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Okay everyone, now to Chapter Nine! Thanks to DarkPersian479 for betaing this chapter!

Chapter Nine

Inside the Pokémon Center, all was quiet. All the visitors, both Pokémon and trainers, slept on the furniture. Nurse Joy looked at the clock on the wall, the color faded with time. Twelve thirty in the morning. The pale skinned lady then started playing around with her pink hair, which was tied in two loops. Her eyes became heavy while she stared at the clean carpet floor.

Already many trainers are going to battle against Byron? I thought it would take them longer, unless they decided to take a different route.

She wanted to sleep now, but had to wait a half hour more until she could close the Pokémon Center. Nurse Joy felt she was not able to think properly and thought she would fall asleep any second.

I do hope no more people will enter the…

She said it too soon. The electronic door opened and a female police officer, a short brunette woman, a Drifblim, and a rather small Ninetales entered. Despite her eyes twitching and her fingers drumming on the desk loudly, she gave out a very huge smile.

“Hello, and welcome to the Pokémon Center. How may I help you?”

“Do you have a room for us to sleep for the night?” Bunny asked causally.

Nurse Joy shook her head and then said, “Sorry, no more rooms available. However, you guys can sleep on the furniture if you like. Here’s a good one.”

She pointed to a sofa next to a girl who had braided hair sleeping in a couch with her Starly.

Everyone smiled and then Bunny said, “Thank you.”

The four headed to the furniture and then Bunny put her bag down. A growling sound was soon heard that made Bunny and Balin jump up slightly. They turned around and saw Jenny. Bunny’s eyes closed and her cheeks blushed. Sky laughed, he loved how the two were scared of a growling sound.

“Hadn’t eaten in a while. Tonight was quite busy in the police station before this situation happened. I’m going to get myself something to eat.”

After Jenny left, Bunny and Balin shook their heads and then the archeologist opened her bag. An idea hit her head.

“I might have something for her. Usually the Pokémon Center’s foods are no good,” mused Bunny with a smile. “Maybe something for you too.”

“Nine!” cheered Ninetales in agreement. Sky chuckled, as he knew how much his friend loved food.

Bunny kept rummaging through the bag and saw some papers and pens, but no snacks yet. Her eyes then went wide when she found something that was not hers. She took out a thin blue book, looked at it and gasped.

I cannot believe Mrs. Davis would let me keep this.

Bunny still felt unusual having this book without it being checked out. What was more unusual was why there was a note and what Carved in Silence had to do with finding her murderer. Her head then became dizzy from thinking too much.

Jenny is right, probably I should relax. This is stressing me out as it is.

Wanting to have her mind out of this situation for a while, she began reading. Balin barked, urging her to get back to finding the snacks. Bunny did not listen though; she was too immersed in reading the book. Sky then talked to Balin to tell him to let her just read it. Balin answered back with a grunt.

The Pokémon Center Café was a little area with some seats, a refrigerator area that had a see through glass door, and a deli corner, which was closed for the night. Jenny went closer to the refrigerator door and saw that there were a lot of sandwiches, yogurts, drinks, and salad. She opened the door to grab a tuna salad sandwich and munched on it. After a few tastes, her eyes lit up in happiness.

Oh my gosh, so good!

While eating, her eyes noticed a large computer across from her. Not only there was a monitor and a keyboard but also a portable on both sides. Jenny’s eyes went wide as she thought of something.

That’s the PC system. The police station has those to retrieve kidnapped Pokémon from far away. I also know items can be stored inside there. Uncle Ernest probably stored the next clue in a PC, most likely the criminal’s hiding place. That could explain the reason for the numbers on that note. Why would he store it in there? Also, why the other clues?

Suddenly for the first time she felt some pity for him, understanding somewhat of her uncle’s situation. Ernest probably knew he did not have much time left, so he used another way of communication. Jenny also thought maybe Ernest wanted to relive the past. She felt a surge of pain inside, her hand clenching the left side of her chest.

Looks like he wanted to make one last treasure hunt for me before he died.

Soon Jenny had another thought, more so on that message he left for her and Bunny. It was as if the thought that this could be her last treasure hunt made her want to finish it off. The officer stared at the nurse and her eyes went wide.

