All three gasped. Without thinking, Bunny put the book in her bag.

The footsteps became louder, indicating the assumed criminal was getting closer and closer.

“Hide!” Jenny told the three of them.

Everyone quickly went and hid under a table. When they lied down with their stomachs on the floor, they saw a shadowed figure with a flashlight. Bunny and Jenny covered their eyes with their hands while Balin and Sky just closed them.


Bunny’s eyes went wide. That voice was very familiar to her. She could not help herself but scream her name in pure joy.

“Mrs. Davis!”

By the time Jenny covered her mouth, the light came to them and this time it stayed there for some time. Very brightly, it revealed Jenny, Bunny, Sky, and Balin.

“Balin, Sky, Bunny? What are you guys doing here? Also, why is an officer with you three?”

Bunny sighed. Even though she could not see her clearly (because of the flashlight), she knew by the tone of Mrs. Davis that voice she was very concerned of the situation. This was not going to be easy explaining everything to her.


“Yes, I want that info to be posted on your website right now! Oh, and you know how you got those Jubilife News Alert system? Post the info in there too during whatever program comes at twelve thirty in the morning!”


As soon as Lucas put his cell phone inside his suit pocket, he grabbed a cigarette and a match from the other pocket. When the match lit up, it burst into a tiny flame that then later ignited the cigarette.

“Really need a smoke.”

He smoked the cigarette and puffed the smoke out every few seconds. This case was really becoming stressful for him. Usually he was a very patient person, but his anger almost got out of hand after the slip and fall from the second floor earlier. Whenever he felt very mad, he would go for a smoke. The chief thought he was able to handle his emotions better than Timmy, or at least bottle them up well.

Lucas was passionate towards his job, always wanted as many cases solved and finished as soon as possible. Like Timmy, he hated when criminals got away, although for a different reason. It was just his job.

He thought himself not a heartless man or anything. He just got used to a thousand cases of same murders, same injuries and same burglaries that it was a routine to him.

Many of the cases seemed to be not unique, not original. Kids being kidnapped by the parent they were separated from. Murders of people from their ex-loved ones. Hate crimes on people not considered “normal”.

Still, it was his job. A murder case was his assignment, and not finding the criminals meant he did not do his job well.

Will not have another case go unsolved.

His mind then thought back to the writing Ernest did. He felt there was some vital clue to that.

E: Check out the Lapras. First though, get Bunny Spruce.

He grinned, thought this part of the puzzle was now solved. The chief finally felt this case was now going somewhere.

Of course, couldn’t be any simpler!

After he finished smoking, he dropped the cigarette and then went inside the museum. Lucas screamed when he was inside the museum again, a hint of great determination in his tone. He chuckled when he saw Timmy suddenly stare at him with huge eyes and a tightly closed mouth.

“Come on, Timmy! Let’s go to that water route. Maybe some Lapras will be singing tonight!”


Bunny thought it would take forever, but she finally finished telling Ms. Davis everything that happened to her tonight. She felt Dustox in her stomach whenever the librarian showed faces of fear and amazement. To her astonishment, Mrs. Davis was glad Jenny helped her escape.

“Wow…so all of that really happened? I’m glad at least you guys are okay. Since this ‘murderer’ is not here, what’s your next plan?”

As much as they wished it were not true, it pained all four that the criminal was not in here. Balin, Sky, Jenny, and Bunny thought they were so close to the criminal, from what assumptions they had on the clues Ernest gave them. Probably their assumptions were wrong.

“We plan to stay at the Pokémon Center and brainstorm some locations,” Bunny finally said after a long moment of silence.

Jenny just nodded, but there was something else in her mind. Her only worry was that the police might be able to find them somehow before the morning sun rose. Part of her wanted to keep running until the criminal was found. She sighed in defeat.

Timmy’s right. Sometimes you just gotta take risks.

She knew they could not just run to any place mindlessly. It would be best to plan the locations so that they could be two, maybe even three steps ahead of Timmy and Lucas.

“Something confuses me, though,” Bunny continued after a pause. “I thought we would be able to find the criminal here. Obviously ‘Center of the Library’ and 2244 means here.”

Mrs. Davis nodded. “True. Maybe Ernest’s giving you guys a little treasure hunt of sorts. Since I knew him a bit, he loved those things. You should know that too, Jenny.”

Jenny suddenly felt pain deepened inside her heart. She too knew how much her uncle loved treasure hunts. It was one of many examples that proved of what she told Bunny about him earlier. Despite her mixed feelings about him, she did miss those treasure hunts when she was a child.

“Treasure hunt?” Bunny asked with her head tilted slightly. Both of her Pokémon were confused too, their eyes wide and then the two conversed about that to themselves.