Wait, could the whole first line mean a Nurse Joy? The joys of history, when time heals the wound. Yes, of course! The next clue meant right here, in the Pokémon Center!

A warm feeling touched her heart. It felt good to her that she managed to solve this piece of the puzzle.

Hm…I think I know now what’s the deal with that third message. Also, whatever is inside that PC could be used to prove Bunny’s innocence.

When Jenny hit that revelation, she threw away her half-eaten sandwich in the trashcan and then ran to Bunny, Sky, and Balin.

“Hey, that’s wasting food!” Nurse Joy yelled when she saw that.


Inside a dimly lit bedroom, a gray haired man with a few wrinkles on his face and hands was watching a documentary. While the narrator was speaking, there was a scene showing a ruined temple surrounded by a forest, a lake surrounding both. The man then turned around when he heard a door opening and saw a woman with a Misdreavus coming inside.

“Hey, Brenda,” said the man in a tired tone.

“Hello, Thomas,” said the woman back. “How’s work at your newspaper place?”

“Slow. Nothing really newsworthy yet.”

“I think there’ll be one soon,” she assured with a small smile. “So, what are you watching?”

“A really good documentary about Uxie, Mespirt, and Azelf.”

“Those pixies?”

Thomas nodded. Curious about those three Pokémon, both Brenda and her Misdreavus had their eyes glued to the television screen, which still showed that temple.

“Many documents found suggested that Mespirt once slept in Lake Verity. Archeologist Ernest Norrison explains."

Thomas’ right brow rose up. “Wait, I think I heard that name before…”

Brenda stared at her husband with one of her eyes wide, but then shrugged and went back to watching the documentary.

“There is actually proof that Mesprit once lived there. If you go visit and see the Unown carvings on it, there’s an explanation on how its spirit would leave its body while it slept on the bottom of the lake. No Mesprit is found, but some documents past and present have accounts of the legendary coming to some people and teaching them about emotion, thus it was dubbed The Being of Emotion.”

Thomas gasped, finally recalling who Ernest was. “Now I remember! I watched the news earlier tonight that reported on his death.”

Brenda suddenly felt that same feeling she had back at The Lost Tower. She thought she could not breathe, her breaths becoming deeper. Her Misdreavus too felt the same thing, the Pokémon making loud noises. Thomas looked at both at them as if they forgot to breathe.

“Hey, are you guys okay?”

After taking a few more breaths, Brenda sighed. “It’s just that a couple hours ago I felt a weird feeling and then the Pokémon at the Lost Tower said there’s going to be disaster coming soon. Now I’m feeling the same thing after hearing you say Mr. Norrison just died tonight. Maybe that’s the reason.”

Thomas laughed out loud at that explanation, believing it to be nonsense. His wife and the Pokémon glared at him with squinted eyes.

“Why are you laughing?” asked Brenda.

“Sorry, but it seems you’ve been hanging out with Misdreavus too long. I love you and all, sweetie, but I don’t believe in ghosts or demons. You’re probably going to say Ernest told you that doom is upon us.”

Misdreavus hissed at Thomas for that comment. No angry reaction from the man, just a chuckle. Brenda was about to open her mouth to protest, but decided to just grunt. She knew she and her husband always argued whether ghosts do exist and the debate would never stop. As she watched Ernest Norrison still talking about Mespirt, she still felt his death must have been the cause of her strange feeling.

I can just feel it.


Balin and Sky lied down on Bunny’s lap while she read the introduction to the book.

There is speculation that the plates have Unown text on them, telling of the beginning history of Sinnoh. They are rumored to be Sinnoh’s first writings. However, for some reason those texts are not recorded. Maybe before it had been, but it seemed those records perish with time. However, the history of how the plates come and go are from journals, old newspapers clippings, and interviews that range from the top professors and archeologists to the distant relatives whose ancestors had discovered those plates.

Let’s trace the history of these plates that throughout history have been carved in silence. It will be a tale of greed, obsession, and power.

The introduction already blew Bunny away. Her heart pumped faster and she smiled widely. Bunny was about to turn to the next page until Jenny yelled out her name.

“Bunny! I think I know where the next message is!”

Bunny turned around saw Jenny running towards her. She stared at the officer with wide eyes. Her mind raced in both excitement and anxiety.

“Wait, you do?”

As soon as Jenny sat on the sofa, Sky and Balin slowly woke up from their nap and glared at Jenny with sleepy eyes.

Jenny nodded and answered, “Ah ha. You also won’t believe where.”

Back at her desk, Nurse Joy used her fingers to drum on the desk. Her eyes checked the clock again. Ten minutes until one o’ clock.

Ugh, the last ten minutes are always the longest.

To pass the time, Nurse Joy turned on the radio to listen to some music. A male’s voice was soon heard.

“All right and that’s the Crazy Crobats’ ‘Pokemon Love Potion Number Three’. Oh, for those of you Noctowl out there, I got some important breaking news. The Jubilife Police called for a Sinnoh region wide search for Bunny Spruce. The description of her is she has curly brown hair, five feet two, weight about one hundred and fifteen pounds, and wears a blue furry turtleneck and baggy jeans. She also has a Ninetales with her at all times.

“She’s accused of the killing of famous Pokemon archeologist Ernest Norrison and the kidnapping of Jubilife Police’s own Officer Jenny ‘Ella’ Emblem. The police ask that you call 1-800-555-2334 if you have seen them or any leads of their whereabouts."

“Bunny?” asked Nurse Joy to herself.

In an instant, she saw a woman in a blue furry turtleneck and baggy pants with a Ninetales. Not only that, the brunette woman also had a Drifblim. All three were behind Jenny. Nurse Joy raised her eyebrow.

It can’t be. Those two got along pretty good. It doesn’t look like that woman is having her as a hostage.

When the four were close to the PC system though and the woman was talking to Jenny, that was when Nurse Joy gasped.

Looks like this Bunny gal wants Jenny to get her something.

Without hesitation, she dialed the number to the Jubilife Police Station.


On Route 218, there was a long bridge that drivers could use to go from Jubilife City to Canalave City. The best part was a sea for them to glance at and be swept by its beauty. Chief Lucas drove the police car at a high rate of speed. He badly wanted to get to that city as quickly as possible.

“There must be some Lapras on this route. Need to park the car in the city first, though.”

Timmy just stared at the sea. The waves became bigger, fortunately not too big. A couple of Lumineon and Goldeen jumped out of the sea and then fell down back inside with a small splash. The male officer smiled. He thought those fish Pokémon were very pretty. A sigh then came from his mouth when he got back to reality.

I hope we’re not too late.

At that moment, inside the police car a male officer’s voice boomed from the radio .

“Officer Timmy, Chief Lucas! This is Officer Richard speaking!”

Instantly, Lucas picked up the little microphone.

“This is Chief Lucas. What’s the matter?”

“Well, we just got a call from Nurse Joy of Canalave City Pokémon Center and that Bunny Spruce is in there with Officer Jenny as a hostage.”

Lucas gasped while Timmy squeaked.

“Hostage?” Timmy shuttered to Lucas.

Lucas was about to say something but instead smiled. He now thought they had the advantage.

“Thank you, Officer Richard. We’re on our way.”

The chief turned off the microphone and his foot stomped on the gas pedal harder then before. The police car raced faster.



Please put in your name and password before continuing.


Bunny, Sky, Balin, and Jenny stared at the screen for some time while the cursor kept blinking. Nothing had been done yet to the PC as realization hit them that another clue would soon be solved.

“So…I guess what your uncle meant by that long line is Nurse Joy and this Pokémon Center, right?” Bunny said with a smile. “Quite clever to use that line to describe this place, am I right?”

“Yep, I admit,” Jenny agreed with a smirk. “Well, I guess we should get started, huh?”

After everyone nodded, Jenny sighed and first typed in the name Ernest Norrison. Jenny then typed in the numbers, but slowly.


Balin’s eyes went wide with anticipation.


Jenny felt her arms shaking. She continued typing slowly though.


Bunny held her breath. Her whole body began to tremble.


Sky wanted to scream in anticipation, but kept it to himself.


Jenny held her breathe and then touched the button ENTER.


Xatu looked at the time. One o’ clock in the morning. For a while, the flying Pokémon stared at Jacob. He sensed his trainer was very troubled from the event that happened not too long ago. The Pokémon wanted to do something to make him feel better, but could not think of anything right now.