“Bunny, your friend is right. It seems that my uncle’s doing this treasure hunt to help us find the criminal. When I was little, he would set up those treasure hunts and give me clues to solve whenever I came over to his place. In fact, those treasure hunts got me into wanting to be a police officer in the first place.”

Bunny did not like the sound of this, her hands beginning to shake. Even though she liked a good treasure hunt, now was not the time. The sooner she was not wanted anymore, the better. She shuddered, hating that now this situation would drag on.

Jenny sighed when she saw Bunny nervous about this. She too hated the fact the clues made things worse, not better.

Seriously uncle, why you have to make things longer than it is?

“Well, sorry Bunny, but I can’t call the police to prove your innocence as they might not listen to me."

Bunny just nodded, understanding.

“Good. Okay, just hope you guys have a good night. Sorry that you can’t find anything here. Maybe you read the clue wrong or something as I’m not sure what you can find here.”

Before Mrs. Davis was about to leave, Bunny glanced at a small blue book inside her bag. She gasped.

The book! I better give it back to her!

“Mrs. Davis, wait! That book I said earlier! I almost forgot to give it back to you!”

Mrs. Davis chuckled and then laughed.

“Knew you would never steal a book here, even if it’s your favorite book.”

Bunny quickly got the book and was about to give it to her but then tripped, which made everyone gasp. The book flew out of her hands and dropped. What was more intriguing was a small note floating down.

“A note?” asked Bunny with wide eyes.

Mrs. Davis did not look surprised but instead giggled. “There are times I see notes in the library books. Mostly love notes for some reason.”

Jenny’s eyes followed the note and then she grabbed it. The officer grinned after she finished reading it. Mrs. Davis came to read it and she too smiled.

“I can tell this is no love note,” Jenny mused.

Bunny slowly got up and then when she was close to the officer, Jenny let her see the note. The archaeologist gasped of what was written in it.

The Joys of History, When Time Heals the Wounds

Knowing that this was indeed a treasure hunt for the criminal, Bunny moaned.

Please, no more...

Bunny’s breaths became louder and faster and she felt her world turning upside down. Just when there was a possibility of the criminal inside the library, all they found was a note. She now wanted to smash something to vent her anger.

“Tell me this is a dream!” Bunny finally yelled after a long silence from everyone. Both Mrs. Davis and Jenny shook their heads. “This cannot happen! How many more clues is he giving us? I want out of this situation NOW!”

Even though before Jenny understood Bunny’s nervousness that was the breaking point. Her left eye kept twitching and she bit her lip hard. Jenny was beginning to be annoyed that the wanted woman could not think of anything else except a horrible life in prison. The officer sighed, not liking what she was about to do next.

This is the only way that’ll snap her out of this.

In swift motion, Jenny came close to Bunny and then slapped her. Everyone gasped in horror and had their eyes widen. Bunny first cried out in surprise and then glared at her.

“Why you did that?”

“Sorry, but you need to relax. Crying over this won’t get you out of this. If you don’t want to be a wanted person anymore, we must work together. I promise I won't let you go to jail for a crime you didn’t do, and I’ll make sure of that. Besides, we fooled both Lucas and Timmy this far. I think we’ll be able to still trick them a little while longer.” After Jenny finished, she winked.

Bunny gasped and then left her mouth open. It was true that nothing would be done if she kept complaining about it. Another thing Jenny was right about was that she should relax. Maybe then she would be able to react better that way. Still, part of her felt Lucas and Timmy would catch them sooner or later.

After Bunny was deep in her thoughts, the woman then shrieked and felt her chest move slightly up when she felt Mrs. Davis tapped her shoulder. The next thing she knew, the blue book was in her hands. She was about to protest, but Mrs. Davis hushed her.

“Keep it for now. I have a feeling you’ll need it later on.”

“But, Mrs. Davis…”

“Again, keep it for now,” she interrupted. Mrs. Davis then smiled. “This might be your only way to redeem yourself.”

Bunny could not help herself but stare at the book. Maybe this could be something important. How, she was not sure.

Jenny took a glance of that book and she had a feeling that might be a key to Bunny’s freedom too. Knowing her uncle, this was not the only clue he was leaving them. She checked back the paper and then sighed.

The joys of history, when time heals the wound. 89451. This better help Bunny someway.

“Well you two, good luck on finding the criminals. And Bunny, I’m one hundred percent sure you didn’t do it.”

After she waved to them, the two girls and the Pokémon said goodbye back. Bunny and Jenny then looked at the moon, both knew this would be a long night.

“Come on, Bunny. We’ll figure out that clue once we’re in the Pokémon Center.”

Bunny turned around and nodded. The sooner they solved the clue, the better.
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