All of a sudden, Xatu wanted to go back to the crime scene, but then shook his head. That could erupt into a scene if the police were to be there. Soon they would want to track him down. In addition, what if Jacob got up and noticed his Pokémon was gone? The Xatu’s heart ached when he thought of that idea. He hated to see Jacob being distressed over his missing Pokémon when he had a lot on his mind already.

The bird Pokémon’s eyes gazed at his trainer again. He thought he heard very soft whimpers from Jacob.

“Xatu,” the Pokémon whispered, his head down in sadness. Still, the Xatu heard whimpers from Jacob.

All of a sudden, a sound of sirens made the psychic type screech and Jacob fall down.

“Attu?” the bird Pokémon asked when he came close to his trainer.

Before Jacob said anything, he rubbed his head and smiled at his Pokémon.

“I’m fine, thank you. Now, what could that be?”

He ran to open the curtains and saw a police car parked close at the Pokémon Center. That already had Jacob’s breaths getting deeper and heart racing with anxiety.

What? How they know I’m here? Unless…

He closed the curtains and turned to the Xatu, his eyes burning.

“Ernest probably wrote this location somewhere back at the museum. We better go now!”

Xatu nodded and his body began glowing purple, but Jacob shook his head. The bird Pokémon stopped glowing and then whined in protest.

“No, not here. From the looks of it, they want to surprise me with an arrest. Need to check myself first and also it’ll be safer. Don’t really want to look suspicious.”

Understanding the situation, the Xatu nodded again and then the two left the room.

Thank you. You can now proceed to one of the following options:

Everyone sighed in relief and then Jenny touched the button KEY ITEMS. Everyone leaned closer to see the list and there was only one listed.


Would like to receive this item?

Jenny pushed the YES button and the bottom part of the right portable began emitting electric shocks. Everyone took a few steps backwards for safety. As soon as a note was revealed and the lightning stopped, Jenny grabbed it and turned around to give Bunny a grin, which she returned with a smile.

“The sooner, the better,” Bunny simply said.

Jenny nodded and was about to unfold it until an all too familiar male voice was heard.

“Hello, Bunny.”

Not thinking, Jenny put the paper in her uniform pocket and then turned around. In front of her, Bunny, Sky, and Balin were Nurse Joy, Timmy, and Lucas. Her eyes took a quick glance at the archeologist and her Pokémon, all three with fear painted on their faces.

Shoot…don’t tell me Nurse Joy called them, she prayed to herself while sweat touched her cheeks very hotly. She did not know that Bunny was thinking the same thing.

She was always weak when it came to fear. Bunny could not believe what was happening. Thoughts again of going to jail made matters worse. Her eyes kept blinking and her feet could not stop shaking. For a second she thought she lost her voice. However, there was a hint of hatred towards that nurse in her eyes,.

Fabled to be the sweetest person in the world. Sweeter than cake, very false.

“Thanks, Nurse Joy for the call,” said Lucas and then winked at the nurse. He later turned to face Timmy and soon pointed his finger at Bunny. “All right, get her!”

Timmy got the cuffs out of his pocket and then in the blink of an eye they were in Bunny’s hands and behind her back.

“Excuse me, but I did not do anything!”

“Oh, you really done it. First murder and now kidnapping our own police officer? You’re going to jail big time,” Timmy said.

Bunny did nothing but left her mouth open wide, too speechless to talk

Jenny did not pay attention to Balin’s barking nor Sky’s puffs, her mind been washed from failure. Now the two got her and there was nothing she could do…

Or maybe I can, Jenny thought with a grin.

“You have the right to remain silent,” Timmy said to Bunny. He was about to take her to the police car until…



Well, pretty much one of the big differences from the previous chapter and this chapter from "Da Vinci Code" is Bunny and Jenny traveled a couple more places to get their first clues while the characters in the novel pretty much went to one place to get their first clues.

...I know, doesn't really make much sense unless you guys read "Da Vinci Code". XD

Well, I hope you guys enjoy this chapter! Expect the tenth one to come out either in late May or early June, which will have a lot more new developments in it.
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